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All I want is the best for my children

My wife kicked me out divorced me and she was 100% right I was an arse drinking ,drugs.

I was not a good dad and after a few years of homelessness AA,NA I sorted myself out got work , she allowed me to see the kids which was great then because she was claiming benefits they demanded she ask for an aoe , which I believe is fine if the father is not paying buti was every penny I had was spent on them kids.

Then they took that away but I still had money to pay my bills ,I was made redundant and moved to london to find work (mistake)I was unemployed for 6 months so took a poor paid job I have a company ticket loan which I need to get to work that comes straight out of my wages,after that tax NI ETC I take home 692 my rent is 600 and council tax 120 so as you can see it is not viable ,foolishly I am spending the 92 on food.

I can’t pay gas or electric,(gas is on a meter and I use the electric boiler for once a week bath) boil kettle for a wash in the morning. and have missed 2 months council tax so I guess I am going to prison eventually and then lose my tenancy ,be homeless again , no money no kids no nothing to be honest.

I have researched a lot of suicide but most of the clean stuff ie not throwing yourself under a train costs money , I think I have about 3 weeks left and god knows ,what a state to be in , all I want is the best for my kids but that has been taken from me.

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  1. Thanks Becky ,Derek,Jan I have asked the csa to look at it again but thanks to the shit company I work for ” metropolitan” they have not paid the money to the csa … I know from talking to the case manager that they had until the 19th of the following month (last month)to pay the money to the csa ” by law ” and they still have not done it so they have broken the law , my ex wife god bless her was gonna help me by paying some of that money ,not to me but to my housing association just to keep me going as I have a NSP for rent arrears …
    I called the HA explained things and to be fair they were good but the money should have been paid friday and I got an email today to say that my payroll had still not sorted it due to it being Wolverhampton and not their usual place ?? Wtf

  2. Mmmmmm, very sad state of affairs and feel for you and your plight. This kind of shit just fuels my hatred for the CSA like many others hatred for this vile fith.
    Keep your chin up mate and get to the doctors.
    I dought very much the likes of Amanda Johnson will have any comments on this one. Maybe you should of kept your dick inside your trousers ? Might be her suggestion.

  3. I know how you feel. I sometimes think ‘what’s the point’? If you can’t look after yourself how can you look after your kids? I am in debt every month after working a 37 hour week for low money.

    My divorce circumstances were similar and I was not a good Father but I didn’t stop loving my family. Lost my house & business. Came home one day and they’d gone.

    But please, think of your children. You’ve completed the hardest part of your journey. I know it’s easy to say and so hard to do…..but just try to survive. Your children would be so proud of you. One day the CSA will have to be reviewed and changed. Just look at all the complaints on this site. We can’t be ignored forever. Thinking of you.

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