My life is back on track after CSA hell

August 21, 2010

As a joint, voluntary agreement I paid the mortgage on our former home approx £240/month after moving into rented (my ex-wife was a knife wielding psycho) along with £200/month to support our son. After 6 months my ex went to the CSA who took £400/month off me + the £240/month mortgage payment refusing to take the mortgage into account. I paid up on time every month till my son was 18. During the intervening period my ex enjoyed holidays in Spain whilst claiming benefits.

Now, thankfully it’s over and I have my life back on track and have a lovely girlfriend. The CSA are not interested in listening to anyone’s difficult circumstances. All they’re interested in is their ‘target’. I got my life back together but many dads don’t. Despite all the cash I had to part with my ex now has mortgage arrears and CCJs. Little comfort given the hell I went through.

Shut the CSA down and start again for God’s sake.


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  1. Anon on August 21st, 2010 7:21 pm

    Although a PWC it upsets me to hear about NRPs who do care for their children and do the utmost for them and yet the PWC “PLAYS the system” and the CSA let them. In your case go back to the CSA and ask for a variation ie”prior debt” for the mortgage payments you made. They can be back dated to day1 I no cos my x doesnt want to pay for his children period and I”ve just been billed £7k by the csa for O/payments due to claim for mortgage dating back to 2003.So if he can do it so can you. I would not have minded being billed but I had to pay vthe whole mortgage off to the tune of £178k and now I”m a PWC ,2 children, not on benefits,and the only debts is to the CSA

  2. Carrie on April 15th, 2013 11:56 am

    It’s still happening in 2013! Been paying regularly,having children EVERY WEEKEND(until they were teenagers & like most teenagers don’t want to do family things ,have every bank statement to prove money went to her(pwc’s) bank every month without fail & on time.BECAUSE the pwc had a claim open in 2003(she told us she closed it & she took ALL the regular payments since) we didn’t know there was a problem !!Over 9 years later we have to pay it all again! CSA get in touch & says she has asked for a reassessment(no mention to us of any problem..WE ARE nearly £8000 in ARREARS!!did she think a man who has paid regularly would not be approachable?) and IF SHE WASNT HAPPILY RECIEVING MONEY would she not have said something TO THE CSA in over 8 YEARS..!!!She WAS and WE are being taken for FOOLS…Tell me where is the JUSTICE in THAT ?

  3. Sally on April 15th, 2013 1:41 pm

    @ Carrie – There will never be justice or a fair method of supporting our children while the CSA are involved…

    They are absolutely useless and do not care one little bit about the PWC, NRP and especially not about the children!!!

    The CSA made our life hell (along with my partners ex) for 2 and a half years and would not listen to reason or facts…. they are only interested in the amount of money they bring in. We involved our MP to help with the false arrears that were raised against my partner and it helped… the arrears got reduced significantly, so I would suggest you contact your local MP.

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