Why can’t the CSA sort this mess?

August 29, 2014

I have been on the phone to CSA for months. Payments made have not been correct. They chased employers by phone but no joy.

I should be receiving 73 pounds a week but for last 3 months it has been 14 pound a month and today I find 30 odd pound for the month received. I have been told CSA cannot chase because change of circumstances going on but have been assured over & over tht I should still receive the 73 pounds a week.

Well.I haven’t and I have been.told if I complain tht the supposed fast track team sorting this will stop doing what they are doing. Well no one has done nothing!

I’ve waited and waited and got nowhere! This is a deduction of earnings which is not being kept to!

CSA are further endangering my health

August 29, 2014

The csa should leave me alone , i have cancer and unable to work.

They want 10 pound a week from my 85.00 pound sick pay.

I cant afford to eat the correct foods to survive.

Contacting CSA is a farce

August 28, 2014

I phoned monday and got put on hold for 40 mins then phoned another number to be told CSA where closed due to bank holiday.

Its a disgrace and it says on their web site its open till 8pm.

Who are we supposed to be paying this money to?

August 27, 2014

I dont even know where to start! my husbands ex has walked out on her husband and 5 kids at xmas last year, my hubby has always paid for his kid who is 17 now.

We found out that not only had the parent with care walked out and left all of the kids to set up home with someone else but that the child my hubby pays for has left college.

So we phoned csa a couple of weeks ago and they told my hubby that they were aware the kid left college in april/may. well we have still been paying and no one has told us any different. we have also found out that the mum is still getting the csa paid to her and other benefits and she is not even speaking to her kids never mind rearing them.

Surely this is benefit fraud? hubby phones up today again to see how their “investigation” is going and they have done nothing to date. they claim they have been trying to contact that woman for a couple of week and that they need acknowledgement fromher that she is now not a PWC and that the child has left school.

Paying themoney is not the issue here, its who we are paying it too. The experience we have had with CSA has been horrendeous and over the years we have had unexpected arrears and they take what ever they want out of our account without acknowledging us, this seems unfair and i dont know what to do next. helpppp

How am I supposed to get proof of what my ex earns?

August 27, 2014

My ex lives in england his choice and i live in n ireland i have 2 kids and my ex has them 28 nights in the year, within the year he makes the journey over to collect them 3 times.

He works for sizzlers pubs as a general manager and earns 28000-31000 a year with the potential of 100% bonuses why do I only get £265 pounds seems really unfair along with his job he gets his accommodation and all in.

This is my third year receiving the same rate from csa and I have asked them to re look at the case and they told me unless i have proof they can’t do anything how am i supposed to get proof?? Surely that is their job. When he is ringing me up and telling me he is getting a bonus my kids get nothing what can i do.

Why can’t the CSA get me the full amount?

August 25, 2014

Payments began this summer … next month half paid , then following month same again…

Complained now owed arrears and no letter to inform me what is being done or nothing , disgrace.

How much will my son actually see of that?

August 23, 2014

I lost custody of my son through a break down in the legal system. I am currently earning peanuts working as a carer, I travel 200 miles a month to see my child and csa have chosen to take £120 a month out of my wages I’m scared I won’t be able to see my son. I have called them to say I can’t afford £120 a month. And when you look at it how much will my son actually see of that???

CSA have hounded me for years

August 22, 2014

Fifteen years I paid CSA fifteen years of hell I was earning 200 pounds a week and what did the corrupt conservative government do they took 90.00 pounds a week off me.

I argued with the scum bags for years they just decided to do what they want a***holes I’ve paid my due and demands I’m 56 and they hound me.

In 2012 I received a letter to say that I had paid all wow I thought great then 12 months after what did the scum do sent me a letter to say I owe 1200 pounds back payment they told me that Belfast had lost all my details but they rem my address.

I challenged them all I got was up go to jail if they hadn’t of stopped payments from me I’d owe nowt but now they say. Theve got an enforcement order and req 25 pounds week there screwing me driving me to suicide b*****ds they then said they’d take my car TV bed cooker fridge.

My ex has 250.000 pounds in bank and me funk all my data 250.000 in bank and I’ve not seen her since she was 8 years old what I could tell u abt our corrupt system.

Why won’t my ex help both his children?

August 21, 2014

Ok so i split with my childs dad 3 yrs ago and since then i havnt recieved one penny from him she is 4 yrs old he doesnt work and he was suposed to have her over night once a week so csa said i get nothing but in reality he only has her 50% of the time.

He has a younger child with his partner but he has sent her to work and laughed in my face bragging about the fact they are living with brand new flat screens sofas carpets ect while i struggle to buy school uniform while being a full time mom and part time worker.

Is there anything i can do cuz im sick and tired of my bab missing out as we scrape by while her dad thinks its funny sitting on his arse and buying everything for one child amd nothing for the other.

I would only use the csa to spend on my little one on little treats or days out i dont want the money for me but my little one has started asking questions about it all and i dont want to bad mouth her dad but in reality he is not providing at all.

CSA fouled up again

August 21, 2014

OK…. It’s happened again… now 2 years on the run they’ve started to take the money out of my account again.

Last year they sent me a cheque for £50, it’s a good interest rate. I’m more financially secure these days so when they take funds from my account it doesn’t hurt too much.

I’ll just get back onto my M.P. let him deal with it and wait for my money to come back with an extra £50. CSA…. best investment I’ve ever made.

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