18 years later and still not 1 pence in maintenance

February 20, 2011

I split with my partner in 1990, he was paying regular maintenance through court until the CSA took over in 1994. Since that day I have still not had 1 pence in maintenance for my 2 daughters who are now 24 and 22 years old and one of them is now a mother herself.

The CSA have lied blatantly to me, fobbed me off passed me around from idiot to idiot and im still no further forward. A liabaility order has gone through for some arrears but I still lost thousands of pounds of arrears due to legislation in July 2000. To be told my case was not a priority because I was a Working Single parent really takes the mick!! I have complained to anyone who will listen ie David Cameron, Ed Miliband, CSA, ICE and parliament but no one wants to know, as the CSA directly said to me, “No one wants to touch your case because it is so messed up“!!.

Surely there has to be something more I can do?


  • Karen B says:

    Alicia, Im so sorry to hear about your case, have you thought about legal action? Not sure if you can get legal aid?
    Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others.
    Unfortunately thanks to Birgit Cunningham making a mockery out of the cause that I and Lisa set up, dont think the media will take us seriously now as she was just about the money and fame for five mins!

  • chall says:

    Hi Alicia,

    Have you ever escalated your case through the complaints procedure?

    If you had a court order instructing the non-resident parent to pay child maintenance made before April 2003, how did the CSA manage to have jurisdiction in 1994?

    Your welcome in the forum at afairercsaforall.


  • alicia says:

    Thanks Karen, and Chall I couldnt understand why the CSA got involved either, My ex was making payments, I was out of work for 6 weeks in 1994 and the jobcentre made me fill in the CSA forms, so i dont know what happened .
    I have escalated to complaints twice and received 2 consolatary payments due to maladministration.
    The ICE has had my case for 9 months but apparantly there is no-one available to look at my case till MAYBE June this year.

  • Interesting website. I have a question though, after reading about the dozens of errors, mistakes and the apparently uncaring attitude ot the CSA it makes me wonder. Is there ever disciplinary action taken against any of the individual CSA staff who have committed these blunders?. It all seems to smack of a tremendous lack of competence in my view.Perhaps someone with more volition than me will one day ask for a freedom of information disclosure on the number and type of disciplinary offences in relation to incompetence committed by CSA staff and what the outcomes were. Or maybe it is just a case of “get as much money as you can, we dont care how you do it”. I suspect if any do get in to trouble the defence would be “Ich gehorchte nur reihenfolgen”, heard that before anyone???

  • alicia says:

    Hi Victor,
    The CSA have sent me a letter only this morning saying that Yes they admitt 18 years maladministration and YES my case was unduly lenghty again 18 years but NO i cant have an advance payment because apparantly I havent shown an interest in my case!!!!! So the government can do what they want as many cock ups and mistakes as they want but dont have to do anything about it and NO victor I asked if anybody was to be held to account and I was told NO because it was a computer error!! I just cant win

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