Can’t even buy my son an ice cream

November 10, 2012

I have recently been sent a payment schedual by the csa including arrears (due to me being out of work) My normal monthly payments are £180 per month, which I have no problem with whatsoever, my problem is that they are demanding £338 per month on top for arrears payments, my arrears currently stand at £3000, that’s a total of £500 per month.

They have at no point asked me for my personal expenditure and when I asked them how this extra figure was worked out, they said ‘your case worker made the dicsision’. I asked how such a descision can be reached without taking into account my monthly expenditure or without any contact with me at all. They said we have been trying to contact you, they had been ringing me, at the time, on withheld numbers and leaving no messages. When asked how I was supposed to know it was them trying to contact me (witheld No’s and no messages) they replied they could not leave messages…..How on earth am I supposed to know they’re trying to contact me?

I find it impossible to understand how they can impose a repayment figure without taking into account my monthly outgoings. They are going to take £500 per month out of my salary for the next 7 months. I simply cannot afford this and it is going to put me into financial difficulty. I have tried and tried to speak to a manager, but am told they do not have to call me, there are no managers available and my case is now closed and there’s nothing they can do. My ex wife agreed to reduce the amount to and extra £100 per month but I am being told the csa can’t do this and they are sticking to the original schedual.

I will not be able to even buy my son an ice cream when he comes to stay. Can you help me?


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  1. hornbeamfairy on November 10th, 2012 6:08 pm

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  2. Alice on November 11th, 2012 5:11 pm

    if you have arrears on your case then the CSA can legally take up to 40% of your net income each week/month to pay your regular maintenance and a figure over an above that to clear the arrears. they must leave you with 60% of your net income as protected earnings to cover your cost of living. If they have scheduled repayments over a period of 7 months then there is scope for renegotiation as the debt steer is to re-coup the full arrears over a period of 2 years, although the scheduling is at the discretion of the individual case worker.
    You mention that the arrears are due to a period of time when you were unemployed, did you advise the CSA when you were unemployed? If you did and a re-assessment has not been done then you should ask them to progress that as it will automatically reduce your arrears (the amount will depend on how long you were out of work)
    also if you are in a different job with a lower salary have you had a re-assessment done on that salary? again if not then you need to ask for this – it will not alter the arrears but it would reduce your regular maintenance

  3. j on November 11th, 2012 9:57 pm

    Did you claim unemployment benefit? If you did its likely that the jobcentre informed the csa. Under the rule in Kerr [2004] the csa are under an obligation to take into account information they receive from another government department.
    You need to make a formal appeal and quick as the csa work under arbitary time limits. See a csa specialist lawyer soon. Dont do anything on the phone with the csa, everything in writing and keep copies, send recorded delivery and keep the receipts. Get a copy of your data protection prints from the csa (£10) which should show if the jobcentre informed the csa and when. Good luck.

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