Can I appeal against the money the CSA says I owe?

October 21, 2010

After 8 years of paying maintenance direct to my ex with bank statements as proof she decided to change to the CSA. I recieved a letter on 28/08/10 asking for proof of income (wage slips) which I sent. On yhe sent 17/09/10 I recieved a letter stating they had not recieved any information and they had made an asesement and payments of £119 would be required, which funnily worked out to the £480.00 a month I’m paying by bank transfer.

I susequently recieved a letter stating I also had £1200 of arrears to clear. I phoned the CSA who stated that as my ex claim was from 06/08/10 by the time first payment was made the arrears would be valid. I questioned them about the three payments made on the 24/07, 24/08 & 24/09 and was told legislation had changed and payments direct to my ex did not count even with bank statements to prove the payments. They would have to write to my ex who must confirm the payments have been made.

I can believe this is correct and am unsure if I can even appeal against there decision as they (the CSA) are not giving me any information other than I have to pay.


  • John says:

    I got stsitched up with £6400 debt by these incompetent amateurs. i appealed at a tribunal. The whole thing was fixed. A ‘planted’ solicitor working for the CSA was the adjudicator, who lead me down the garden path and said, ” I have no jurisdiction with regard to arrears”.

    They are all as thick as thieves. It is a ‘stitich up’ from start to finish!

  • Mr K says:

    Yes you can…

    First: Get a copy of all the records that the CSA hold on you. Request a copy of your DPA records (Data Protection Act). They will charge you £10 for the privilege, but it is worth it.

    Second, send in a letter of complaint (send it recorded delivery!!) or send it via their own website, printing off a copy for yourself – it gives a date/time of submission.

    Thirdly, send a letter to your MP detailing everything about your case to date. Include all amounts paid, photocopies of bank statements etc (blank out everything other that what they need to see…) and get them to harrass the CSA. Make it a point to phone the MP every single day…they soon get something done when they know you are chasing them.

    Lastly – Be proactive, log all contact with the CSA, record your phone calls, and get everything from them in writing. All correspondence you send, make sure it is recorded/signed for… I can’t stress this point enough….

    They will try every trick in the book, saying that your payments are a gift, for another loan, anything other than Child Maintenance payments. Do not let them bully you.

    If you get no joy from your MP or the Complaints Dept, go to ICE & request a tribunal. If you manage to get a Tribunal – make sure you get the Judge/Magistrate etc to prove who they are!! too many CSA stooges have been used previously that have no right to be passing any kind of lawful judgement!

    Above all, keep your chin up, and don’t give in to them. You are not a Deadbeat, so don’t let them treat you like one. Stand up and be counted. All decent NRP’s need to make a stand against this UNFAIR, DISCRIMINATORY regime.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Tell them to **** off and stop pulling a fast one on you. Record EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING, if it is quite clear that it is maintenance then it is quite clear!!! I would love to know which bit of the leglislation etc actually states that only the PWC's words are taken as fact!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    An assesment of £119 per week is actually about £515 per month, not £480.

  • Kerry Deal says:

    this is how it works the pwc's word is everything. even if they are lieing scum! its terrible the way it works. i also think the pwc needs to provide proof on what the money is spent on cos i dont think ffor one minute the money gets spent on the chlld. more like the pwc living it up drinking! terrible. the csa is all one sided and very unfair. they dnt have the childs interest at heart. its the pwc.

  • Angela McMillan says:

    any nrp will have serious issues with the csa & will have arrears according to them, they really don't give a shit, even when there's other children involved, all they want is money, money, money for the pwc & will believe any lyin slag & not the nrp

  • Sarah-Jayne Pattimore says:

    Are you on friendly terms with your ex? Do you think she will confirm the payments are indeed for maintenance?I would suggest talking to the CAB or your local MP's office. It would seem ludicrus that they would make you pay twice when there is proof of payment – its just proving what the payment was for… But then if you have been paying an amount for 8 years common sense should prevail. You can also always appeal against any decision they make, just make sure you send all paperwork/letters in recorded signed for delivery and if possible tape conversations.Good luck!

  • Gary Spiers says:

    Tui Travel, which owns Thomson and First Choice, said it stumbled upon a £117m discrepancy between the recorded price of holidays and the price customers had actually been charged, during a company audit.It said the balances were "irrecoverable" and would have to be written off.Following the alarming discovery, Tui Travel's chief financial officer Paul Botwell announced he was resigning.If a company as big as Tui can do it then why can't the CSA.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Because the csa is a government sponsored feminist and marxist movement and therefore they could't give a rats arse about how much harm they cause as long as they destroy "families" !!!!!!!!!!There ulterior aim is to control everyone, supporting children is the farthest thing from there minds.DO NOT co-operate or conform with them, rather fight them with everything you have your children's welfare depends on us destroying this abhorrent agency !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Wallace says:

    If he takes her out he can live rent free for the next 20 years too

  • Troy Love says:

    Welcome to the CSA Club.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Do not talk to them on the phone. Just write back confirming that you have a private arrangement that has been in place for 8 years and that you have been paying that all the time. Is she on benefit? How often are the children with you? CSA is going nuts now because of the huge pressure from the Coallition soget down and see your MP.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    And they are lying as usual. Yes the legislation has changed and now they must recognise private arrangements whereas in the past they didn't have to. If the amounts the same it all counts in your favour.

  • Charmaine Leworthy says:

    Take the decision to appeal, they can't act on any arrears collection whilst an appeal is ongoing but continue to pay the previously agreed monthly amount. Appeals are sat by independent judges who have far more power than the CSA minions who hide behind procedures and legislation. If you can prove you've paid this woman every month the judge will tell the CSA to stop being so foolish and your ex to get her greedy arse out of there. It's women like this that cause all the grief. Best of luck 🙂

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