The CSA & The Falkirk Triangle

May 15, 2012

This being a small area in Scotland where this strange phenomenon occurs.

After having checked records and nothing to date other than the paperwork connected to many peoples c.s.a cases up and down the country has ever been reported as having mysteriously vanished after entering the previously unknown Falkirk Triangle.

At the center of this triangle appears to be a large government complex and possibly the cause of the mysterious dissapearing paperwork.

After wanting to know more about these dissapearances the c.s.a was contacted only to be told many times “it doesn’t exist” and all knowledge of its very existance denied.

So one has to wonder do we have our very own AREA 51 where what goes on behind closed doors is that top secret they would rather denie all knowledge of its very existance.

It has been noticed however that the Falkirk triangle appears to be different from other triangles around the world as it appears to have the ability for vital paperwork that vanished during your case to suddenly reappear without warning should an M.P be involved.

So one has to think the Falkirk Triangle appears to be under intelligent control.

So one can only wonder what really goes on behind closed doors at the c.s.a’s AREA 51 and does c.s.a really stand for cover secret agency.

My guess is that after paperwork having been purposely removed from your files to prevent you from completing imfomation required for assessements etc, it is then took to the very heart of AREA 51’s Unexplained Files Office (U.F.O) where all our X FILES are kept of missing paperwork under the section “only to be used should an M.P be involved”

One has to wonder though if paperwork disapears after entering the triangle then possibly paperwork also disappears leaving the triangle and this being the reason you were told you were informed when you know you weren’t or possibly something more sinister.

Now having accumulated arrears due to you not being able to complete paperwork required for assessements etc because yes sadly yours dissapeared after becoming another casualty of the Falkirk Triangle.

You should now have enough arrears for the c.s.a’s guarentied Liability Order.

Now you can expect a visit from the c.s.a’s very own MEN IN BLACK (MIB) yes the baliff’s which means you’ve just gone legal and your nightmare has just become reality because default now and the MEN IN BLACK will be back only this time they’ll want your furnature if you dont pay up,well you cant expect the c.s.a to furnish AREA 51 on the mere pennies they ROB from us.


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  1. brian on May 16th, 2012 10:56 am

    top class mate

  2. Brett on May 17th, 2012 6:39 pm

    Classic !

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