I’m now being used to pay off her debt – what can I do?

June 14, 2013

Prior to the CSA review I have been in friendly contact with my Ex. She did make me aware of her debt and was very worried but never gave me the amount of money she owed. She was worried about being made bankrupt. She has even asked me for advice regarding bailiffs.

My Ex has borrowed money from me a few times even when I myself rely on bank overdrafts and have never asked for the money back. When ask how she got herself into the position again, her reply was she has been on low wage for a long time. She has never stated that it was due to the child which we both know it’s not. She told me a money company adviser would be helping her. Before we separated 15yrs ago I remember paying off her £5000 credit card by selling my van.

Then in May 2013 this year I got a letter from CSA that someone has requested for a review of child maintenance. On receiving the letter I called her and she stated that the company money adviser suggested it. The company is called Meridian Money Advise Services in Greenwich London.

The important point I would like to bring out here is that the reason for the CSA review was not about the child but Ex’s personal debt.

The CSA assessment I had in 2002 was to pay £85 a month as I was also on a very low wage. For 11yrs I have paid £85 and never defaulted as I agreed to pay by direct debit from my account.
My ex’s personal debt has triggered CSA assessment review after 11 years. It is too much and I have no clue how or where to start to appeal it. I am always in the red (overdraft) every month with two bank loans. The amount I have been paying for 11 years is £85 a month compared to what I am been asked now to pay (£285 a month).

£285 for a child is more than 15%; it is about 35% which is for families with 3 children or more. CSA told me there are no arrears, if there are no arrears how have they arrived at the figure.
This will push me farther in to debt. This new figure definitely will force me in to destitute. My ex has a property with tenant; she does not work and won’t work; how does she pay home insurance? How does she pay for repairs when things go wrong in the property? How is she able to borrow money if she has no job?

This review is not about the child but Ex’s personal debt and was advised by an organisation trying to help her to seek a CSA review. I have two bank loans – this was incurred by converting overdrafts every year or more when I go in to red as the interest rate of loans are cheaper than overdraft. I am already overdrawn before wages arrive in account.

I have had lists of expenses from Ex to buy for the child. She needs to sell the property and pay off her own debt. My responsibility is for the child and not my Ex.

My son from age 11years spends almost every weekend – Friday to Sunday with me; also some holidays. His mother does not cook. My son is now 17yrs old and can confirm he gets fed much better at house cause I cook.

I have a condition (Cervical Spondilosis) and am partially disabled. Notwithstanding this I have continued to work. My condition will worsen and I have had an operation to slow it down.

I am now been used to pay off her debt. I have been given 20 days to appeal. This is making me really ill; I can’t eat; I can’t sleep. I don’t know who to turn to. I have been suicidal in the past and now they are trying to push me back in to depression.

The amount of child maintenance asked to pay has more than tripled – £85 to £285 does not correspond to any increase in my salary. I consider the revised payment to be unfair and unreasonable especially when I’m struggling to make ends meet.


2 Responses to “I’m now being used to pay off her debt – what can I do?”

  1. Duncan Smith on June 14th, 2013 3:22 pm

    My ex left me £28000 in debt, don’t give her fuck all

  2. Sue on June 15th, 2013 9:23 pm

    You paid 200 per month less than you should have for years. For the purpose of your rant lets just say five years not the eleven that have actual gone by. Over five years you have stolen from your child £12k . Thats why she is in debt. Shame on you. Come on CSA do a back dated assessment on this guy or in his wife and tell her to request a variation application to make p for the missed years.

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