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Am I entitled to more?

I am looking for some advice on a situation with my daughters dad (ex partner) he has been paying regular amounts of £180 per month towards the upkeep of our daughter. He has made comments about reducing this amount and I’m wondering how I work out how much I’m entitled to.

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  1. £180 is more than enough for one Child. Don’t be greedy or you may loose it all.
    I am paying my ex £205 that is 12% of my income

  2. Hi

    In order to ascertain the amount of Child Maintenance your child is entitled to, you need to know your ex-partner’s income. Under the 2012 Child Support Scheme a certain percentage is take out of a none resident person’s gross income. If you have one child that would 12 percent, if my memory serves me right.

    If wish to discuss any child maintence issues further, please send me a brief history of you case at [email protected] or visit

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  3. He is going to go to court and petition the court for a downward modification which means pay Less money. Now if it is proven that he is not making this sufficient money they will grant him the downward modification but in many cases he will be subject to increase his payment via minimum standards for said number of children in the state of domicile.
    Meaning that he will pay a minimum payment plan but will have to pay the said amounts for the support of the children. If he cannot pay the whole amount they will put what is owed in Arrears and you owe that Money as well or it goes on their Credit Report). So he’s going to end up paying all the arrears child support in the the long run. But always better to play nice for the sake of the kids.

  4. £180 towards the upkeep of your daughter? What is your financial contribution?

    Realistically how much do you think it cost to keep your daughter a month?

    £41.53 from dad then. Joint responsibility so thats another £41.53 from you and then there is the £20+ child benefit per week. £100 a week is more than enough to maintain any child.. “I’m wondering how I work out how much I’m entitled to” hmm .. Its your daughter who is entitled.. not yourself.. Just saying..

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