Can’t afford to keep paying so much to CSA

September 21, 2015

Been seperated from my wife for a year now   am paying £850 per month csa money to my wife as agreed with csa  for my two boys  and arrears  due to the csa taking so long to set up the payments .son started work  . so i assumed i could cut down my payments  as he has started  work  . as i pay by direct debit  i assumed i   would be able to pay £200 less by direct debit . but they are saying  no i have to keep paying the sme amount  till arrears paid.

Problem is  or i pay the morgtage  which is also in her name and all the debts she left me with  i can not afford to pay the £850  they want me to keep paying  so they say if i dont they will arrest my wages.   as i have not refused to pay , can they do this can they do this to a father who is willing to pay  but cant afford it   this will end up in me getting house repossed  and  having nowhere to stay  of course the csa told me not interested in that  there money comes first   thats your problem  ps dont know what to do feel like packing in my job and  not paying anything  cant see any light at the end of the tunnel.