Can I get the CSA to look into this?

March 24, 2015

We recently returned to live in the UK in Nov.2013, and made a claim against my son’s biological father to secure a more permanent and regular payment settlement.

Whilst living abroad he made irregular payments and when we arrived in the UK he stopped paying altogether. When the original claim was made, we received a letter stating that based on his previous years earnings, he would have to pay substantially more than his previous £100 per month.

However upon appeal, since he started working under his own limited company, he has managed to successfully appeal and now pays even less than previously. My husband has explained that he can hide his earnings paying himself a small salary, even paying his wife, also a company director of his limited company, a bigger salary to avoid paying anything other than the min amount.

If he is juggling his accounts to do this, is there an appeal process whereby I can request that his company explain their working practice, who is the main worker, as he is the one with a PHD in engineering and is the one who previously earned as PAYE over £40000 per annum.

Please tell me if it is possible to make an appeal to look into this, many thanks.


  • Badger says:

    could you please explain your comment more clearly ?

    Didn’t no csa make u pay if not living in UK and as for rest of it csa won’t look for into as there will have all there info from him

    Didn’t no csa make u pay, seems a strange question to a person who has asked for help to claim Child Maintenance payments. Perhaps you could be more precise.

    By the way he don’t owe u a penny it’s your kids money not yours.

    By the way, I read the statement above and didn’t see anywhere that the author expressed that they wanted payment for them self and not their child.

    this website looks like a place of help for those of us struggling in life. Your comments are not clear, if I can decipher them correctly they are not helpful at all!

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