My son lives with me but CSA are making up arrears for me to pay!

June 14, 2017

Myso was born in year 2000. I paid CSA for 16 years. Them my son moved in (full-time!) with me. I therefore stopped paying. Child Benefit is now with me and I have not recived a penny towards my son from mum. Yesterday, I received a phone call from CSA who said despite the fact I had always been in credit there was one week from last year still unpaid. I therefore paid it over the phone. I was then shocked by what the lady said next… “we will now check all payments and calculations from the year 2000 and if we have got our calculations wrong we will either refund you OR advise how much arrears you owe!!!”. Refund me? as it – I couldn’t believe it. I said my son lives with me now full-time and you would ask me (if you got your calculations wrong to pay you even more money? she said “I know this seems wrong but yes”. I absolutely loathe the CSA! Bunch of evil so and so’s when it comes to how they treat good hard-working paying fathers. Comments and advice very welcome. A Woried Father.


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  1. Jim on June 15th, 2017 7:43 pm

    I have paid maintenance the whole time since i divorced my evil ex wife
    i was told my 18 year ild son had left school and was working
    i stopped the maintenance only to be bombarded with calls
    from the Cms
    staring im in arrears and if i dont pay it they will arrest my wages
    I told them the reason i stopped is i heard my son had left school
    and i didnt want to overpay the evil cow
    to which the cms said i had to pay or they would take it
    I then asked them what happens if i do overpay
    there reply tough nothing you can do about it
    i can see why some men ate driven to suicide
    with arseholes like the Cms
    and to finish
    that evil cow drives about in a brand new car and holidays in florida with her new boyfriend

    The cms is very one sided and speak to paying fathers like there the scum of the earth

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