Attachment to earnings order, but i still don’t get my money

November 25, 2010

Years ago i asked CSA to help enforce my ex husband to pay for his children,if he can afford a new car each year, he can afford to pay for his kids. An attachment to earnings order was made, CSA recieve his money every month without fail, i have seen the wage slips to prove it. The problem is from them. i dont get my money. they collect it and hold on to it til i repeatedly call them.

4 years ago i had to get ICE involved and various other enforcing agencies, even my local MP to chase CSA. Iwas sent letters of apologies, even compensation for their gross misduct, and now i am here again.

I’ve not had any money from CSA for 4 months now. they have taken it out of my ex husbnads wages, but failed to pass it on to me. It took them 18 months to sort it out last time, after my MP had written to them, and i was assured this would not happen again,and was given a case worker. All because it has been made into a clerical case. in otherwords, someone has to press a buttom on a computer to send it on.

And here i am again, chasing them to get my money. I am beyond angry now.

I have faced eviction caused by not being able to pay my rent as the money hasnt been coming in, and i have children to feed. everyday i have to check my bank accounts to see if someone has managed to do their job. Its a constant struggle and the stress is unbelievable. i spend most my time phoning up collection agencies and explain how i am waiting for money but cant pay them as i havent been paid.

I’ve been blacklisted and CCJ against me due to not being able to pay my bills because i just havent had the money, all caused by CSA.

I have had 2 compensation payments for £70, but would much rather prefer the money i was actually entitled to. So now i am sitting here, writing more complaint letters and running up my phone bills trying to find out when someone might be able to press a button on the computer and send my money on.

It’s worse than if the father hadnt been paying at all. They have had the money, and it sits in bank accounts.

Can anyone help me????


  • michel Rodento says:

    Its your child not you who is entitled to the money. get a job.

  • chall says:

    ■michel Rodento,

    How do you know Noeline does not already have a job?
    Did you read the post fully? – her ex has already paid and not passed it on.

    Your comments should be treated with the contempt they deserve!


    Go back to your MP and get them to chase this on your behalf.
    Clerical payments can usually be completed between 5 – 10 days after they have been requested by a caseworker.

    Your also welcome to join us in the forum at


  • Richard Harris says:

    You don’t get any sympathy from me. I have been paying my ex wife direc for 10 months and the CSA still claim I haven’t payed her at all. I have had to move twice as I can’t afford a 3 bed house for me and 2 children; I can’t afford a 2 bed house, now I don’t have a bedroom for me when they come to stay.

    You went through the CSA expecting them to make it easy for you. I for one am glad to hear a mother get the a**e end of the CSA. It’s people like you that legitimise the CSA and then complain when you don’t get MORE money from them. Surely you get state benefit?!

    Your Ex IS paying just like you wanted him to – stop whinging, you don’t deserve help.

  • sadie says:

    omg how on earth can that comment be justified my ex earns over a grand a week and pays nothing csa have done 2 attachment of earnings and becasue he is now higher up with the company his employer are sending out cheques under wrong name and not sending payments he ran off left me in debt and struggling to pay the mortagge which is now being reposessed and all i want is justice for our children yes you heard me our children wheres the justice in someone sherking there responsibilities or employers holding on to money to gain interest surely kids need food and clothing? oh wait i suppose im to feel sorry for those that walk out and abandom theer ex spouse with the kids no matter what there gender it all boils down to what you should and should nt do to your kids nothing lasts forver situations change you can either play ball or dig yourrself a hole ! my 3 kids are owed 5000 pounds from there stay away dad you cannot be bothered to give them the time of day and I make this promise to my kids i will make sure my kids are loved fed and clothed and i not we kept a roof over there heads they will learn for themselves as we all grow up !! csa dont do the best by everyone fact some exes should never be fathers to begin with …. they just made better sperm donors !! it takes 2 people to create a life and we are equally repsonsible so dnt moan about how bad you all have it money isnt everything easy to say esp wen you have it…. i on the otherhand dont and do the best by my kids day in day out can my ex say the same no he cant and he has to live with that ….. profit made from kids at there cost is appaling … justice for kids is what i say i grew up with my mum as my sole provider and had a very bleak outlook on men after my ex should have stuck with … i can do it and i am doing it alone! raising soon to be 4 lil men and in response to richard you may feel you have the short end of the stick but think how those people left with the kids feel ? and no im not preachin for women here there is a vast majority of men left holding the babies what we expect is justice for our children !!!end of both parents should provide and unless you was daft enough to pay your ex cash direct then there is always a paper trail and suggest to seek guidance from cab and your local councellor ,, its mine and exes sons thats owed the money and i expect them to get it why shouldnt he pay equally to a life he equally made ?

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