CSA guessed my payments and I’m still paying 20 years later

October 21, 2016

Mine is a long story. Back in 1993 my wife and I split up. now the csa had not been created yet untill 1994. I was a soldier, my ex wife put a claim in when the csa started.in those days they guessed at what you paid. my ex told them where I worked and where I was living. I received letters from the csa about the children and I signed saying yes I am the father. later I received a letter saying your cas has been cancelled due to error. that’s the last I heard from them. I too was giving money buying stuff for the children of course didn’t keep proof.

now in 1997 I received a letter from the csa at work. when I opened it it said I owe them £15000 and have 27 days to pay it. so I got my work involved/help.

so we got in touch with the csa and got a meeting. the out come was I got it deferred to £4000. a long as I pay. as I was in the army I really had no choice no to pay as it was taken out of my pay. I didn’t mind that. the £15000 was arrears from 1994 to 1997???? I had no correspondent’s from the csa in that time. again later over years the arrears went back up to £15000 without any word.

in 2007 I left the army and started part time job less wages alas the csa got intouch with my new employer and again I was paying. I was paying more money in my part time job than I was in full time work. so I started to get intouch with the csa and ask why and can they help me. they told me I am paying for the arrears as well as the children. now I asked for my case file to be sent over I had to pay for this. so going through the documents I found several things.1 certain key letters were missing.2 they had sent recorded letters to an address that had lived in 1989. plus the pay office for the army in Glasgow.3 the amount I had to pay in 1994 to 1997 was all estimates which is higher. so I explained this on the phone to my local csa department (northern Ireland). to cut a long story short . the man on the other end said he doesn’t care they are your children and your fault you signed the paper saying that. to this current day I am still paying the arrears off 1994 to 1997 which the csa created. my children’s ages are 25 and 27. I mite be finished in 2017 I hope. I have heard people on benefits getting their csa debts wrote off but us working people cannot even though we are on low income. LOL.


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