CSA harrassing me and my disabled father

March 27, 2017

Basically csa have been contacting me loads of letters and Harrassing my father who is badly disabled and has mrsa by phone calls etc and they have been harassing me to and making my anxiety and depression worse and it’s putting me in a really bad way and I’m Will to pay for my children and see them no problem at all and I buy my children stuff.


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  1. Peter Anderson on March 27th, 2017 3:06 pm

    Is it Csa or Cms? Have you written to them detailing to them, as a Formal Complaint, that there continual phone calls to your father is harassment and that if there is a single further phone call then you will make it a Police matter and prosecute them? Also, block their numbers in both his and your phones. Then what is going on? Why are they chasing you? Are there arrears? Are the arrears real or fictitious? You have to deal with them, get your head out of the sand and write to them. All communication with them must be in writing. Do not phone the and do not allow them to phone you. It is difficult to help you if we don’t know what is the real problem

  2. Rhodri on April 4th, 2017 10:08 am

    Basically I suffer from.anxiety and depression and I live with my father who is in a bad way disabled. Im basicaly sofa ring with him.in a supoortes accommodation. . I’m I  areas by 8 hundred pound with the cms but now I have started to claim esa now and told them.my circumstances living sofaring with my father and it’s the child maintenance  sercive ( cms ). I told them via telephone do they think they are proud Harrising me and a disabled old man for money basically . I ask them about my children as my ex partner has moved away don’t know the address so can’t go through ameddition to actally see my children which I am willing to give them.all I have and buy them.what ever they want but no one can write to my ex partner for me to actally see my children and now she is trying to claim for a child that could not be mine. And cms are saying that 260 pound will be added on my bill for  a dna test when one they are not that much and why should I pay if I don’t actally  know if the other child is mine I would like some support how to solve this matter as they are harrasing me and my father just for money really nothing to do with kids and tbh its making my anxiety and depression worse and just feel like ending my life some days as I tell my doctor but only thing stops me is thinking about my children without a father … 

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