CSA failed my son!

October 25, 2016

My son was born in 1993, I applied to the CSA for financial help back in 1993, despite the fact that contact was made with the absent parent 23 years on I have NEVER received a payment. The CSA even contacted the absent parents company that they were working for(this was confirmed verbally to me by telephone at the time)the CSA completely failed my son, whilst the absent father was living it up not supporting his child.

Sly CSA were in clear breach of contract and nothing happened!

October 24, 2016

Hi people, thought I’d keep you all informed and updated of my case with the incompetent CSA, on Monday last week the CSA informed me that they have been sending all my personal data to my previous address, even although we informed the clowns over a year ago, Michelle whom we were dealing with couldn’t quite answer in detail as to what has happened, however she told us that her “Team Leader”, Philip would call and resolve there “Breach of Contract”!!

Philip did call, the next morning,..such a diplomat!, lovely guy & such a peace maker!, he then admitted that the CSA were liable for “Breach of Contract” and that I would receive compensation!,…. Ahaa, I hear you say, Eh No!, it would be under £100 I was told, Shove your £100 sweetener up your bottom CSA!, You can’t & won’t buy my silence with such a trivial amount, I was told that I shall receive my letter of apology in the post asap, but the compensation would take a few weeks!.

This is a perfect example of DWP being above the Law if not a law unto them selves!

Here you are Mr McFadyen, we’ve broken the law, breached a legal contract but we don’t have to do anything, why because we are the law!!, but you will hopefully go away with a little cheque for under £100 quid!,…. eh no!


It’s wrong that I’m made to pay for a child I’m not allowed to see

October 23, 2016

So my ex partner trapped me into a child(would spit the pill down the toilet). I stayed with her after I seen this as I wanted to be a part of my daughters life, it got unbearable and we broke up before my daughter was born. I kept contact with my ex expecting her to keep me involved, I wasn’t allowed to be there for anything including the birth of my child. I was able to see my daughter for the first few months, but it was under the watchful eye of my ex and her family. She got abusive towards me, then decided that non of my family was to have anything to do with my daughter and i was only allowed to go to her house on my own, so it was just the two of us. I’m not on the birth certificate and I’m not allowed contact anymore. She also changed her number so I couldn’t get in touch. I am also lead to believe she has now moved. I have had a DNA test too. I pay £300+ for a child I’m not allowed to see, it’s wrong.

Why do the fathers always get treated poorly by CSA?

October 22, 2016

As the same as most of the letters i just read. I have always paid for my child through an arrangement with the EX, however, due to a complete breakdown of the relationship she decided to tell the CSA i have paid a nominal amount for years. The CSA decided that i owe X amount in back payment and now £200 pcm too. So now my payments have increased by 150% despite my objections and despite the fact that this now puts me in financial hardship as my income just about paid for everything but do they give a toss, NO they do not. Why do they always side with the Mother, why are decent Dads penalised to the point of suffering hardship, persecuted and just generally treated like shit when actually sometimes the Mothers are the scum….

CSA guessed my payments and I’m still paying 20 years later

October 21, 2016

Mine is a long story. Back in 1993 my wife and I split up. now the csa had not been created yet untill 1994. I was a soldier, my ex wife put a claim in when the csa started.in those days they guessed at what you paid. my ex told them where I worked and where I was living. I received letters from the csa about the children and I signed saying yes I am the father. later I received a letter saying your cas has been cancelled due to error. that’s the last I heard from them. I too was giving money buying stuff for the children of course didn’t keep proof.

now in 1997 I received a letter from the csa at work. when I opened it it said I owe them £15000 and have 27 days to pay it. so I got my work involved/help.

so we got in touch with the csa and got a meeting. the out come was I got it deferred to £4000. a long as I pay. as I was in the army I really had no choice no to pay as it was taken out of my pay. I didn’t mind that. the £15000 was arrears from 1994 to 1997???? I had no correspondent’s from the csa in that time. again later over years the arrears went back up to £15000 without any word.

in 2007 I left the army and started part time job less wages alas the csa got intouch with my new employer and again I was paying. I was paying more money in my part time job than I was in full time work. so I started to get intouch with the csa and ask why and can they help me. they told me I am paying for the arrears as well as the children. now I asked for my case file to be sent over I had to pay for this. so going through the documents I found several things.1 certain key letters were missing.2 they had sent recorded letters to an address that had lived in 1989. plus the pay office for the army in Glasgow.3 the amount I had to pay in 1994 to 1997 was all estimates which is higher. so I explained this on the phone to my local csa department (northern Ireland). to cut a long story short . the man on the other end said he doesn’t care they are your children and your fault you signed the paper saying that. to this current day I am still paying the arrears off 1994 to 1997 which the csa created. my children’s ages are 25 and 27. I mite be finished in 2017 I hope. I have heard people on benefits getting their csa debts wrote off but us working people cannot even though we are on low income. LOL.

CSA making me pay huge arrears to someone who didn’t raise our child

October 20, 2016

where to start… I’m 41 now when I was 19 I had my first daughter, my ex cheated on me shortly afterwards and my daughter ended up living with my ex’s parents full time. They brought her up and at first I was allowed to see her no problem, then they started making things difficult and my cases to her slowly stopped. I was young and nieve at the time and ( I’m sorry to say) I lost contact. At first I was paying £25 a week which obviously I didn’t mind.

After a while I moved jobs and lost contact, every time I tried to get in touch I was met with a brick wall. When I was 26 I had another child and once again the curse of the cheating partner struck again. Happily I still see my second daughter and we had an arrangement that I gave her a monthly sum which was good all round.

A few years ago I met someone else she has son and we have son together we all live together and both work part time so that somebody is always home to care for my son who is 2. I earn around 760 a month and the Csa take money out of my wages and leave me with £488 every month,my partner earns about the same and out of that we have to pay the rent, council tax, insurance,travel bills, food etc. It leaves us with very little and to be honest it’s soul destroying that I can’t treat my kids to nice things and holidays etc.

I understand that we all pay for our kids, and I totally agree. My problem is that half of my arrears payment is going to a person who didn’t bring my child up at all the child in question is now 21 and working. ( and the Csa say I’m in arrears to the tune of £11000 ) and this is having such a negative impact to my youngest child. Is there anything I can do to lessen the repayment of the arrears?

CSA garnished my redundancy pay which was for my operation and have given me no time to respond

October 19, 2016

CSA garnished all my deposited redundancy monies from my bank account.

I recently received monies for outstanding GEERS Redundancy entitlements (approx $23k) that were owed from early 2012 due to the liquidation of my previous employer. I deposited the cheque into a new bank account on 29 Sept 2016. Checked my bank account this morning and all my funds were gone. My bank advised me that CSA had sent them a statutory compliance letter on 14 Oct 2016 to garnishee all the monies held in my account.

I have been unable to work since 2012 due to ongoing nerve deterioration in my left arm that requires further neurosurgery from an unsuccessful operation in early 2011. My inability to earn an income also led to my bankruptcy in Oct 2012. I have been relying on the payment of my redundancy to pay for a long awaited and much needed operation with the Neurosurgeon at a cost of $10k-$12k (quoted in 2012).

I rang CSA today further to a voice message left yesterday and they stated that they are within their rights to garnishee outstanding payments from a bank account or third party. They said they had been trying to contact me for 3 weeks with numerous phone calls and mail notification. I replied that I had received yesterday’s message and another voicemail in my saved messages from a week ago that I had accidentally saved without hearing and that I definitely have not received any letters as well as stating it has only been 2 weeks and not 3 weeks. The woman said that the file showed phone calls every second day but confirmed that only 2 messages were left.

I notified them that my redundancy payment after tax was mainly for unpaid wages, outstanding annual leave and approximately a third for redundancy. CSA have been getting regular payments from my Centrelink benefits as well as my past two tax returns. I argued that how can CSA garnish all my wages when they normally only take a percentage. She stated that they were unaware where the funds came from and that’s why they were trying to contact me. I replied that I am responding to the last voicemail within 24 hours but that CSA had already garnished all my funds. I also asked for the documentation to be forwarded to me and the operator declined!!!

Their final response was that I could only lodge an application of hardship grounds for my operation. Lodgement must be made by Friday (3 days) and include medical evidence from my GP as well as operation costs from the Neurosurgeon. I stated that it wasn’t enough time, as I had not received any letters such as Section 72A as I had received previously in relation to my tax returns. She also mentioned that I could apply for a stay order from the courts. I have left messages for 3 different lawyers today and something tells me CSA have not acted appropriately as my Bank has not received a Section 72A notice and my CSA case worker has not returned 2 of my calls this afternoon.

Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

CSA leaves me with nothing while ex gets the world on a plate

October 18, 2016

I’ve had bad doings with the csa in the past they keep saying I owe them £1000s of pounds in arrears witch I still think there wrong I don’t know how they work it al out they say it’s off your income before tax and insurance witch I think is wrong coz everyone as to pay tax insurance i need help with all this coz if you come out of work and you AV no chose you AV to go on to jsa when you get back into a job they sting you saying you £1000s of pounds inarears and you can’t get out of it my ex wouldn’t let me see my kids but I still pay for them and the other thing is that the money Gos to her and not my kids the csa told me that it’s down to her wot she spends the money on when it should be going on my kids not her and it’s ok for her to AV money coming in from every where and being married and AV a morgage and going to university acing five kids to three different people and getting benefit as well as my money I think it’s a joke the way it works she as everything and I AV nothing.

CSA willingly put people into hardship in order to make a profit

October 17, 2016

Today in going to a tribunal over the conduct of child maintenance services They have said I’m a liar the money I’ve paid did not exist I’m a de fault payer

11 months of a doe at a price that was not in line with my wages and the cost of living They said I’m £2600 in debt so we want paying Nov 2015 £378 contacted them come on how is this legal they agreed that was excessive so reduced to £250 jan this year yes £378 again and we want this every month till next year.

Got it down to £250 then contacted my local mp was reduced to £228 I’ve paid this for six months sept oh it’s now £295 ???

Informed cms that I took time off due to duress and stress of what your company is doing to me Don’t care you owe we want get on with it So I’ve paid £2800 in a doe now they want six payments of £295 just greedy The charge is £1000 1/4 % They said my child bill/tax is £33 pw and £1716 a pa Which I’ve paid but still want more The system of attacking ( the discriminative term ) non r parent It is easier to gain profit from a biological parent that works has a home and contact with their children i contact cms stating this fact they said verbally sorry we do not intend to put parents into hardship but …

The money we have taken is correct and why would I contest the payments being a father surly you want the best for your children Yes of course we all do But putting parents into hardship for a company to make profit is not child support it’s racketeering exploitation and denying the biological parent the right to have a wage and provide for their children when in our care A direct payment scheme only works if the pwc agrees if they don’t then we have to take action against you ??

Scare tactics we will garnish your wages take your licence sell your home put you in prison over a tax that is not fir children it’s about profits I want to pay because it’s the right thing to do for my children The system gives the pwc housing benefit child and working tax and child credits part time wage and child support We’re a worker who earns a wage of low income can claim sweet fa and pays statuary bills council tax water TV road tax insurance gas electric housing costs can get nothing and have nothing to live on And this is a fair system ???

a report was written in 2005 stating that they cms would not look for non paying parents because it’s expensive so we’ll get as much as possible from biological parents already in the system ??

The bristol report by a focus group

A decade on they are still using the same methods the only criminals are child support laws That taking a person rights away for profit is abuse Every method of compliant was dismissed case examiner ombudsman mp grievance the doe itself go to the local magistrates and request a hearing didn’t happen The liability order I went you don’t need to be here And to top it all of its a shambolic oraganisation get somewhere oh we didn’t say that you must have misunderstood It’s gross mis conduct Hey ho I’ll find out today That tuff it is what it is.

CSA are sending us letters even though we’re happily married!

October 16, 2016

Just received a letter from the CSA, something about them not being the CSA any more?

Strange thing is the wife and I have been together (and still are) for almost 23 years (married 14)and have a 10 year old. We are NOT divorced, NOT separated, still live together and are what is described by everyone I know as happily married!

Any one know why the CSA are sending letters to a happily married “normal” family with a 10 year old?

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