Why should I pay if I cannot see my children?

May 4, 2011

I had a letter recently from the CSA(and stupidly threw it away) saying my case had been closed. This last week ~i have had several phone calls saying they have a new case and the paperwork has come through. Is this possible within 12 weeks of the old case being closed.

Also, I thought that it was being pushed towards the parents sorting it out between them now rather than the CSA. My ex refuses to let the children see me, therefore why should I pay?

My wife and I have spent thousands on them with holidays and clothes, laptops, phones etc and since the ex moved about a year ago we do not get contact.



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  1. Lee Satloka on May 11th, 2011 10:30 am

    I have read you brief story with interest!

    Interestingly I too do not see my boy, due to my ex-wife being a nasty, underhand liar and damn right evil!

    You ask the question why should I pay CSA if I cannot see my children. I too have asked that very same question and the reason I have asked this question, is that it’s not as if I don’t want to see him, because I do. I think there are two very important points here and one conclusion:

    1 – You pay CSA because at the end of the day, they are your children and you have a duty as a parent to support the children whether you see them or not. I too thought why should i, when I don’t see him – but I am his Dad and I have a duty as a parent to pay for my child.
    2 – It is my view that your ex is not letting you see them so she can claim more CSA than she would normally get, as when you see the children or they stay over the CSA reduces on a 1 in 7 per night basis!!! Also ask yoursefl the question what else does she gain……..she gains control over the situation and children.

    Conclusion is simple, my Solicitor told me ‘ Children are programmed to want to know their parents and as such they will make contact’, that means you need to keeps records of everything, so can prove any false claims she makes.

    That would be my advice, except to keep positive and keep fighting to see your kids.

    All the best,


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