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Can’t wait till CSA is out of my life

So my ex and I split up before our son was born, so naturally she went to the CSA to begin a claim. fair enough, I thought. Then we got back together on two occasions after the birth, once for 4 months and once for a year. Thing is, she never told the CSA, and as we were together I stopped paying them. I was assured by her that she would tell them and I foolishly left it at that. Then after we finally split up for the last time, I started paying her £250 cash a month for 6 months before I stopped to go through the CSA.

The CSA then told me that my case had been from our son’s birth and that I now owed them over £4.5k!!! I explained the situation and they said without proof or my ex’s confirmation of my payments I was basically liable. She would not admit it as she was worried about how it would affect her benefits. I believe it is called benefit fraud and is a criminal offense.

Anyway flash forward another 5 years and we finally sort things out due to the fact that her husband (a good bloke by the way) gets the same grief from his ex. I start paying her maintenance directly, through the bank this time! And then one month when I asked for a little leeway to fix my car (need it for work as most of us do), she went mental and has insisted on going back to the CSA, who then proceeded to inform me that I owed £7.6k!!! I presented them with the proof and it then took them 4 months to reduce my deduction of earnings, despite my years of continued compliance.

I am so fed up that I seriously considered moving abroad just to annoy them but I can’t because I won’t leave my boy. I just find some sort of solace in the fact that in 8 years I can phone up the CSA and tell them to sod right off out of my life! That will be a great moment.

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