CSA Self Employed

Being self employed doesn’t mean that non resident parents can avoid paying the CSA, but many NRPs do see self employment as a way of escaping the Child Support Agency.

Because the CSA tends to use the DEO (deduction from earnings order) as its favoured method of collecting payments, many people choose to quit their jobs as a way of escaping it. The CSA prefers to use the DEO because it is quick and easy, and it means they do not have to converse with the non resident parent or come to any agreement about how and when payment will be collected. The CSA will issue your employer with a DEO, and your employer has to comply with it or they will be threatened with the bailiffs. Few employers will challenge this.

As a result, and because a DEO can be for as much as 40% of your wage, many people choose to quit their jobs and either become unemployed, or go self employed. The CSA does not like to chase after non resident parents who are self employed because it is more hassle, requires more legwork, and through creative accounting the self employed are able to disguise earnings, thus reducing the amount they owe to the CSA for the maintenance of their children.

The CSA will use the most recent tax return of the self employed person to work out how much money they earn, and how much money they need to pay. Because a non resident parent has to pay 15% of their earnings, after tax, for one child, it is in the NRP’s interest to declare as little as possible in their tax return. This way they pay less tax, and less child support.

Becoming self employed is very easy, and it can even be done while keeping your current job if your employer will allow it. Some non resident parents choose (with their employer’s permission) to become ‘contracted’, which means they are not salaried, they do not have any of the perks or security of a full time employee, and they pay their own tax.

There are many tales on our website from non resident parents who have gone down the self employment route for one reason or another, and you can read their advice on how they have managed it, and what the outcome was, right here.


153 Responses to “CSA Self Employed”

  1. Peggy on March 13th, 2016 1:22 am

    I applaud Joanne post in Jan 2016.
    Man or woman, they both can be pathetic selfish creatures if they cheat or gail their kids.They don’t think about the kids.
    Dealing with a pathetic excuse for a man who refuses to pay the bare minimum because of incorrect information to the useless and lazy CSA.
    Yes, you make them, you pay for them, regardless. It’s your moral duty. Surviving abuse and yet having to endure the cheating ex bad mouthing. The non paying ex are mental creatures that will never change and will never have true relationships with their kids as they are self absorbed. This is only one group.
    I feel sorry for those that did not cheat on their marriages and the breakdown was a last resort. I feel sorry for good people who have to deal with a bad ex.
    At the end of the day, pay for your kids. Don’t moan about not affording to pay because you made them, so too bad, they need help.
    If I have to read another pathetic moan saying They get child support blah…er, if you only have 2 kids, it’s not a lot. Feed, clothe, put a roof over them and keep them safe and warm…it’s really not much, even with a full time wage minus bills. Having a psycho ex who claims has no money but goes on holidays abroad, eats out etc…please.
    CSA are a disgrace not doing more. The govt need to crackdown on this self employed bullshit to hide money. Utter disgrace for the kids to find out their parent, mostly dad’s btw, didn’t give a shit about their financial security. No, they wanted the primary carer to suffer, so used their kids as pawns. Not a great legacy for your kids or a role model. Thank God for good primary care parents, mostly women but some men too, who try and protect their kids even though they see the selfish greedy ex. Thanks to the primary carer who always remain calm for the sake of the kids, even with hell from ex.
    There would never be a nasty bitter issue with child maintenance if the parent that did wrong: owned up and took responsibility. They would pay what is fair. They would not have to be spineless and avoid paying. They would show their kids they were an honourable parent by making payment.
    This is based on a cheating ex that broke the marrital contract and trust of a wife and their children. This scenario is a cheating ex punishing the good parent but is also punishing the children. When you don’t put your children first, you will never be a responsible parent. If it’s all about you…seriously, you have no right being a parent. You are too selfish. Childhood is only a short stage of their lives. I hope more people appeal or make complaints about CSA failings. The law also fails children. We also need to have some sort of name and shame site for child maintenance avoiders. It’s not slander if it’s true.
    God help the children who have a parent that chooses to do anything to avoid paying child support. For those poor children to find our they were not worth anything to that parent.

  2. r doughty on March 24th, 2016 12:57 am

    money money money….. the same old story i read in previous rant. think of the children, there being denied a father by this system . so broke hes like me working 60 hours a week for 15 pounds less than benefits would equal while shes buying them gifts with his money saying there dad doesnt care when hes unable to buy them stuff like mums does……. i was told last christmas when without warning my payment was trebled . after saying i couldnt see them over christmas or now afford any presents. the reply…..thats not our concern? the clues in the name you idiot!!!
    the children will one day grow up and as i already have experienced. find out the real truth and mum….yer fked. the hatred will run true.

  3. Izzy on March 31st, 2016 8:17 am

    Peggy, just reading that diatribe only makes me sympathise with your ex.

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