Why does the CSA alienate NRPs?

October 23, 2012

My Dealings with the CSA started 3 and half years ago. After taking a call from the delight that is the CSA I confirmed my DOB, NI number and address then the individual then say are you denying ****** Fytche is your son! This was my first time I had spoke to them or had anything from them. At which point I pointed out I was going through a very costly process of going to court to get shared residency so I would not deny it.

fter getting Shared residency 6 out of 14 nights I was informed I would have to pay £158 per month straight from my earnings no choice. Yet his mother who has him 8 out of 14 nights is getting all the help from Government Child benefit and tax credits I get nothing plus the £158!

She has now moved him school without my consent (I have PR) so I shall now be required to do an extra 168 miles a month to take him to school yet I the CSA says its up to you to fund your child on your days then why am I funding him on hers?. I have to cloth him, feed him, provide a roof for him, buy his school uniforms school trips etc. I was also saddled with ten’s of thousands of pounds worth of debt that she built up but CSA didn’t take this into account.

Why cant the CSA realise there are a lot of NRP’s out there who want to play a big part in childrens upbringing yet they alienate them rather than go after the people who couldn’t give a jot about their offspring!!!


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  1. Carol on October 23rd, 2012 12:51 pm

    CSA are awful towards people and the bottom line is they are only interested in the money coming in. There are many pwc’s and nrp’s on this site who have had numerous problems.

    HAve you completed a departure/variation form asking for the CSA to take into account the mileage for seeing your child, and also for the joint debts you have taken on?

  2. chall on October 23rd, 2012 4:56 pm

    Quote Ben, ‘fter getting Shared residency 6 out of 14 nights…’

    As you have shared care of your son for 156 nights per year, the full CSA liability should be reduced by three-sevenths.

    A variation could assist with special expenses such as with costs to maintain contact/access to the qualifying child.
    There is a threshold level, which must be exceeded. If the NRP earns more than £200pw, the threshold is £15. If they earn below £200pw, the threshold is £10.
    Contact costs could include; Tickets for public transport, fuel for a private car,taxi fares if it meets the criteria, car hire if it meets the criteria, accommodation costs if it meets the criteria & minor incidental costs ie tolls, parking.

    However, you would only be able to receive one of the above.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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