Four months and hear nothing from the CSA

December 20, 2012

Would anyone be in a position to help me by getting the CSA to send me their Child maintenance forms that i may fill these out with my updated situation here in the UK?

I have, prior to this request made 4 written/emailed requests this year. I then, after my third emailed request, received a telephone call to get these details over the phone – i chose rather to update these details in writing so that i could retain a copy of their forms for my own records – That was about 3 months ago and i have heard nothing since.

Thank You


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  1. wilf on December 20th, 2012 5:45 pm

    Dean:- The CSA no longer use forms for change of circumstances.
    They normally just issue a letter asking for relevant information.
    Do still have a case open in the UK?
    Send your letter with what you consider the relevant information recorded delivery and keep a photocopy in your file.
    Relevant information depends whether your case is on CS1 or CS2.
    CS2 is easiest income details,children in household and shared care if any.
    CS1 all of the above plus partner and their income and housing costs plus council tax.
    The CSA accept verbal evidence on the telephone and you could keep a note of what you tell them.

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