Can the CSA get their hands on my inheritance?

November 16, 2013

Even though for 4 years i paid regular sum into my ex`s bank account she knew she could fleece me so went to the csa, now ive been paying their regular payment which comes straight of my wages, my mu passed away and im now at the stage where ive gain the inheritance, now can they get there hands on that?? even though my daughter is to benefit from a lump sum that my mum organised for her when she reaches 18???


  • Lisa says:

    If your ex knows about the inheritance and decides she wants some if it then I would assume she would get some especially if it’s cash, becareful if you owe arrears that the CSA don’t just help themselves to your bank account, if your daughter is going to benefit from it the ex might leave things alone, I personally would invest it all or put it somebody else’s name that you can trust for now to keep them away from it

  • Adrian says:

    Open a different account when ya receive the cheque. Once cleared by yaself a floor safe and draw the lot out and close the account. Don’t have anymore money in your accounts than ya need.
    A building society account will do ya.

  • Steven johnson says:

    Child support Australia criminal corporation has just stolen my inheritance … out…

  • Janet says:

    Can the csa take into account what my sons partner earns

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