Do you still have to pay for a 19-year-old living in university digs?

July 21, 2013

Hi, Do you still have to continue to pay child maintenace if the young person is over 19, living in digs in the first year of a three year degree course at uni?

Also do you continue to pay child maintenance if the child at 18 takes a gap year to go travelling before starting university when they are 19?


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  1. Sara Turnock on July 21st, 2013 12:07 pm

    No. If in uni CSA stops as CB will stop.

  2. Sara Turnock on July 21st, 2013 12:12 pm

    Oh and if gap year is taken CB should stop so no CSA payments.

  3. Melanie Parton on July 21st, 2013 12:24 pm

    No u dont …… above college level 3 or a level cb stops u do not pay anything from the begining of sept wenbtheynleave college as they would start uni in mid sept payments notvrequired at uni level as higher than college education………

  4. Andrew Jones on July 21st, 2013 12:29 pm

    I dont think a 19year old is called a child….but im not sure tho…

  5. Vicky Sedgwick on July 21st, 2013 2:00 pm

    You don’t pay anything. N if under 19 n thy jack a course in all benifits for em stop 2 on day thy pack in course

  6. prohmy on July 21st, 2013 2:48 pm

    @CSAHell i was told by that criminal organization that you had to pay for a kid til they were 20 if in full time education.

  7. Carrie Tay on July 21st, 2013 3:51 pm

    You just try & prove it though! If the pwc does not tell the Ch/ben dept the CSA will keep making you pay ..They told us as long as the Ch/ben is being claimed the nrp has to keep paying !!CSA don’t care that the pwc is claiming fraudulently they say while pwc ‘s claiming, nrp has to keep paying, that’s their only legal concern!

  8. Sara Turnock on July 21st, 2013 5:13 pm

    Ring CB fraudline and report fraud if in any doubt. they’re investigating PWC for us.

  9. Fred on July 22nd, 2013 7:49 pm

    Just to let you all know, your child can take you to court to get payments to help support them. Judge will decide how much you are to pay.

    All shocking but true, good news is only until they are 20yrs old then all stops that is if you have paid your arreas.

  10. Lisa on July 23rd, 2013 12:36 pm

    The only place that will listen is the child benefit fraud line they don’t take kindly to mums screwing the system, report report report, as for being taken to court by the child what a crock of shit, payments stop as soon as the “child” obviously no longer a child starts university, when this is dealt with then get the refund back from CSA

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