CSA keeps making up arrears because we pay

February 28, 2011

Where to start? i am the partner of someone who has to pay for his child. I agree with this, you have children you pay, but CSA are making our life hell. My partner has a 7 yaer old child which he has to pay for. We have 2 children of our own. It wasn’t till our first child was 4 months old they told my partner he was in arrears. This was £5000 which they wanted.

We did not understand as my partner was pay through deductions from earnings, so how did this happen?

After complaining, an independant case examiner we find out that the CSA messed up which they admitted to, but we have to pay for their mistakes. We also find out that they did not set payments up when asked so my partner was paying CSA, £250 direct debit to his ex plus anoth £100 checks as she said this was not working. At this time my partner was away on ship as he in the survices. we get some of these arrears reduces due to him over paying. we get the arrears sorted and think that the end of it. We were wrong. CSA put us in arrears again of about £300 just before our second child was born. when we asked why they could not tell us. again their falf which we have to pay for when trying to get things for a new baby. sorted……. no again in october more arrears of £70 which seem to disapear by january. in which time we have changed over from direct from earnings to direct debit. 3 months it takes them to set this up, good job i keep an eye on out money and noticed they not taken any out of our bank account. So now we in febuary 2011 when finally direct debit is sorted, then we get a letter through saying we in arrears again £95. can they tell us where these are from? no. so now we said we will pay you every month and not paying these arreas till we know where they from. why do we have to keep paying for there mistakes. its putting finacal difficulties on us, and strain on our marriage.

We have even asked his ex if we can pay her direct, but she wont let us. i dont know why especially with the fees they want to put into place. we have said we are not paying the fees as we do not want to use them, and they do not provide a good enough survice. Why is it we are made to feel like the bad guys, when all my partner wants to do is pay his way in life, pay for his child, and surport his family?

CSA just rouin lives and there is no one that will help us.


  • John says:

    CSA are scum and the complaints system is as bent as a nine bob note!

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Sorry, only just seen your post. You are just typical of everyone who has to deal with the CSA. They are completely incompetent! Which is why it has to be shut down!

    Stick to your guns. Write to them, do not phone, and make it quite clear that they must produce a proper statement, clearly showing each assessment, and each payment made, and a proper breakdown of the arrears. Give them fourteen days to send this to you or you will be taking the matter further.

    If they don’t send the full statement etc within the required fourteen days, then write a letter of complaint to Mark Grimshaw (Chief Executive) Child Support Agency PO Box 247 WASHINGTON NE37 9AT, with a copy to your MP.

    And, write to the CSA in Longbenton, address below, and ask them to send copies of all computer and clerical records as required under section 7(1) of the Data Protection Act 1998. Ask them to include copies of all letters, notes and emails etc, especially those from each of their branches including Hastings, Plymouth, Newcastle, Birmingham and Belfast and also copies of all letters, notes and emails to/from the CSA’s debt collectors and solicitors. Also ask them to ensure that the notepad sections of the computer files are properly dated. Enclose a postal order for £10. You will then receive in about a month’s time a complete copy of your file.

    In the meantime if they make further threats against you, including threatening to make a DEO and/or a Liability Order against you then do get back to us.

    Can you come join us on Facebook? CsaHell on Facebook is down at the moment so fwe are discussing problems on “Against the Csa” on Facebook.

    CSA Data Protection Unit
    Room BP6102
    Benton Park View
    Benton Park Road
    NE98 1YX

  • James Amos says:

    Dont try to tackle the CSA without first speaking with a specialist CSA lawyer. For a small sum we can look at your case and lead you through troubled waters.

    Please call our David at Selwyn’s law on 0754 0062 567, 0871 750 2130 or take a look at http://www.selwynslaw.com – you can contact us through the site. If you prefer to email us with an enquiry then email us at [email protected]

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