My ex is refusing to pay for my son

October 1, 2017

My ex is refusing to pay for my son. I have now been told that he has moved to a different country & they can’t chase him but he worked for a governor based company in Scotland & now gets a pension from them. Am I right in thinking his wages can get arrested before it goes to him? They have also closed my case for a few months without even telling me & when I called up to speak to them about my case there was no mention that they had closed it & happily discussed my case. Something isn’t right at all.


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  1. David on October 2nd, 2017 5:26 pm

    Hi there
    Iif your case was an old C1 matter, it (along with all CSA cases) will be closed down. The onus will then be on you to apply under the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) for them to re-open your case. This will incur charges. If there are arrears under the CSA system, this too will be transferred over.

    Really, you should have had a letter from the CSA to advise you that file would be closed with advice on what to do next. The fact you had no warning is no surprise whatsoever. The system is a shambles.

    If your case was temporarily suspended and is now re-instated, you need to find out why?

    If a none resident parent is refusing to pay Child Support, the CMS/CSA have a number of enforcement powers. This includes deduction of earnings orders (DEO). They can ascertain a person’s salary by going directly to HMRC.

    If he has moved to another country from which the CSA/CMS has no jurisdiction then they have no powers. If he works for a UK company, this gives the CMS jurisdiction.

    If you need assistance by contact me at [email protected]


  2. Tock on October 3rd, 2017 10:47 am

    By laws yes CSA can take money direct from his wages. (If he work in U.K. Or UK base company)

    Sorry to tell you that Scotland is not UK.

    What ever he earn from other country got nothing to do with UK government. This is because GB is leaving EU. So if you go and renewing you are driving licence or passport you can notice the changes of the logo.

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