Trying to get hold of CSA and CMS is ridiculous!

February 11, 2016

I have just been on to the csa who i thought had been disbanded they are still keeping ongoing cases , i went through a wait a whole lot of security questions to be told i needed to contact cms . I rang them waited and then fired even more security questions !! guess what after reeling off numerous questions they said i had failed the security and someone will call me in the next 24hrs !! Get this i then checked to see if they had the right number andd they said they couldnt answer because of data protection . What a bunch of F—G retards/rules , maybe i will get a call maybe i won’t !!

CSA and manipulative ex are crippling me

February 10, 2016

Met the mother of my supposed child in late 2001. Slept together at the start of 2002 and had a very passionate start to our relationship. Had moved in with her withing 2 weeks and all seemed to be amazing (naive I know) We then found out we were going to have a baby early February which we were both made up with. A great deal happened in the following months maybe too much to detail here but the short of it was that it was put to me by friends that all she really wanted was a baby. She decided to sell her house and return to Blackpool without even giving me the option to go with. She informed me that she knew how to manipulate the system or me. I am not named as father  on the BC which apparently I do not need to be?? I asked to come to blackpool to be her birthing partner but was refused. I have never seen my supposed daughter or been offered access to her. I have no idea where they live as only went to her parents house twice in the short time 6 months we were together.

I have been hounded by the CSA for payments. I sought leagl advice a year later but was told I had no chance and it would cost me a small fortune (which I do not have then or now) Since then at one stage received confirmation letter stating that I was no longer required to make any payments to CSA. Then a year later to find out that they started to collect payments direct from my wages before I even see any money and it has crippled me not only financially but is destroying my relationship of 7 years with our 3 year old daughter. What can I do? Can I challenge payments I have never seen my supposed daughter, I have no idea she is, never been offered access. I did complete the form with my contact details to be passed on to my ex but had nothing back. I am at breaking point what can I do??

Every time I call CSA the line goes blank

February 8, 2016

I have received nothing since receiving £1 mid december and everytime i try to call the csa office, i go through all the entering your N.I number and D.O.B, the voice says they will put me through to a case worker, then the line just goes blank… unsure what im supposed to do about it as i cannot find any email address or other contact details i can use.

CSA have made my life hell for 7 years

February 5, 2016

Where do I begin? Constant phone calls, conflicting information, the minute the ex says jump they say how high, being branded and a******e on the phone, one person telling me I should pay x amount but it isn’t enforceable, constant revisions on my case which causes me to incurr extra cost due to inability, being threatened to back throguh cm options, various compensation, no one gives the same answer, no one understanding I pay way too much and my wages vary greatly due to the nature of my job, dreading every phone call, my kids I live with doing without……7 years of hell!

now being threatened with going back to csa for collection.

CSA take 40% of my wage even though I may not be the father!

February 4, 2016

I am writing to tell you my story regarding the csa.

I recently found out that I could be the father to a child from back in 2013. I then had the csa get intouch saying there has been a claim made against me (Without No Biological proof) btw and that i need to inform them my employment details so that a calculation of payments can be put in place going off a percentage of my wages. I decided to get intouch with this childs mother as soon as i found out there was a possibility i could be the father. She told me that there were 3 potential fathers involved, I asked the question why the hell make a claim against myself when she doesnt know herself??

I will tell you why..

I am a professional footballer, in her mind footballers earn xxxx amount of money therefore im the money ticket. Not being egotistic just realistic she once told me that she hoped i was the father because I have a good job and could give the child a better life yada yada yada…. However regardless of my profession/ job title im a hard working normal working class human being trying to earn a living in this world. Im A non league footballer not a premier league star earning thousands of pounds. regardless anyhow now to the frustrating part if thats not frustrating enough CSA- I pick up the phone i call the csa i ask whether a dna test could be put in place so that I can resolve this issue, I was then promised a call back from a case worker and a dna test will get sorted which never happened, this happened on countless occasions to the point now where i have decided tell you guys my story,write to her majesty and put in a complaints form for the way the system is ran and how they treat people im not expecting miracles or for anything to change we live in a world full of systems and guidelines we live in greed and corporate businesses that are corrupt so i curse ‘pedro’ down the phone when it actually aint even his fault its just a game. I dont care if this falls on deaf ears or makes me look and sound like a mentalist its peoples lives that are being affected and infected and something needs to be done but it wont, im swimming against the tide along with thousands of other good men out here.

£768 a month csa deduct from my wages  not to mention the £250 to my ex for my first daughter that is proven, all in one calendar month thats all before rent, council tax, utility bills, etc etc.

Theres taking responsibilty for a child im all for that and im a great father but then theres taking the p**s 40% of my wages being taken from my hard earned money to go to a girl that makes a decision off her own back to keep a child from a one night stand who also made the decision to be a single parent oh and also claims every benefit under the sun goes out clubbing most weekends, new clothes, new nails, new hair and go crying to csa saying she cant afford to live as a single parent, instead sponge off someone else.

The reason behind this is because im about to go through the legal route so anyone that can relate to stories like this go and speak to citizens advice theyre great get the best advice on how to appeal and challenge the csa dont lie down and let them win You wont be the first and wont be the last!

we must make a stand.

Not receiving my payments and can’t get in touch with CSA

February 3, 2016

I cannot get through to the CSA, my call is disconnected each time, after giving my personal information, line just goes dead.. I didn’t receive my January payment and now I’m in **** street without a paddle. Father says the money left his a/c (but then he always says that..). HELP!!! I’ve emailed them but repsonse was “up to 10 days to reply”.. Meanwhile I may get bank charges.. :-(

Screwed up ex lied to the courts to get more money out of me!

February 2, 2016

God where do i start with this one !! i had a child with my ex who told me she couldn’t have children at all . She was an alcoholic and self harmer / and tried to top herself over 40 times . One day i had a call from social services to collect my son as she wasn’t capable- drowning herself in vodka on a daily basis prefering to do that than bring up her kids .

Whilst he was with his mum i brought a house for them to live in and paid £600 a month in child maintenance , if i didnt have the money they would pounce and take it if i had a better month .They crippled me . She moved a boyfriend into the house and managed to get pregnant again ( another miracle ) . after living with me for 5 years ,She then moved nearer to where we lived and moved his half brother into the same school although she actually claimed it would hurt my son seeing his half brother going off with his mum whilst waiting for me to pick him up as i work .

She has hardly ever worked and knows every trick in the book , she continually lied in court to get as much benefits as she can muster , during the 6 years he was living with me we never asked her for a penny ,.

Since moving closer she has manipulated him and hurt him to the point he now lives with her as he doesnt want to see his mum upset !!! .She systematically played games to get what she wanted despite any psychological impact it would have on my son , Now she has got the csa on to me and refuses to let him stay over as it means the payments would be affected !!! what a bitch , so guess what i am going self employed and f–k her .

I will give my son anything he needs , when we went to mediaTION IT WAS AGREED she give my son £60 a month out of the maintenance to teach him the value of money and how to save , she kept it all herself , she continually attacks verbally and by texts myself and my partner about everything we do and had a harassment order because of it , she lied in mediation, she lied to the courts and is a piece of shit , i just prey he doesn’t end up like a screwed up vindictive parasite like her , she gets my son to do the lying saying they are going away or getting some friend to sleep over to stop him from staying at mine so she can claim more money .

She has a picture on facebook with a picture of skeletons around a dinner table proclaiming thats what her parents will end up before she ever gets married – they’ve been dead over 3 years , thats the sort of screw up she is , one day my son will realise what a twat she is , my worry is he ends up a low life looser like her !!

CSA demanding thousands for child I’m not allowed to acknowledge

January 30, 2016

I was with a girl for about 6 weeks 12 years ago. She fell pregnant and she decided that she was going to terminate the pregnancy. This felt wrong, but her choice.

On her final meeting with the docs before going for the operation she changed her mind.

She said and I quote “I’m having this baby for me, and I want you to have nothing to do with it ever.”

As she then moved away without so much as a by your leave I had no way of contacting her at the time, and no idea where she had gone.

I heard nothing for 5 years.

Then the csa came in with their jack boots on.

They decided that I owed alot of money. To this attachments of earnings were applied and 40% of my gross income was being taken from my earnings.

This put me out of work.

I tried working again, same result. I have never seen this child, I have never had any contact with the mother since day 1. This is now 11 years on.

I asked from day 1 for a dna test and the csa wanted me to pay £700 for it, because after they took 40% of my wage I had that left over.

Now I am finally getting that done in the morning, I reckon it’s mine, but I have had zero contact in 11 years, she is married with another child, I’m married and my wife and I can’t have kids, and the csa have sent me a demand for over 15k.

Where are my rights in this??? Where is my justice??

It was her choice to have this child, her choice to not want me there, what can I do??

I suppose hiring mafia hitmen is out of the question. So what else??

CSA interfered with our private arrangement

January 29, 2016

Long story…..

Started paying child support for son & daughter through CSA as ex wife would not agree to a resolution, she returned to her home town so had to pay her out the equity and take a mortgage extension, and was left with a car (to get to work, so i could pay her) and a knife & fork (literally).

I paid for their holidays, shoes, haircuts, clothes and treats on top, some might say so what this is expected. I am just trying to set the scene. I made a round trip of 200 miles each weekend for the first 7 years to have them at weekends and did not ask this to be taken into account for payment calculations.

I then moved abroad to a country with no reciprocal CSA payment arrangements, therefore by law I was not olbiged to pay anything, but i continued payments for 3 years. After that my son came to live with us for over 2 years and i did not ask for any money in return.

Upon returning to the UK and son going back to mother to live, i asked her what she wanted as payment, finally this time we agreed a figure which i duly paid, as well as extras. I had a good job for 6 months and 5 years later the CSA are telling me i now owe £6,000 back pay for those 6 months on top of what i paid.

I assumed if we agreed a payment the CSA would not interfere? I also foolishly never got the ex wife to put anything in writing that we had agreed a payment schedule. Therefore it is my word against hers that we had an arrangement, i had a letter six months ago threatening court action and asked the CSA to resolve whether ex had agreed to schedule, now i understand the CSA have lodged a payment order with the court. I have had to pay a nominal monthly amount just to keep the bailiffs away. The CSA have been ruthless in their pursuit with never addressing anything i ask of them nor responding to calls or letters.

My advice is get EVERYTHING in writing, no matter how small, even if it is an amicable seperation, it will come back to haunt you. NEVER phone the CSA, only deal in letters so you have proof of date. COPY everything you send. DEMAND your case file notes under FOI. LOSE that trust you have, mine has gone for ever.

FINALLY and this is the most important, NEVER, EVER believe your sposue if they tell you they are using contraception, mine twice stopped taking the pill without telling me. NEVER trust their word, always use your own protection methods. I know at least 4 other friends who have had children this way.

CSA made a mistake so naturally I owe them thousands

January 27, 2016

I’ve just been told by cas that I owe nearly 2700 rears going back over 15 years this came from when there made over payment to one of my ex partners of £995  and looked back in to my history so there now say I hve to pay £1700 back plus the rears that was meant to go to my other partner so because they messed up I have to pay in also had to pay rears back after i left the army as cas said i wasn’t paying what i should but never did anything while i was in the army so why didn’t there say anything about this other rears so ive been paying whats i had to until there messed up and now i owe them more money.

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