How to beat the CSA

The CSA, or Child Support Agency, claims to be putting children first and is interested in getting payments to children. This of course is not true, as the complaints about the CSA from both non resident parents and parents with care prove – complaints that can be read on this website.

Children would be much better off if the CSA were not involved and a private arrangement were made between parents concerning the payment of maintenance. This is in fact the best way to beat the CSA. If you are your ex can come to an agreement on how much should be paid, and how often, you can leave the Child Support Agency out of the equation, saving a lot of stress and heartache for all concerned.

Of course, you must be careful to record all payments and keep a signed agreement between you both. Never pay in cash, and always pay in a way that keeps a paper trail, such as a direct debit or BACS transfer.

This is one way to beat the CSA, but when some fathers ask how can they beat the CSA they mean how can they avoided payment to the CSA altogether. This isn’t advised because your children need your support, but there ways to reduce your payments so that the CSA doesn’t get as much as they wish.

For example, you could complete a variations form so that the CSA has to take your expenses involved with access to your children into consideration. You could become self employed so that your daily expenses are treated as tax deductable, reducing your declared earnings – or you could leave the country altogether, where the CSA has limited powers and generally will not bother with the hassle of pursuing you.

The CSA wants easy targets – NRPs in full time employment so they can issue a deduction from earnings order. Beat the CSA at their own game.


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  1. Sir Gordon on August 4th, 2016 10:54 am

    CSA is a disaster, from Day One. And I can’t fathom how the people that work there go home at night satisfied.

    There are wasteful individuals in our society using this system to their convenience, to steal hard earnings from good ad honest people, whilst claim all other level of assistance, working minimal hours and the rest. If you find yourself in a higher wage bracket it is +%%. So why should a “wasteful individual” who personally has a new home (with Claims), New car and goes as please when the child appears in poor attire, seconds and bargain bin offers. Feeding of another’s blood, sweat and tears.

    The CSA only bolsters those “non contributors” life style. We jail people in court for the same belligerence. Yet we punish the worker, the contributor and up standing person CSA / Child Maintenance. Clear the system has been created by “idiots”, very evident by is end result and outputs.

    I agree on a system, though the correct process must be in place with simple parameters and characteristics, The new 2014 20% punishment on the new scheme is a disgrace. The approver(s) should be shot. If the mother does not agree to a fair amicable amount within reason and goes for her on greed. The payer is then further punished with 20%. Even CSA staff voice there disgruntlement about this and are embarrassed.

    We “Mess” around with silly laws, break our economy, waste money on events rather than our infrastructure, but yet they cannot address correcting the CSA / maintenance topic with common sense and a system that is fair balancing equality of life.

    What ever happen to equal rights ……… but yet the Sherriff Clark can refuse on the basis “The child is too young to stay with his father” ….. after you blow 000’s to see your child breath. What a disgrace ….. the child’s father has joint responsibility and psychologically the child needs best of both equal to support a robust and stable upbringing. We live in a country where idiots place idiots in front of them and do not have the balls to do what is equally right, logically and balance equality.

    1. There should be a review (21st Century permits even a conference facility)
    2. There should be a cap at the current standard of living. If One exceed, then this at one’s own effort
    3. % applied if under the “Cost of Living”
    4. Divisible by Child
    5. Penalty to the non-agree’r providing there is a fair and amicable proposal

    I have no issue providing for my child, though I need to see him to do so for soft and hard purposes. Not because of a whim to say no, attempt to control and bolster greed.

    Proposal :

    If everyone likeminded donates and collaborates with justice for fathers in the UK, we can take the parliament to court repeatedly with queens councillors. The government will soon break, press will sound publish facts, All publish proof from there experiences and those people being buried under the poorest attempt of administration there is today will be heard. People are jailed for these outcomes in other circumstance or fired from jobs for these failures and poor performance.

    Its theft, its not equal, is poorly defined ………..

  2. Ian Watkin on September 1st, 2016 7:28 pm

    The CSA have ruined everything. Had an agreement with the Ex for payments, i got new girlfriend, the Ex then told CSA I had not made any payments for 92 weeks. I asked if hadn’t made any payments why would she complain now and not 2 or 3 weeks after missed payments started. This is regardless of the fact that I had been buying children things they need too (with receipts to prove to it). If I wanted to contest the 5500 alleged missed payments through the courts, I’ve been told it would probably cost me around £10 to £12 thousand pounds. It seems her drug habit, drinking habit and the importance of getting more and more tattoo’s didn’t even come into significance. Treated like a criminal. Now I have had to have an attachment of earnings because the ex won’t let me pay by D/Debit. I have had the privilege of earning to provide for my children taken away from me. The CSA have said that I have no legal obligation to provide a single thing for my children as my payments secure this. What good is that to me when the children are still asking me for things they need, not want, and I can’t buy it because I’m skint. But she’s still getting pissed and stoned. She has two previous children and gets small payment from previous Ex’s dole money. Can i be assured that my money is solely being spent on my children, can I bollocks. What an absolute fucked up, one sided, unfair system. My brother hung himself aged 33 because these fucking idiots wouldn’t listen to what he was saying.

  3. Darryl on September 6th, 2016 6:43 pm

    Omg Ian Watkins, everyone, this is a disgrace I know this pain only too well, being used for cash to feed the exes new partners crack and drinking habit, been to local mp, got nothing, pleaded with them got no where and they are at it again now,I need to know something…does my boss have to acknowledge I work with his firm, I still feel very unsure where they are aloud to get information from, my old boss said I didn’t work there and they went away but I’ve changed job now they want more, problem I have is my eldest now lives with me and they still want money for arrears and another child,what do I do for Christmas, birthdays, holidays, days out, while her fuck up mum who buys her £30 of shit from a catalogue, every special occasions,..whilst I’m sending her £80 a week with arrears, then second child who I don’t get to see because her free loading cheating manipulative mother decides to up sticks one day without a fucking goodbye gets on the blower and joins the bandwagon, thing they only do it out of spite and that’s what sucks I could go on,but I’ve told those cunts overseas a few times I hope they rest well in their beds knowing they are putting a father of two and a plus 1 out of work, utterly immoral and a damned disgrace… I do apologise for the language but this is a very stressful and emotional and live changing topic…somebody help the children

  4. Chris on October 10th, 2016 8:00 pm

    The new cms “arranges” the amount I’m forced to pay each year. The system is a disgrace the staff are rude and clueless. I have my son a third of the time, I tried for 50% but being a father the court wouldn’t give that of course. So I’m forced to pay almost £4000 per year that’s about £24 per night she has him over me. She receives full benefits for him while I get not one pence from anywhere and she provides nothing. She openly laughs about using the money for soliciters to stop me seeing my son. Fathers and children should be treated fairly, the system is welfare for women and a fine for fathers.

  5. Mick McKinney on October 12th, 2016 12:54 pm

    My CSA arrangement came to an end on 30th September. No surprises, the ex, decided to start a CMS claim, meaning her £294 a month that I pay, will rise to £460. I have 3 young boys at home and that is roughly 25% of my net income. Now she is also lying about the days I have my daughters which is easily 110 days a year, so that she can get the even higher band of £560 a month, even though I have told her that £560 will screw me and my family financially. To be clear, I am happy to pay £460 a month….CMS said that if they have to ultimately decide they will take her word for it and not mine….f******* outrageous. A few years ago, she was in a car crash (her fault) put my kids in hospital……..a month after coming out of hospital, she put a new claim in and bought a car to replace the one she had written off. She has now jacked her job in to go to college, doesnt need to work with the money she;s getting off me.. I get absolutely no say in my daughters upbringing, education etc and has told me only to ever contact her if it’s an emergency………….I f****** hate her, thank god I only have 3 years left…..the system definitely favours the receiving parent (99% women I reckon) rant over

  6. Gavin briscoe on October 16th, 2016 12:49 am

    What happened to equal rights. In my eyes this ismore sexest than anything ever the law needs to be changed

  7. Luke on October 18th, 2016 10:31 am

    I am absolutely disgusted by the way they treat fathers in this “organisation” meant for “Helping” people. I had been contacted through a Deductions from Earnings Order to my workplace which first of all caused a huge amount of embarrassment but most importantly the letter itself had been addressed to an old address which I had never received, nobody had contacted me about this whatsoever.

    The fact I hadn’t even known about my daughter for the past 8 1/2 years apparently is beside the point in their eyes, the fact i’m not on the birth certificate is irrelevant to them also and that my current outgoings are far mar than the amount they are demanding that I pay, £364 p/m.

    The miscommunication is absolutely staggering considering the extremely precious circumstances surrounding the situation. Nothing more than bully Debt Collecters disguised as “advisers and mediators”. The law is completely biased in favor of the mother and the power ultimately lies with her. I now face being made homeless, jobless and with no means to support my own child that I had known nothing about for the past 8 years or so.
    This is an absolute joke and they are easily contributing to a suicidal increase in males, me potentially being one of them, and they seem completely unwilling to listen or reason to anything.

    I eventually came to a Family Based Arrangement with the mother which was settled amicably and peacefully with prospects looking good, that was until CMS contacted her and completely misled and construed the information that they had and this ultimately lead to the relationship and arrangement breaking down. I have spoken to 7 different people in CMS, one person named Rachel categorically telling me that the case was settled and everything would be removed from my employer, I requested that she contact the Mother to let her know this has all been settled and then all of a sudden I receive a torrent of abuse from her telling me that CMA have told her something completely different.

    Not only have I now paid her £164.00 as agreed upon a Family Arrangement, but CMS are now telling me they are still continuing with the Deduction from Earning Order which is going to leave me in a crippling debt. I cannot pay my rent or my living bills. I have no extravagant expenses and yet they couldn’t care less.

    I have also been researching everywhere to see where a Father can go for advice and low and behold, nothing. Mothers advice is in abundance, but fathers? Think again!

    This whole system is absolutely corrupt, tarring every dad with the same brush of a few that do in fact do runners. Sexist springs to mind quite heavily. If I was to treat someone in a religion the same way they treat Males it would be spread all across the news and be absolute uproar.

    This law needs to change, and fast. I will be doing everything I can to appeal this and also seek legal advice on how I can take this further through the courts. Equal Rights? I think not.

  8. P mann on October 24th, 2016 7:56 am

    Fathers moaning and groaning about how much you pay to support your children. You are deluded. When your child lives with mother and is sick do you lose a days or weeks money taking time off? No . You always have it easy! If you share a child you should share your wages and Stop complaining!!!

  9. Ed Vtu on October 25th, 2016 12:22 am

    You have COMPLETELY missed the point !
    Rather than ranting about maintenance avoidance these posts are about the complete lack of parity in an unfair system. If you knew anything about the CMS you would understand that as well as the depression dealing with such an organisation can bring on. I think it is you who is deluded or perhaps you are part of the problem ….

  10. Marc Peterson on October 25th, 2016 8:23 am

    i got issued a CMS letter in December stating I was earning 85k ayear I got rejected on 2occasions but the matter of the fact is I’ve had a 60% pay cut but still rejected so they put me in arreas as I don’t work every week I work month on month off so only work 6 months ayear. They are taking £507 aweek every week if I work or not, if there isn’t a pay slip theyput it in to the arreas pot! I’ve told them straight if you carry on taking my hard earned cash then I will be forced to stop work and basically not earn a penny in turn force me onto the streets as I will be forced to sell up!! I have a family of my own so forcing them also on the streets! Ive even been to the MPS they gave them all details even the payments they should be taking based on my earnings but still don’t change it. The other day I got 2letters of apology from the cms stating they should of reviewed my accounts months ago but failed on two occasions to pick up on this appeal, they apologise they ask me for my accountants details so they can organise this quickly then I rang them last night there now wanting a self assessment for my self employment records, I don’t work self employment I’m PAYE. So what the hell and why are they more bing the goal posts to reduce this income based on Facts not fiction. They seem to want information that doesn’t exist just so they can take my earnings! Absolut joke and I hope the people who made up this stupid system have the worse case of death inflicted because I’ve had 11 months of pure hell with these disgusting filthy bastards!

  11. Reece on October 25th, 2016 5:05 pm

    Fuck the system! If she dont take direct payments and let me see my kids on set weekends ill shut my accounts down buy a caravan and quit work.

  12. Richard on October 26th, 2016 11:40 am

    My arrangement came to an end this June, as my son turned 16. Shock horror, my ex raised a new claim. For the first time in 7-8 yrs, we actually spoke (quite amicably as well), and decided to come to our own arrangement. Everyone happy…or so I thought.
    Out of the blue, I have just received a bill from the CSA for £103 for the first claim!! I was completely up to date with payments, my monthly payments were more than this, and my ex said she received all payments…so seems like they have just pulled a figure out of thin air, to bill me with!
    I completely agree with all the above comments. CSA is just a money-making scam. Setup to side only with the person trying to claim, with no interest or regard for the paying parent. And I’m sorry, but no-one will tell me that the CSA arent making anything out of it!

  13. William Negus on November 5th, 2016 7:35 pm

    The CMS system is being used as a weapon by my vile ex-wife, all because I now after 5 years of being divorced because of her adultary have a new girlfriend. The rubbish system doesn’t take into account I had to remortgage to buy her out of the home and the 50/50 parental agreement as part of the divorce is not accepted as evidence by the CMS. They treat you like a criminal and even tho my ex has an annual household income of £200k I” the one who has to pay because they take her word that there is no existing agreement. I then provide copies of it and because it’s a statement of arrangement for children which was part of the divorce, The CMS refuse to recognise it as it’s not an actual court order!!! Even though it is signed by both parties and been stamped in a court of law!!!
    They now estimated payments of £1k a month, which means I’m forced into severe hardship and now have to sell my house and all the stress has caused me to loose my job. This means that I can no longer have my son as I have nowhere to live and no money to live on either, whilst his vile mother sits there laughing!!!
    The system is only supporting vindictive mothers in my opinion and as for my local MP well he’s too busy to even see me to discuss it along with the ‘cheat’ that the CMS has educated her to become classed as lead parent as they just can’t accept a 50/50 arrangement. The cheat is for her to claim child benefit to get a tick in the box to be classed as lead parent despite it being 50/50….£200k a year income and she claims child benefit FFS, but when I challenge this I find she said I didn’t exist on her claim to the child benefit people and as they can only pay to one parent and she claimed it first I’m fucked!!!! Nobody cares she has an annual household income of £200k and I have zero, not the child benefit agency or the CMS, they both say her household income is irrelevant!!!!!
    So thanks to her lies and cheats I’m now fucked!!!!

  14. Adrian on November 10th, 2016 2:34 pm

    If CSA methodology were taught in high school, we’d all be celibate and societal deadbeats living the DLA dream!

  15. Lindg on November 26th, 2016 12:37 pm

    I’m a single mum and these comments make me were. It’s so unfair that good fathers get penalised because they’re easy targets and ones like my own dead beat Ex have the system worked and avoid paying completely. I had no complaints about the CSA, they fought for my kids and endured they took every step to ensure they got a minimum payment from him, even though most of his hours are worked cash in hand and untraceable. I got that, was grateful for the little I received but now the child maintenance service have taken over they’ve allowed him to go to direct pay despite my protests that he nearly killed me when we were together, attempted to strangle my then nine year old son who tried to defend me and has a history with the CSA of non payment. The snotty Agent I spoke to informed me he’d been very responsible and agreed instantly to direct pay!! Of course he did.. He never had any intention of paying a penny. I was advised to Contact him myself despite my protests that I hadn’t spoken to him in five years and he’d even blocked me on social media incase I got any information on his cash in hand employments. I’m not a greedy ex partner living on benefits. I work a 44 hour week to support my kids. They’re teenagers now, they cost money. I don’t go out, I can’t afford to and working these long, long hours means that any time I’m off work I need to spend that time with my kids not another man, despite many asking me over these five long years and if truth be told I’m terrified of another man turning out to be as much of an abuser, both physically and mentally as my Ex was. In effect when he left my kids lost both parents because I had to go out to work and take as many hours as God sent so that we could stay on breadline level. My sympathy go out to those of you Fathers who put their children first and I’m so sorry you are being penalised because dead beats like my own Ex exist. There is simply no justice…

  16. Adrian on November 29th, 2016 11:47 am

    Please, Please…someone with computer internet skill, devise an email that can be sent around the UK soliciting for 100,000 signatures to be collated and forwarded to Parliament to have the CSA replaced by a humane organisation that will have some accountability to the public for the welfare of children. The recipient parent must prove via receipts every month that the monies remitted from the estranged parent actually are spent for the welfare of the child (children). If this can’t be substantiated, the money should be withheld in escrow. Too many stories flying around about the corruption, fraud and abuse that exists within the CSA’s system of ironclad power hold over the lives of decent wage earners. What about the hundreds of children that haven’t got ‘soft target’ parents with jobs that can readily be tracked down via the enforcement authorities. Are we not already paying twice through our income taxes to support our own flesh and blood as well as anonomized foster kids whose skumbag parents can’t be located and held to task by the CSA because they went underground? Get the petition started!!!

  17. Andy on December 1st, 2016 7:21 am

    My 2kids spent they childhood in Jamaica for 15 year and child support contact me 2014 to say I own £33,000 I phone them and told them so. Was told it would be investigated, I heard nothing for 2years then, in august of this year £206 came out my wage leave me with £209 for the month in September ,October, same thing leave me with £209 each month I am now in rent arrears, the car I drive to work I got stop on Monday this week for drivIng without insurance what can £209 do for a month. To top it all my mother lives in Jamaica came to England in October for my nieces wedding her first grandchild, bought a letter up from my kids primary school stating they enrolled there in 2002 with both children’s name and date of birth, I then get a call from child support saying if this is so then attachments to earning will stop. Yesterday I got paid child support has taken £260 left me with £209 again.I was on the phone with them for 2 hours. They are saying that the letter is not proof enough and fraud has been committed, because for those 15 years child benefit has been paid I then asked to who they said the mother . But I am liable so they take the money from me I need help if any one out there can because this is foolishness

  18. natalie on December 1st, 2016 8:23 am

    Every father that is moaning is a joke!! My ex partner choses not to see our son has not sent him a bday or Xmas card in 3 years the new csa are a joke! He owes over 1700 in unpaid mainatnce and earns 500 a week before tax and I get 50 per week 40 regular and 10 to arrears I need to wait 5 years to get the 1700 back he owed threw csa for sending fake wage slips in cms say they can’t make him pay more he would rather get full of drink and drugs than pay me the money he owes our son total twat !!

  19. Mandy on December 1st, 2016 12:13 pm

    I can relate to paying and none paying parents I was a single mum for 4 years and my ex didn’t like paying for our daughter but I didn’t moan I got on with it I still allowed him to see her on he’s days because the simple fact is we get free money (working tax child tax child benefit) on top of our wages plus sometimes a reduction in rent and council tax men with no child get a wage that’s it and many of only minimum wage witch is hard to live on as it is some women are just money grabbers who claim just to hurt the fathers I know this from my current partner who has to pay for he’s 2 children who he doesn’t get to see while he’s exes have new boyfriend’s with plenty of money the system is all wrong my boyfriend will be better off not working! Yes parents should pay for their children if they are financially able to some men just simply can’t afford to pay the amount they are been forced to pay!

  20. Luke on December 17th, 2016 8:23 pm

    The last time I spoke to CSA was 2 weeks ago and I was informed the case had been put on hold. Since then I have receive no phone calls or correspondance from them despite the telling me i probably would. Not sure entirely if my ex wife is entitled to CSA as my son informed me he was on and apprenticeship. Then I get text message from my ex asking why I am not contributing towards the upkeep of my son who is 18. My question is this.
    Do CSA notify the non resident parent to clarify or inform that they do not have to make payments. OR do they only get in touch when they are chasing payments?

  21. Darren on December 21st, 2016 5:19 pm

    The system is corrupt. I have no issue paying maintenance and have my children 3 nights a week. She says I no longer can have them and now I’m told I have to pay 850 every 4 weeks.
    I’m depressed as my children are taken away, for the privilege I get told to pay. I have to jump through hoops to get anyone to listen and even then they don’t. Computer says no.
    The pain is unbearable from all angles. Twisting the kids minds. I just now have to walk away from it all. I’ll always pay although it ridiculous amounts and never have refused.
    The system is forcing me out of the country.

  22. Darren on December 21st, 2016 5:22 pm

    I feel like if I had my time all over again. I would never have children. I love my girls and don’t regret them. However because of now how things works. Guys don’t have a family because you are on hiding to nothing if a marriage breaks down because you drift apart or you partner decides she wants something new

  23. Martin on December 23rd, 2016 5:32 am

    Csa is a government based money making scene and women don’t get paid half of what they get from the child’s father the system is shocking and csa are full of useless twat who ain’t got a clue of what there doing

  24. Martin on December 23rd, 2016 5:32 am

    Csa is a government based money making scene and women don’t get paid half of what they get from the child’s father the system is shocking and csa are full of useless twat who ain’t got a clue of what there doing

  25. ItsMe on January 6th, 2017 9:16 pm

    I, Like every one else had claims made by the CSA of alleged arrears, with an average debt of £3,000 with no decrease over a four year period despite my increased monthly payments.

    Their complaints system is biased against citizens right up to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and engineered as such. The UK government rejected article 13 (Human Right To An Effective Remedy) stating that with the UK’s complaints and judicial procedures article 13 wasn’t needed! The ICE and then the PHSO is part of that process and shows bias against complainants. The end result, the CSA know they will not be held to account due to their collusion with the PHSO and know they can get away with as much fraudulent activity as they wish.

    The CSA actively divide and conquer when it comes to both of the parents. Through this action it weakens the parents position whilst giving no regard to the children. The welfare of children is just a fallacy as far as the government is concerned and just rhetoric for the sucker public and parents. Through their tactics of dividing it means that parents do not confer, therefore reinforcing their (CSA’s) position of doing what they want.

    I eventually recovered £8,000 from the CSA due to judicial proceedings. There’s no point in taking the PHSO to Judicial Review as the PHSO tries to rubbish any citizens claims by their report which in itself can be acts of Perjury as per section 5 of the 1911 Perjury Act. You ideally have to exhaust the complaints procedure before involving the courts. My conclusive evidence and my researched knowledge surrounding legislation was the reason why I recovered the money I had overpaid.

    Overnight I was better off for around £11,000 due to the £3,000 none existent debt I allegedly owed to a surplus of £8,000 that was paid back to me through violations of legislation made by the CSA and the court action I was going to take against them.

    This concession by the CSA now proved that they were in fact acting fraudulently as per guidance provided by the 2006 fraud act!

    Currently along with 30 other submissions, the Metropolitan Police Service is involved in the hope that an investigation takes place. Firstly, the hope is that they will investigate the PHSO. The MPS have a statutory duty to investigate and have a gateway for doing so due to the PHSO’s acts of Perjury as can be found in their false ‘investigative’ reports. If every thing works out as it should do, as provided by legislation, and Human Rights, I’m hopeful that the CSA will then be held accountable for the future benefit of others through an MPS investigation.

    However, its the Establishment that we’re all dealing with and it truly is corrupt by design.

    If anyone is interested and can prove that they’re victims of crime regarding the CSA’s complaints procedure, and especially if you’ve been to the PHSO and received a false report, I urge you to contact the Metropolitan Police Service with your own submissions to prove the gravity of citizens feelings regarding the corrupt CSA.


  26. Tony quinn on January 12th, 2017 4:19 pm

    Need help about how the csa can put me indept wheni have my child every weekend

  27. Cmum on January 14th, 2017 1:54 am

    While I appreciate some of the comments from the men thinking the CSA are being biased towards them and I totally agree that the service and SLA’s are horrendous, I just want to add that it’s not all working in the favour of the mother…or not always followed up should I say.

    I went to the CSA 2 years ago as a last resort as my estranged husband would not pay what we had mutually agreed, would always have excuses etc. yet managed perfectly well to buy new cars, book holidays (not with our children) and be on nights out. He would not stick to dates he was supposed to be having the kids ( 1 night per fortnight) and I would have to break this to them and “cover” for him…overall not very reliable in any part of our children’s lives. The CSA advised he should be paying £260 per month (for our 2 children) which I do not think is unreasonable-childcare alone is £450 per month. For the last 8 month, the CSA have been calculating a “change to income request” and in the meantime, the ex has got away with paying a maximum of £100 per month.(while spending over £200 a month on cigarettes). This is still ongoing and I’ve been told to stop calling them and they would call me once there’s an update (this has been ongoing since may 2016) and until the payments are calculated…he can pay whatever he feels like. Both parents make children….both should contribute to their lives !

  28. Jodie on January 24th, 2017 7:48 am

    If your wage is 500 weekly how much should we put into his pension pls we are happy to provide for the children but not her lavish lifestyle !!

    Also is this not classed as an income for the mother I just find it totally unfair that she can walk away with hundreds and still be able to claim working tax and child benefit whilst receiving a tax free income ?

  29. Markl on March 3rd, 2017 7:45 pm

    After four years of CSA shit an unreasonable exwife
    Lost my job my dad my brother my niece all to cancer
    Had two months off when my oldest was in a coma and I was told he could die. Yet the hard faced injustice of the CSA don’t care about me or how they drive a wedge between me and me kids that iv always provided for now my horrible excuse for an exwife wants the money I missed when I was off at my sons bedside I say fuck u CSA tax on tax injustice

  30. Baz on March 7th, 2017 6:33 am

    Unfortunately I have kids with 3 separate women so trying to please them all is near on impossible and they take it in turns to demand more and try make my life a misery even though I never miss a payment for any of them. Had dealings with the csa initially who managed after 6 months to work out what I should be paying and I agreed to pay the mums directly not a problem. But I was spoken to and treated like a criminal when ever I had any contact from the csa even though it was me that approached them to help me with my situation. That was all 5/6 years ago and now it’s changed over to the new cms. 2 of the mums have made new claims even though I have been paying them directly via standing order and never missed a payment. They’ve done this because they think they will get more money and again I’m being spoken to like a peice of crap and having to provide all sorts of info to the cms when they should already have all the info available to them. The mums are using the cms as a tool to get at me. They’re wasting the staffs time and mine when I’m already paying what I was told to pay. But on a positive note I’ve actually ended up paying slightly less than I had been paying all those years. Does that mean I should get money back or I’m owed money?… not according to the cms because according to them I’m in arrears ….wtf?. I’ve not missed a payment once and I’ve been paying more than they’ve now told me I should be paying!!

  31. Jack on March 11th, 2017 5:51 am

    The CSA system is driven by the family courts and government.

  32. Jack on March 11th, 2017 6:05 am

    A Marriage to our government is a business.The bushiness produces assets owned by the UK/Canada/USA also known as children.
    The asset AKA children will one day work and as such have to be protected by robust laws.
    When the Marriage AKA business breaks down it has to distribute the business assets,…….enter the government to protect it assets AKA children.
    Laws ensure the asset are protected ‘post’ liquidation of the business assets AKA Marriage …. the CEO AKA Male AKA Father is required to continue the upkeep of the Asset AKA Children,the children form a new smaller business under the corporate laws of a new CEO untill the Asset lease expires at 18YRS,the assets are then allowed to reform a business with the former CEO AKA Male AKA Father. The mother has not use for the asset AKA Children as the former CEO no longer has to secure the Asset AKA Children…..And so the cycle starts again the once children,enter into a new business AKA marriage

  33. Becky on March 15th, 2017 9:49 am

    My partner is having all the same issues with the CSA/CMS. They have calculated his amount from a previous years earnings, but he has since been made redundant. The difference is remarkable and can feed us and get us to work for a month. He is unable to pay rent towards our household bills because of outstanding debts accrued because of his exe and these csa payments. I end up making these payments for him and providing for Christmas and Birthdays. He asks for flexibility and she doesn’t back down. The children have contributions from all angles, including his parents, they do not want for anything. We however, have no hope of clearing debt, saving for the future or having a child ourselves. She boasts a lavish lifestyle and expensive holidays, eye lashes and salon days. I don’t have a pot to piss in, and I give him and his children everything I have. I have contacted our local MP, I would be happy to start a petition. What changes are we specifically looking for? Don’t give up!! Fight back, and keep hope!! Xxxx

  34. Nicola on March 17th, 2017 2:32 pm

    I brought my 17 year old up , provided for her, made sure she went to school, washed, ironed, fed, watered, birthday parties, sleepovers with friends etc . My ex partner didn’t do a damn thing. My daughter became a rebellious teenager and much of it was instigated by m her dad my ex partner. My current partner of 14 brought her up since was3 years old . She noes lives with her grandparents his parents and they have put in a claim to the CMS and they are getting £682 a month . I have two other children to provide for. My ex partner is living with his mother and my daughter and the cheeky sod isn’t paying a penny for her up keep plus he needs to be supervised around children . So I am the mother who as been a mother and because my ex partner can’t move on I and my family are being penislised. I have regular meetings with my MP as I have it disgraceful and one sided that the father of my daughter is getting a way with his responsibility and getting a way due to a one sided system !!

  35. Nicola on March 17th, 2017 2:34 pm

    Rant over !!! 😁

  36. Chris on March 20th, 2017 3:28 am

    All i want to know is why is there no rights for fathers? Why has there never been a system where a farther can be treated fairly? And why is it that when you look on the internet for information all i ever see is that fathers have absolutely no choice but to do what ever the csa say until you lose your home, job, children, until you eventualy take your life like so many others yet theres no mention of this ever in the news or media??? Why has nothing ever changed! I will probably be dead myself by the time anyone reads this! The csa are murdering dads and making children fatherless! Please god somebody do something!!!

  37. Nick on April 4th, 2017 11:20 am

    We all know what is happening, we also know that CSA/CMS issues only haunts us until the kids are adults.
    Just like the family court system, the maintenance organisations put their head in the sand until it all ‘just goes away’.

    One thing that continues to surprise me is: does any one actually make a connection between the uneducated/unemployed middle age and the benefits system? This government teaches some factions of the community to NOT progress as humans.
    Got a council house , now I will camp here until death, let’s no worry about skills or later life or knowledge or proper parenting or being a role model.

    But lets make sure someone else will pay for it.

    CSA/CMS are agents for the devil and have ruined my children’s life because their Mum is now an uneducated and unemployable middle aged woman who is gripping on to all she can.

    God forbid she actually tell the kids that Dad was actually a good guy who loves you and is not just a pay cheque. Instead she is supported by the family courts to remove DAD from their lives – but she made a buck, huh?

    Ashamed to be English.

  38. Hopelesd on April 21st, 2017 10:05 am

    She lied about contraception and refused to get an abortion, tricking me into getting her pregnant so that she can stay out of work for longer and get even more benefits.

    She gets her house and council tax paid for her, receives dole and child benefits too. On top of that gets credit union and any other benefit schemes these scroungers get. Family, friends for support and a boyfriend who works.

    With no help or support and from my own back I have to pay for my house, tax, bills, food and travel leaving me with little. She probably gets more money than me,certainly lives a much cushier life.

    And now I need to pay 15% of my hard earned wages regardless of my earnings, my outgoings, mine or her circumstances just 15% flst out no questions asked , how is this fait at all?

    15% of my wages for 18 years for a child I didn’t expect, want and will never see. A horrible stain on my life I can’t get rid of because of my docked wages every month leaving me with less then nothing, how can I enjoy life like this?
    All because she used the pregnancy as a tool to get more money and stay off work.

    The only way out of this is death.

  39. P on May 1st, 2017 5:01 pm

    Can anyone offer some advice. I pay money in to my daughters account, my greedy ex was receiving these payments and asked for an increase I asked how much next thing I’m being contacted by csa.
    Anyway, now my savings account has been frozen and csa aim to deduct the lump sum. Is there anything I can do?

  40. Jane on May 11th, 2017 9:19 am

    Firstly, the money received is not for CSA it’s for the child. Secondly, for all the people moaning, if it weren’t for CSA I doubt my ex would pay anything at all. We are with CSA because he stopped payments twice within the first six months we were apart, so much for working together for the good of our child.
    He has consistently tried hiding money and income from me and the CSA, when they have requested details he hasn’t sent them in, he is being taken to tribunal over one set of payments he should have made and hasn’t and is currently in arrears by £1600 at least on another set of income I discovered he was earning. In the meantime, despite working 60 hours a week I cannot afford to pay the bills and I’m struggling to buy clothes for our child. Why would he do this? Because he has chosen to ‘punish’ me for rejecting his abusive behaviour, by trying to to ruin me financially. He is breaking the law by doing this and getting off scot free. How pathetic is he as a man to put his daughter through hardship just because his fragile ego took a knock?

  41. Jane on May 11th, 2017 9:29 am

    Hopeless, I’m sure your child will feel super proud of you as a dad. So she lied about contraception and got pregnant. Is that your child’s fault? You I assume were a willing party at conception. Regardless of how your child came about it is your child. It deserves you in its life and it certainly doesn’t deserve to have it announced that it is not wanted. The tragedy here is not that you are going to have to pay for it, the tragedy is that you refer to it as a horrible stain on your life and aren’t fighting tooth and nail to be a part of its life.

  42. John on May 12th, 2017 1:36 pm

    Absolute joke this CSA ark, they don’t care about anything other than taking money from you, I pay for my kids happily £400 a month and now they are telling me I need to pay £472 a month and if I don’t then an extra 20% will be added so that it can be done through them, well that’s well over my weeks wages and leaves me struggling, were do I get to have a life and why is it the money paid out is worked out BEFORE your tax and NI is taken out, surely that’s wrong and it should work on what you actually take home, as the rest of the money isn’t seen but again disappears to the government………………absolute joke this country.

  43. Sally on May 19th, 2017 10:27 am

    FFS PLEASE lets get something together about this disgusting disgraceful vile organisation basically supporting nasty greedy bitches just because its seen as another government money making scheme, my husband and I are almost at breaking point over this, I brought up 2 children on my own with very little or nothing from the csa as the lazy conniving bastards of fathers they had managed to play the system and dodge, I was awarded £5 per week at one stage but I loved my children so although it was frustrating at times it was not the absolute be all and end all and guess what I got on with it took responsibility and worked! I met my now husband and he had 2 children from a previous relationship, he was paying £350 per month through the csa as he was living at home with parents, so fair enough, although he did not have a high wage but all other living costs were minimal, in 2015 he moved in with me and we married, we informed the csa of our now housing costs / bills etc and his payments were reduced to £100 as that is what was fairly worked out he could afford and have a basic ok quality of life! In march 2017 his case was then moved across to the cms and wey hey his payments are back up to £350!! They have trebled!! There is absolutely no provision for any of his outgoings at all, we are basically in financial shit, we are on a household debt plan and cut coupons out the sun paper to have a holiday every year, we have begged her to pay what we can afford offering her more than the £100 she was getting from the csa but of course she doesnt wanna know, she has had another 4 kids with her well off partner, they have around 3 foreign hols a year and have two cars, we literally have nothing! Please explain to me how the hell it was fair for all those years me to get nothing towards the support of my children yet they will now take money out of my household to give to someone else that does not need that much ! It feels almost personal like my kids didnt matter, also my son is now at uni and they take mine and my husbands wages into consideration when working out how much maintenance loan my son can get, what an absolute joke, so if my husband gets a rise my sons loan goes down, his eldest daughter is almost 18 and works around college ffs and is very likely to have more disposable cash than we do, its so ridiculously unfair and reading all this makes my blood boil, these mums are just being encouraged to be as greedy and ruthless as hell, its wrong wrong wrong!! Yes it takes two to make a child but shouldnt both parents lives matter equally then not just the greedy receiving parent?! This is causing rows and stress with my husband and i and he is actually starting to look ill with the stress, PLEASE LETS START SOMETHING AND GET SOMETHING TOGETHER FOR PUTTING AN END TO THIS LEGALISED ROBBERY!!!!!

  44. Cheryl Edwards on July 5th, 2017 12:24 pm

    Can somebody get a petition going about these faceless idiots at the CSA. My husbands ex is also a greedy cow who looks upon having a chid as a meal ticket and has gone through the CSA even though he has paid for his son for the last 16 years. It makes me ashamed to be a woman and yes, before all the single mothers jump on me….I brought my son up single handed, took 3 jobs to put him through Uni and never ground my ex into the floor with excessive payments.

  45. Paula on July 12th, 2017 10:43 pm

    I’ve been reading all your story’s on here about dads paying csa, I’ve got 3 children when I spilt from there father, I kindly asked him for £25 a week towards all 3 children but being a knobjockey and wishing not to pay a penny, I left it for 6 months, as the time went on children tend to want the in things, so I went to csa after a wee time I received payment which that one of payment went on all 3 children, I’m not a party mum and believe it’s the children’s money not mine, but it was a one of payment as dad decide to leave the job and get cash in hand !! Sadly my daughter went to live with him and yes I started paying csa to him for her!! Which is right in doing so, but csa wasn’t recovering for the two with me, it became £9000 owed towards the children here. To cut a long story short I contacted the new cam and was told today that the child’s father has not paid tax for the last 6 years and nor has he claimed any job seekers. I agree with what you say about woman being greedy, but my point is I’d love my boy to be in a football team and buy the little extras for him, but it’s crawl that we live in a world that parents can’t meet in the middle

  46. jason on July 13th, 2017 3:29 pm

    two years ago i took my ex to court to get a contact order to see my 3 children during that process that took 7 visits back and forth to court i found out through a dna test that my oldest is not mine i had to get permission to continue with her on the order which was granted i agreed with my ex what money i would pay her and all was going well until i got a letter from cms saying what i should be paying for my children and that they wanted £3600 in arrears. i phoned up straight away to dispute the arrears as they relate to a period before i found out my oldest was not mine and they said that the arrears came over from csa so i would have to call csa as i did and am now playing a game of ping pong as neither organisation know what the hell they are doing and cant provide detail of dates to what the arrears were worked out iv been told that they will attach to earnings to take £638 a month off me which includes the arrears i have proof that the oldest is not mine not once has my ex said sorry for this disgraceful lie or the fact that ive paid for someone elses child for 8 years im waiting to go back to court as my ex has broken every aspect of the court order. if i had not been lied to all those years ago then wouldnt even be having this predicament yet i have no way of claiming damages or compensation. i want to pay whats fair and right as well as being able to see my children when will this one sided and unfair system nightmare end???

  47. Will on August 25th, 2017 12:04 am

    Reading the posts it seems neither the CSA or the new body CMS are fit for purpose.
    My ex got a variance order in 2012 during the divorce. I heard nothing until end of 2015( when I finished my work so no income )that I was in arrears of £25,000! I asked them why did it take 3 years-no response. I also took this to my MP at the time- Theresa may the Home Secretary , I explained that I was overpaying my ex wife by £450 per month. They eventually responded by waffle and ignored what I had said or written. Mp was more concerned on the evils of domestic violence by aggressive men.
    The CSA kept the overpaid money and didn’t give it to the ex nor did they tell me about it. I only found out after they sent the arrears letter.
    I spoke to a specialist that deals with CSa appeals -NACsa Who told me that if I were to go to a tribuneral they would investigate every element of my finances after the divorce and share this info with my ex. I could do nothing & would be wasting money also I was advised generally speaking they are instututionaly biased against men. I have also been hit by the HMRC as my ex reported the way I was paid through an umbrella company and I have now discovered that I owe 80k to them through back taxes for 10 years. I lost all my assets in the divorce & live in my brothers house. I’ve had to sell pretty much all my assets. What money I have I try to spend on my girls and their welfare, even when out of work I’ve been still buying all their uniforms clothes and paying for school meals trips etc. I explaned this to CMS. They said not obliged and you still owe the arrears. I tried to explain to ex but all she is concerned is to ensure I pay for everything. If I do not then I can’t see my girls and going to court to get contact is another waste of time and money. I have tried on several occasions and given up to be a puppet to the ex to see the kids. My ex has a multi national company and is well off however as she has residence of the children in the world of the CMS and csa im obliged to pay for the children irrespective of my circumstances or hers. The kids luckily are fine. They are not interested in all the debt that I’m in.
    What pisses me off is that I cannot challenge where all the money goes if I pay my ex – I would like receipts so that I can be sure the money goes to their upkeep. Not my ex s beauty treatments.
    I’ve now been told that even if I go bankrupt I will still owe the £25k and have to pay both csa & hmrc.
    If I leave this corrupt mess & do a runner abroad I won’t see my young girls again.
    Several times I’ve thought it’s easier to be unemployed & stay that way as all the payments to CMS is put on hold. The system is part Of the problem with families being divided and causing grievance. We need to rally as many signatures even crowdfunding lawyers to fight this injustice. Seems the media are more interested in the rights of victimized women then men. I’ve heard that CSa still need to get 3 billion of claimed arrears. Shows how incompetent they are and will only go for the soft targets. Hence why it’s easy to dump your job go on the dole and not have to pay the CSA /CMS!
    Feck8n joke !

  48. Dalley on September 20th, 2017 9:53 pm

    I met a lady through a friend & don’t know she is living illegally in the country. She got five children back home in Nigeria which makes me believe her word that she is no more interested in having more kids. She was on contraceptive pills which even make everything safer. She lied about contraception and refused to get an abortion, tricking me into getting her pregnant to get her right to stay in the country as a mother of a British child. I paid for her Nigeria passport renewal (£140), the kid British passport(£45), her application to the home office (£649), Health surcharge fee (£500) and biometric finger print fee (£19). She became violent after getting her right to stay in the country and moved out of my house. I helped her to pay the first three months house rent ((400/month) and again promised her a payment of £250 monthly as she has started working. I gave her another £500 when she changed her house in July 2016. The next thing in September 2016 was a letter from CMS requesting me to be paying her £324.55 monthly. She got her right to stay in the country free & now taking £324.55 of my hard earned cash to cater for the need of her five children back home in Nigeria. The system is not fair to the paying parents.

  49. David on October 11th, 2017 10:05 pm

    Is it possible for someone to contact me as my story begins in 2014 to date and is criminal what the CMS does.

  50. Steve on December 11th, 2017 11:49 pm

    The whole system is a farce. We need a maverick to challenge the torture we fathers find ourselves in. You call them, they treat you like your from another plane. I was paying £420 per month for my children who my ex is stoppage seeing. Now from a previous relationship I have to pay arrears, that as bumped up to £678 per month. I live in London rents are high, travel to work high, cost of living high. I spoke to one of the robots CMS. I put it to the cyborg how do I live, he replied I can put you in touch with CAB and debt management.
    I started laughing I said are you taking the piss you arrogant idiot. He said this is all we can offer. It’s really frustrating that you have someone sat in Northern Ireland chatting in a Ian Paisley voice telling you that they cannot change their decision. Haha shame on you. I want to scream in frustration, I’m not going to give them egotistical idiots any peace. I’m going to lobby every minster involved with CMS. I hope that they can sleep on a night as from now they won’t be me. I’m going to make sure I get sacked from my job and they can keep me. All I can say don’t let this system beat you, did you we are all part of the state, they own us. That NI NUMBER is their ownership of you. Let’s not give this fight up. I’m listening to women on here, yes there are tossers but some good dads who are crucified for ex’s being callous.

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