Can the CSA tell my ex how much I’m paying them?

October 24, 2013

Can the csa tell my ex how much I will be paying them? As a far as I was aware is all they need to tell her is how much she should be getting from them after I pay them. Not the amount I’m giveing them? Would this come under data protection act 1998 if they have told her?


  • I’d have thought you’d want your ex to know how much you’re paying the CSA? I certainly made sure mine knew as I didn’t want her and her new husband complaining I wasn’t paying enough. I told them what I was paying so they could take it up with the CSA if they weren’t getting the full amount.

    I can’t see there’s anything to gain by not telling her. I agree with Amanda too, the PWC does deserve to know what is being received by the CSA. It’s being collected in the name of her child after all.

  • topper says:

    Your ex will be aware of how much you are likely to pay by way of maintenance, the ex will have received a schedule of maintenance due and will have the right to appeal that decision too if it is felt that it is too low.

    Having said that I agree with Michael insofar as you should let the ex be aware as to how much it is that you are paying, mainly because it is not uncommon for the CSA to receive monies from the NRP but not pass that money onto the PWC, thus causing resentment between the two parties, if the ex knows how much you are putting into the kitty the the ex will know how much should be coming out of the kitty.

  • Lisa says:

    Actually they will only tell your ex what she is entitled to, not what you pay, if your paying another pwc or arrears so yes if that’s the case your paying more than one pwc or owe SOS arrears they won’t tell or shouldn’t tell her, just the amounts she will be receiving from you weekly/monthly etc in the payment schedule

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