In debt and still CSA wants more money

April 6, 2011

How does this government allow my ex age 33 doesn’t work and doesn’t have to. With all the benefits including my CSA payments she gets £779 a month and this isnt includingg housing benefits, but She can afford a contract phone, driving lessons and smoke.

Im 35 yrs old never been unemployed since i was 19 yrs old. Going through a sticky patch looking for full time work, currently working partime. Ive had to fight 9 months back and forth with solicitors ect. to see my children. I finally can see them every other week Fri-Sun.

Im left with £422 a month after CSA deductions. My rent is not taken into consideration, im in debt and had to move back in with family. CSA have told me under new rules they can leave me with £96 a week.

CSA wont take into consideration i have my 4 children fri-sun every other week because its less that 52 nights a year. Do CSA really think i dont need money when i have my 4 children Fri-Sun?

Im really thinking i would be better of not working untill i find a full time job.


One Response to “In debt and still CSA wants more money”

  1. mick on April 6th, 2011 9:33 am

    You will always have the spectre of the csa hanging over you, don’t earn more money they will take more from you, go see your mp they should help

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