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Can’t afford the CSA payments

Admittingly i have arrears of around £5000 for child maintainence but i am willing to pay this, but the CSA have placed an attachment on my earnings and are now taking £450ish a month. I only earn £1012 to take home, but recently my daughter has moved in with me and i have advised the CSA of the changes however they will not negotiate a smaller amount and are still taking this money.

How am i supposed to manage with the pitance they leave me with with bills and another mouth to feed?

2 thoughts on “Can’t afford the CSA payments

  1. the exact same thing happened to me and I was advised to go to my MP which helped., do this asap, they should be able to spread the arrears over 2 years.
    how old is your daughter? can you claim Child Benefit for her? If you can then they will deduct a percentage as she is a dependent, without the child benefit they won’t give a stuff even if you had ten mouths to feed! Good luck! My xmas was cancelled cuz the CSA decided to take £900 off me – the system sucks!!!

  2. maybe now you know how the pwc felt whilst you were bust
    acruing your arrears in the first place… still having to feed,
    dress etc the child while you werent making payments to her. but if
    you claim child benefit for the child with you now you would then
    also be able to make a claim against your ex, this cant be done if
    you are not in reciept of child benfit yourself tho.

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