CSA take payments from ex but don’t pass them to me

September 27, 2017

I began the complaints procedure with the CSA approximately 1 month ago, as payments were being made through my ex’s Employer to the CSA, yet these payments were not being passed on to me. At that time 8 weeks of payments had not been paid in….

Consequently I am £43 down on my money per week. This is a large chunk of cash to try and all of a sudden budget around.

I have had to borrow money from Family members and Friends. Of course this needed to be repaid asap. So that made myself and my Son even more short of money.

It then got to the stage where I could not afford to get to work. I was supposed to start a new job 2 weeks ago yet due to this situation did not have the Bus Fare to go. I lost the job.

We are now living by selling my belongings in order to eat. Including my Cooker and other household items. I have not eaten for 4 days. At all. The very little money we have is going on Electric and Food for my Son. I cannot borrow any more money from anyone and cannot find another job due to not being able to afford to travel. (I live in a remote Village in and do not drive)

I have contacted the CSA almost daily. I have been told a whole manner of things ranging from “You should see these payments as a bonus,” “We can’t find the payments,” “It’s the fault of your ex’s Employer…..” etc etc.

Today (26th September) a lady called Lyndsy has phoned with an update.

Apparently by Friday my payments should be on their system. Not paid to me of course, but ‘on their system…’

I am told this weekly. It doesn’t materialise.

I asked to take the matter further and was met with a brick wall. She said I could “contact the Ombudsman or MP if I want” Which I have now done.

I am at a loss. Both financially, career wise and to be quite honest, it’s putting a strain on me, my family and my friends.


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  1. David on September 27th, 2017 3:44 pm


    This is typical of both the CSA and CMS. They have an obligation under law to pass payments received directly to the PWC. However, they often keep this money on the pretext that it has been lost in the system. They care not about you, your children or ex-partner. We are simply cash cows for the CSA/CMS, the government, EU and the powers that be. We ordinary people are simply being raped by the system and so we must make a stand. You look at society today: speed camera fees, parking metres, council tax, VAT, income tax and national insurance, toll bridge charges…on and on it goes. What are we benefiting from all this theft? People are struggling to make ends meet. They are losing their homes and families are falling apart.

    What single parents must realise is that the state do not want families to succeed and have created a client to break up marriages as this destroys social cohesion and empowers the government to better control and steal our assets. They set parents with care against none resident parents and vice versa. The Child Support Act was not as a result of child poverty but was ordered by the unelected idiots who run the European Union. It has nothing to do with child poverty. All to do with taking our money.

    It appears you may have exhausted the complaints procedure with the CMS? You could try the ICE but they normally do not get involved until you have had a final decision from the CMS. The fact you have contacted your MP is no guarantee of getting a resolution. It was worth a try nevertheless. I hope you get a result.

    Your best bet is Direct Pay or have a private agreement between you and your ex-partner (I can assist with this). I would also seek legal advice which I could provide or you can go elsewhere. I am reachable at [email protected].

    Take care

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