Being called a liar by the CSA despite doing my best

June 15, 2011

Ok, lets keep this short.

Daughter now 13. Thrown out of own home when she was born, took ages to recover house to sell it – obviously making ex partner and daughter homeless in the process.

Seen her once a fortnight for a few hours ever since (at best) New case from CSA apparently (not to my knowledge) brought to bear in 2007. They started contacting me again last year about it. Things have escalated and we had to go to our MP to get them to take me seriously.

They are now wanting 37% of my miniscule salary. Wife’s wages have gone down as have mine – wont have enough to live on without family support.
My wife has a case against her ex-husband, been running 13 years, no money received despite taking him to court. I’ve always paid what I can when asked.

Their man reports to my MP that I have consistently broken promises to pay. About to send a subject access request.

Have always done my best to do as asked, feel pretty miserable. They’ve never helped my wife and now they are persecuting me despite the fact I’ve always paid when asked.

They say they have to recover ‘arrears’ (which accrued because they never asked me to pay)within 2 years.
All in all, miserable. Worst thing – none of the money will ever reach my daughter and paying it may mean I cant afford to go and see her at all.

That’s it


  • lisa says:

    They are actually lying when they tell you its got to be paid within 2 years, thats there time limit on arrears, if it takes you the rest of your life to pay it then so be it, the government dont want second families being pushed into poverty because of the CSA, please make sure you go to your MP and sort this before it gets worse, good luck

  • Geeman says:

    So the subject access request proved nothing to anyone. I had a couple of jobs in between here and my last post and now I’m back in a more permanent role, hey presto, back to the usual story. 30% of salary taken at source and I should think myself lucky they aren’t taking the full 40% they are allowed.
    I’m told our expenses are a little high – too much on life insurance? Yes well you are putting aside for your families future there sir, we are talking about the present and we need these arrears paid within the next 2 years….
    Wife has just got another job – which may help I suppose
    The fact that her mental health has deteriorated horrendously in the last 2 years is irrelevant apparently….

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