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Can the CSA demand this money from me?

I found out that I had a daughter in September 2007 she was 10 years old. I found out from the csa. They took £40 ound a week out of my wages for a few months. I then got a letter to say that the other party (mother) didn’t want to continue with the claim and it had been stopped. I still had to pay arrears from June 2007 when she made the cliam even though I didn’t find out until september.

They told me I owed them £1800.00 and would have to pay £140.00 a week. I then lost my job and have just started work again but have another daughter now and was wondering how much a week they would expect me to pay and are they aright doing this.

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  1. Providing you have not been obstructive then your CM liability only commences from when the CSA make contact with you. So it that was September they have no right to backdate it to June. Make a formal complaint to them if they have.

    Did you request a DNA test?

    Never simply take the monthers word for it, don’t you watch Jeremy Kyle …..

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