I’ve made no progress with the CSA since the day I put in a claim

March 8, 2017

Put in a claim to the csa in 2015 still no further forward I told them his address workplace and his new address as he moved when he build up his rent cause he goes as self-employed there not much they can 2 but he’s been in same company for 6 years none stop but I was not bothered about the money as long as he sees the kids once week as my eldest was ill thankfully hes getting better csa just say anything over the phone I asked for them reply in letter and they cant do that I said well u cant do very much as were still no further forward while hes planning his wedding and holidays for his girlfriends kids you sitting behind computer drinking coffee I’ve have made more calls 2 csa than I have ever heard from them you think your getting some ware they feed you more bullshit I told them iam done cant be bothered about o this order from courts and this I well I have not had that in letter so is it happening or not end of the day they tell you anything just 2 get u off a phone.


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