Bailiffs, bailiffs, bailiffs…

March 15, 2014

After no communication from the CSA I have had a letter stating arrears owed of £13.5k.

I called up within the allotted 3-day resolution period to discover that the CSA had pushed this forward to the ENFORCEMENT department.

I asked if I could speak with them, I wasn’t allowed, I asked what I should do, she didn’t suggest anything, I asked what I should expect barely an answer, so I continued to lead and said so they will contact me via a letter and call. All I got back was a yes.

It seems they want to push for a liability order as to collect the arrears within 2 years works to over £900 per month including the figure they calculated for future payments, and they assume I will just leave my job.

So, then all she could say was bailiffs, bailiff, bailiffs at my door very soon and I will lose my driving licence (I don’t have one) and passport…

What I want to know is what is the next step from liability order? I am hoping a court case, and if so can I plead my case to the judge and arrange a payment plan with him/her?

Thanks in advance,



  • jo says:

    Have you checked to see if the arrears are even correct….gone through this ourselves and turned out my husband owed nil from a 13,000 debt from 1997/98.

    You have to start complaining especially if you’ve had no correspondence until now, also if the debt is pre 2000 no liability can be granted only a deo if you are working. If it’s after this date and case is closed you can negotiate a figure with them as the 2 year old rule doesn’t actually exist in law its just a guideline, plus if you offer something and it went to court the judge would throw it out. I would also see your mp asap and say the amount they want is unaffordable and you might aswel leave employment which is less tax for the government.

    Don’t take their crap and you have rights.

  • David Jones says:

    I had the same thing, went to court gave the judge my version of events with documentation from my file, very sympathetic BUT you need to challenge the decision before you go to court all they ask is do you owe the money, Csa will tell judge anything. Go and see a good solicitor asap and ask for a Data printout, request from CSA will have to be in writing and will cost £10. It will have all your details when it started and all phone calls etc.
    Hope this helps

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