My advice to combat the CSA after a 20 year battle

April 20, 2018

I was going to put my sorry case on this site. I’ve read countless stories on here that all amount to the same thing.

I’ve been fighting with the CSA for around twenty years and at times ive used a solicitor.

Here’s my advice:

Whatever the CSA state that you owe, do the very best deal that you can with them and just pay it.

With all the will and knowledge in the world, you will not beat them. It doesnt matter how honest you are.

You need to understand this:

The CSA have free rein to do as they please. Nobody you know can touch them. The most you can hope for is to come on these sites and vent.

Here’s the clincher; If you do get the chance to appear in front of a tribunal. The Judge will F**k you over anyway. He/She will dismiss your evidence, bully you, double count, basically anything they want to do, they’ll do. If you appeal, the same judge will reject it . If you appeal to the upper tribunal, you will be F***ed over again.

Solicitors: forget them, They’ll wring you for a few grand and in the end, they’ll shrug and tell you that you have a case but theres nothing more they can do.

I’m in talks with a paper, not about the CSA but the tribunal judge that acted illegally in his own court.

Failing that i’ll be donning a batman costume and climbing onto a motorway bridge.

While we all sit moaning on here, nothing will ever change.


2 Responses to “My advice to combat the CSA after a 20 year battle”

  1. Peter Andersom on April 20th, 2018 3:53 pm

    No, they must prove any arrears. Csa has a very long history of inventing arrears. Indeed the invention of arrears on father’s accounts is so bad, over 3 billion, source the National Audit Office, that Csa is being closed down due to false accounting. Says it all. And Cms are using the same methods to invent arrears. The difference is Csa left it for years before trying to collect these arrears,even waiting until the cases were closed, whereas Cms try to collect much sooner

  2. Billy the Kid on April 21st, 2018 1:15 am

    I do not agree, if you cannot afford to pay what they are demanding 99.9% of the time is unaffordable and most of the time the arrears are grossly inflated and without doubt fraudulent. You must make a Formal Complaint – I myself had 12k of false arrears, I had already paid over 6k before I realised they were fraudulent. I made many complaints and eventaully after a fight with the idiots I had 5k of false arrears written off. Many others have also done the same as I and have had thousands of false arrears written off. Do not stand for being bullied by these pieces of shit, stand your ground, make your complaints and provide factual evidence where you can and of course demand they explain how you owe the alleged arrears. As I said 99.9% of the time the arrears are highly inflated and fraudulent . They always seem to attack people who are already paying voluntarily and have private arrangements. They are too spineless to chase after those who refuse to pay – here s a very interesting article

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