CSA Complaints

Be reasonable – 25% of your wage is fair!

I feel the 16% I pay for my two Children which equates in reality to 25% of my wage once tax is deducted is fair!

Thats right guys 25% of your wage for your Children to live a healthy and good lifestyle makes absolute sense.

But I also pay the Mortgage which means I don’t have enough to live on myself, but hopefully the courts will settle the matter soon.

I guess what I’m getting at is even if I was to go self employed I would still give my ex 25% as I will feel like I have failed as a parent if they didn’t have a good lifestyle.

I just wish my ex took a bit of pity and Mercy in my current situation and gave me some financial relief, as if I was a different person I may have quit my job or committed suicide by now.

But I know it won’t be forever and if my kids have a good roof over their heads and all I’m paying is 25% of my wage, then I can finally and almost emotionally move on with my life, just a shame its taken 4 years to get to this point!

Just try and be reasonable and when emotions run high, remember your children matter most.

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