CSA sent me a bill for arrears 11 years after my daughter came to live with me

September 4, 2017

Having worked self employed in scotland in 2006 for 13 weeks over a 6 month period self employed the csa billed me for £212 a week over a 12 month period Making call after call to explain my reasons that this money wasn’t every week they would not listen ..

A bill came in may 2006 for £1300 arrears which was paid cash .in august after paying regular payments out of no income another bill came for £3600 In 2008 my daughter decided to come and live with me aged 17 being on full time education I rang the csa to tell them I had my daughter To whitch they closed my case.

11 years later they are sending for arrears which are completely different to the £3600 Any advise on this would be usefull.


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  1. David on September 4th, 2017 3:33 pm


    This is a mess, isn’t it? Yet no surprise at all as this is how the Agency works. They are calculating and cause confusion. They will never resolve your queries unless their hands are forced. They are there to make money no matter what the cost to you my friend. They are a for profit company. They don’t care about your, your ex-partner or your children. Fighting them is very difficult without expert knowledge.

    Each time you notify the CSA about your financial predicament, it should have been recorded on your file. It would appear you did not notify of your circumstances in writing. They could and often do deny you ever notified them.

    What I suggest is getting access to your Data Protection file – it takes about 40 days, often longer, to arrive. Then comb though it to discover any procedural and illegal activity by the Agency on your file. I strongly urge you get help with this as the file will be confusing. You then need to challenge the CSA and failing that seek to appeal at Tribunal lever.

    Need help with this? Contact me at [email protected]

    All the best to you

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