I’ve had to leave my job, what will the CSA do if ex puts in a claim?

October 26, 2016

Mine is advice before it happens. I was with CSA twelve months and it was truly awful. They are also inept.Anyway. I persuaded my ex to enter a private arrangement and in return I gave her all the equity in my house-£34k.I just wanted it over. Had already ended up in hospital with an overdose due partly to not seeing enough of my kids and partly the CSA.

After she came away from them I was made redundant and was that fearful that I paid her £300 a month from my redundancy for ten months (£3000) despite her having remarried and having her salary child benefit etc.

Now I have had to leave the job I was in as I was being asked to break the law of regulation ( financial services job). Because I wouldn’t play ball it was go or be managed out. I left in Mid July but now have no savings. My new partner is paying my maintenance but she isn’t on a great salary and it’s causing issues between us. I know as I have no income if she went to CSA I wouldn’t have to pay bit I have the option of a self employed role. Trouble is I wouldn’t start till January and would be unlikely to see and money until March. I would be a self employed sole trader working for one company.

Xmas is coming so I need to stop the £300 a month but worry what the CSA do in cases like mine cos I’m sure she will put a claim in.Id reinstate when money comes in but she isn’t reasonable. Can anyone advise please?


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