I’m owed £2000 from the CSA

June 17, 2013

Money has been deducted from my wages since August 2012 when the case was closed I am owed back from the CSA almost £2000.00 the CSA are saying they will try and reclaim the money paid to his Mother on his behalf when possible

The CSA should pay me back in full all SCA deductions that have been taken from my wages


One Response to “I’m owed £2000 from the CSA”

  1. Macon on June 17th, 2013 9:37 am

    This happens to me you have next to no chance of getting any money refunded you are after all a NRP, get your data protection files first before you complain as the Csa will doctor them and then go to your MP with your files and tell him / her they have taken money under false pretences ?

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