Ex using kids as a weapon to get more money

November 28, 2017

I’ve been seperated from ex partner for 5years and have 4 children ive had my children every other weekend and been paying 150 pound per month and just recently as I wanted too swap weekend due too accusations from my ex and because my standing order last month went into her account couple hours late she as gone through csa and ive got too pay 311 pound which I cant afford as ive got new partner with her two children and I love having my kids and she is stopping me seeing them now which I find is wrong using the kids as a weapon.


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  1. David on November 28th, 2017 4:44 pm

    Hi Michael

    Sorry to read about you predicament there. That jump from £150 to £311 per month is exponential. Did you get an explanation for this mammoth increase? Don’t lie down and take, fight back.

    If you now have a partner with kids, those kids needs to be taken into account in any Calculation. If the CMS have not already done so, your case needs to be reviewed and a new reduced calculation made.

    Finally, if your ex-partner is stopping you seeing the children, you must take legal action. First thing to do is to seek mediation and failing that, take the matter to court.

    I can help with all of the above if you want assistance. Contact me at http://www.selwynslaw.co.uk or [email protected]

    All the best

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