He’ll do anything to avoid paying – where do we stand with the law?

December 6, 2013

I found out my girlfriends ex has not been paying and child support for the last year and a bit to his son, one son is in care and the other lives with us. I understand he doesn’t have to pay for that kid but he hasn’t even bothered to contact the lad that lives with us at all, won’t see him and the on,y time he’s been in contact was to give th lad grief about me!

I’ve never met the father (sadly) but when I found out that he had paid no maintenance it made my blood boil even though I would rather pay for the lad myself! My ex has been told by the CSA that she can’t claim any of the money he hasn’t paid her as he is saying they had a private arrangement! And won’t pay anything, if they try to take it from his wages he will go self employed so he doesn’t have to pay? What’s the reality and legality here? Please help, my gf is really upset as she isn’t working and wants to contribute even though I say it doesn’t matter, it’s a matter of pride for her!


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