CSA doesn’t care about the welfare of either child

January 4, 2013

My ex has repeatedly complained that she receives no payments from the csa,so i contact them to ask why this is and they assure me that she has received the payments,yet she has bank statements to proof this.Whats going on!!?

Subsequently i am now not able to see my daughter this Christmas or indeed in the future without a court order!

I am now to understand (after being on hold for twenty minutes) that it is a fault of the csa where my ex was told this but not me! So inow have to take this on the chin do i?On top of this i am having access shortened so my ex can get more money out of me. Csa are not interested in the welfare of either the child or the strain it puts the parents through at least those without an agenda


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  1. Alice on January 4th, 2013 9:17 pm

    If you are making payments and your ex is not receiving them then she needs to contact the CSA and confirm the dates and amounts they have paid out to her – they can issue a client statement to her. She also needs to confirm the account to which they are paying the money to – is it possible that she changed her bank account and did not update the agency? If she has an old account she still open and the money is getting paid into that then the CSA would not be alerted, if she has old account details on the system and the account is closed then the bank would bounce the payments back to the agency – if this is the case then the agency should have contacted her for up to date account details. If the MOP (Method of Payment) has changed over the years ie from Giro to ACT Payment, or new bank account details entered, the agency will be able to tell your ex the dates that the MOP was changed so she can work out from the client statement how each payment was made and which account it was paid to.

    The csa do not get involved in access issues, they leave that up to the parents and/or family courts. If you are going through court and your ex is claiming that you are not paying your child maintenance you can request a client statement showing the payments that you have made.

    The CSA cannot tell you what account the money is being paid to as this would breach data protection so your ex needs to be the one to contact them.

  2. gonk on January 5th, 2013 7:38 am

    seems quite convenient the csa hide behind the data protection act as an excuse to aid their scams and fuck ups but i read about so many people on here that have their data protection rights completly ignored.
    And its also convenient for them not to get involved with access issues..I mean why should they? I tell you why..because they are an agency thats supposed to care about the welfare of a child but all it cares about is taking parents money to pay the treasury.
    its also convenient for them to put access issues into the family/or family courts…tell me this…..why cant they grant the same convenience for child support payments? maybe because that would releave them of all the money they rob from hard working parents.

  3. chall on January 5th, 2013 9:01 am


    The worst thing parents can do is not communicate, especially when the CSA are involved. Sadly, the CSA are mainly involved when communications have broken down between parents.

    Both you and your ex can, and should, request a full account breakdowns. After which, would it be possible to sit down and discuss the matter with each other?

    It is completely unacceptable if the poor service you and your ex have received from the CSA has had a direct adverse effect on the level of contact with your children.
    Although the CSA maintain they do not get involved in contact issues, they are on occasion responsible for the breakdown of such.


  4. Alice on January 5th, 2013 6:02 pm

    CSA will leave maintenance issues with the family courts if that is the wish of the PWC, if however the PWC wishes the maintenance to be assessed and collected by the agency and requests a case to be opened the csa cannot refuse to open the case.

    The CSA have no legal power over access issues and the staff are not trained to make decisions on access issues, as such this is left to those who are trained in such matters.

    In respect of DP, it would be illegal for the agency to release information to an NRP about any payments made to a PWC, an NRP is not entitled to know the bank account details of a PWC, along with this a PWC may receive payments from another case which does not involve the NRP and again it would be against DP for the agency to make the NRP aware of any other cases the PWC is involved with.

    If the PWC is not receiving payments the PWC must contact the agency to resolve these issues.

  5. gonk on January 6th, 2013 4:50 pm

    My ex went straight to the csa without even consulting me about a private arrangement.They called me and spoke to me like I was a criminal demanding how i was going to pay.I told them that will be resolved between me and my ex and not them.I was then slapped with a DOE and their resaon…I was deemed as “non compliant”
    I know the csa have no legal powers over access issues, my point was,they should and then be seen to be playing fair..as I said..its a convenience to them that they have no such power and so concentrate on doing what they are good at…robbing hard working parents..no if’s no but’s…and as far as the csa staff not being trained in such things…are you suggesting they are actually trained in the job they are paid…lol…because if you are…I suggest you read alot more of the missery they cause on this site and then see that they are pretty much useless at their jobs.

  6. Alice on January 6th, 2013 8:37 pm

    Gonk – the fact that your ex contacted the CSA meant that she wanted them involved, legally they cannot turn a case away. I understand that you wanted to sort the matter out between yourself and your ex but once she had involved the agency you were obliged to comply with their request for information and payment, if you refused to do this then you would be classed as non-compliant.

    Access issues can often be very complex and there can be many legal issues involved, there may be various professionals working hand together and it may require such things as home visits by social workers etc. CSA staff are not trained in legal matters and they have no personal contact with families, they are administrative staff who are there to gather information required to make a calculation of financial support for children, as such allowing them to make a judgement on contact with children would be foolhardy if not dangerous in some cases. Access to children, if not mutually agreeable between the parents of a child, is best left to the professionals and the courts

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