CSA take so much that I have a tenner left to live on

December 1, 2017

Well my daughter mother wont let me see my daughter but the child maintenace think its ok to take £177 a month out of my wage when i work a zero hour contract and some days now the weather is bad we dont get work and that means no money and ive been off work with a cold / stress / depression and for the next four weeks i got paid the grand some of £10:37 to last me 4 weeks and im not joking its getting beyond a joke now how on earth am i expected to get food drinks and other things to keep me going and seen as im a type 1 diabetic its going to be the end of me now , i mean how the #### am i suposed to live on £10.37?


One Response to “CSA take so much that I have a tenner left to live on”

  1. Anna on December 7th, 2017 5:42 pm

    Contact with your child and finically is two completely different things,
    first of all you need to pay for your child whether your with or not with her,

    And secondly csa only take that much when you owe a lot.

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