How to beat the CSA

The CSA, or Child Support Agency, claims to be putting children first and is interested in getting payments to children. This of course is not true, as the complaints about the CSA from both non resident parents and parents with care prove – complaints that can be read on this website.

Children would be much better off if the CSA were not involved and a private arrangement were made between parents concerning the payment of maintenance. This is in fact the best way to beat the CSA. If you are your ex can come to an agreement on how much should be paid, and how often, you can leave the Child Support Agency out of the equation, saving a lot of stress and heartache for all concerned.

Of course, you must be careful to record all payments and keep a signed agreement between you both. Never pay in cash, and always pay in a way that keeps a paper trail, such as a direct debit or BACS transfer.

This is one way to beat the CSA, but when some fathers ask how can they beat the CSA they mean how can they avoided payment to the CSA altogether. This isn’t advised because your children need your support, but there ways to reduce your payments so that the CSA doesn’t get as much as they wish.

For example, you could complete a variations form so that the CSA has to take your expenses involved with access to your children into consideration. You could become self employed so that your daily expenses are treated as tax deductable, reducing your declared earnings – or you could leave the country altogether, where the CSA has limited powers and generally will not bother with the hassle of pursuing you.

The CSA wants easy targets – NRPs in full time employment so they can issue a deduction from earnings order. Beat the CSA at their own game.


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  1. Ain't Live a.... on January 3rd, 2018 2:11 am

    My contract ended and I left work in April 2010 – having developed hyperthyroidism, which was misdiagnosed and led to me having a thyroid storm, which later required over two years of treatment, two lots of surgery, and other complications…..

    What transpired next was very simple, I signed on, as entitled, THEN…
    I received a demand from the CSA stating that I owed them £3200 (approximately – can;t remember the exact figure) – May 2010

    The CSA took £14 per fortnight from my JSA, and also charged me £14 per fortnight, despite the fact I was not working. I wont go into all the particulars as to what impact htis had on me,but I can assure you, I no longer have a gas meter in my flat, no central heating, or hot wate, and no cooking facilities!

    In May 2014, I set up a small company supplying advise and information to academic research facilities, hoping that I would alleviate myself from dependency on the state. I earnt no money, and duly filed my HMRC tax returns every year for two years. Despite having to use my JSA as working capital, because there were no loan or grants facilities, in May 2016, having closed the company, the CSA, said that I no longer we them the initial debt of £3200, BUT had doubled it to more than £7100.

    I sold everything I could in my possession, and was about to pay when HMRC wrote to because I had failed to produce my final accounts; at which point I informed them of my then current position, and what was happening.

    Since then I can only say that the CSA stop taking payments from my benefits, but never explain why, or responded to my request for a reason as to why the initial sum more than doubled, or why they were taking payments from my benefits and at the same time charging me, when I had not earnt, or received any additional income.

    I’m still waiting, and they are still not saying a single word….

    I have since learnt what they did was illegal, but the irony is that while I am unemployed, and pertinent to the changes in the law – I CANNOT receive state aid to take the state to court, over their illegal actions, or the effect that they have had on my life..

    It is fair for most men who become VICTIMS of the state sponsored CSA, that we are discriminated against, because the majority women use the system to vent their anger, and are not interested in the long-term outcomes for the child, or children concerned.

    Yeas as men we should try to play an active role in the live’s of the children we have, but allowing women to use the legal system as a weapon, has truly backfired on the state.

    If the system in place was about honesty, fair-mindedness, and transparency, then this moral dilemma would never exist.

    Yes I will pay the state what they have demanded, even thought I know they screwed me over…. BUT the sad thing is this, their is a child out there who I have only ever seen once, when she was less than a month old…. that was more than 18 years ago, and I have no idea as to where she is now, or what she looks like… for all intents and purposes I may have passed her in the street…on several occasions.

    Go CSA, well done for allowing another female to use use as a weapon, to inflict emotional and psychological damage on men, while the government ministers sit on their high horses and make noise about single parent families, and fatherless children… Whose blind now?

  2. Ain't Live a.... on January 3rd, 2018 2:15 am


    When women lie to children about their own dishonesty, it always comes back to bite them, eventually…

    Fathers, don’t shirk your responsibility, BUT don’t bow to an unjust and oppressive systems that was designed to be biased, non-transparent and unjust.

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