CSA will make me homeless

December 18, 2012

This is what i send to the csa complains department today..
need help and advise over this matter please.

Over the last 4 years ive been pay arrears and on 30-04-2012 i was told that my payment has stopped and owe £18.99.

Today i received a letter from the csa stating that i now owe £1915.40. I clearly ask how can this be the answer i got was there has been a mistake and who ever told me this is wrong but i’ve got this in black and white. I was also told that my payments had finish in october and now again i was told this was a mistake again on the csa part.

My monthly amount has gone from 0 to £400+ i’ve eplained that i cant afford this as i’ve got 2 kids and a wife to surport and a house to pay for and my car that i need to get to work as i work 15 mile away from my house but i was told that i’ve still got to pay this after all i’ve been paying what i was told and the child surport agency have messed up with the amounts but now i’ve got to pay for these mistake but i dont get any help from you.

This will make me homeless and unable to afford to pay from my family cares and needs i find this a joke within the goverment as a simply thing as payment everymonth cant be done proper and now this has made thing worst from me as this could put me in jail and my family homeless i would like to ask for advise on what can be done over this and what options do i have making a lump sum payment is not one option as i dont have that and when i ask for help i get told there is no other way this is not helping me just the csa’s mistakes i dont feel like i’ve been helped out just being bullyed into something whats not my fault and is your……..


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  1. broncoblue69 on December 18th, 2012 1:01 pm

    @CSAHell evil scum told me too they didn’t care about me losing house . Went to court I wrote all bills down and judge dust have deceny 2see

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