CSA admit their mistake but won’t fix it!

July 5, 2015

last november i changed employers, i already had a order to pay weekly through my wages as my daughter went to live with her dad. i wrote to the csa before i changed employers with new employers name and address, i then phoned the csa and was told they had recieved thsi letter and i would get a new order within two weeks, that was 7th nov!!

since then i hav ecalled repeatadley to get an update being told each time it is a mistake thier end and i had submitted all the relevant details, i then in may got an order which was identical to the one i had with my past emloyer, also when i called the number on the letter they had sent me contact details for hastings when my account is being delalt by belfast!! since then i have continued to call, my employer has submitted my wages details 3 times but today recived a threat of court action because they clain he hasnt sent my wages details! they admitted to me there was a mistake there end but i asked for this in writing which i have not been sent, it beggars belief that it is still not sorted after ten months and i will be left with a staggering bill.i have also filled out a csa online complaints form but each time i hit submit the whole page clears!

Incompetent CSA are reason why I don’t see my son much

July 5, 2015

I was paying my ex £200 / month for my son + driving 200 miles every other weekend to pick him up and drop him off.

My ex then moved further away and into a bigger house so needed more money, so decided to go through the CSA.

The CSA told her she was due an extra £54 / month so i agreed to this, but said that she would have to do half the driving.

She refused to do this and as such, i ended up seeing my son once/month.

She was quickly on to the CSA advising them of the new arrangements, which i agreed to and they said they would take an additional £30/month.

Having always paid by DD, i dont check the payments to the CSA, but received a phone call from them 5 months after the change advising me that i had arrears as they hadnt updated their records.

They requested that i paid the full amount of £202 to bring the account into line.

Having gone round the houses about their incompetancy and why they hadnt changed it, i offered to pay an additional £10/month to bring it back into line, they refused and advised that they would take 40% of the arrears back/month until it was resolved.

No concern about whether i could afford it or the fact that its coming up to xmas.

Apparantly, they have the right to take additional money out of my account without my authorisation?!?

So since the wonderful CSA have been involved, i see my son less, my ex gets more and they can rob me before xmas of money that i was going to spend on my other child, who seriously finances this organisation? oh yeah, me as a tax payer – absolutely disgraceful.

I’m being taken to court over arrears I am paying

July 5, 2015

My ex husband and I divorced he had the two boys and I had the two girls we both agreed as we had two each we would pay for just the two living with us. In May 2011 my husband who was left with the £350,000 marital home and who is a retired policeman on a pension of £2000 a month put a claim in to the Csa. My eldest daughter is now 19 and working I just have the younger one to support and two young children from my new marriage. Even though he put the claim in in May 2011 Csa did not contact me until November 2011 6 months later.

Arrears have now built up for those six months and I am expected to pay for something I new nothing about. I work ten hours a week and get £62.80 but the Csa insist I have to pay £32.00 a week so now take it from a deductions of earnings order. I am being taken to court for the arrears even though I have offered to pay £5 extra a week, but they say this is not acceptable. Recently I received a letter saying my payments would be going down to £18 a week due to them having the wrong calculations but this has not yet happened and they are still taking the full amount from my wages. I rang to ask why this was and was told the extra was being taken to pay my arrear. So why am I being taken to court for arrears that are not being paid when obviously they are. This system needs to be resorted by the government as the wrong people are being targeted and its not fair.

I can’t afford my payments to CSA. Can they be reduced?

July 4, 2015

I am a 32 year old male and i have just found out recently that i have 16 year old daughter, my employer has been contacted by the csa to take 43% of my wage to make payments and they have been doing so for the past 4 months.

the problem i have is that the csa are back dating the payments for the last 16 years, most of them i was out of work or suffering from an illness. i really dont begrudge paying for my daughter but i am struggleing financialy because of the amount i get paid and what is taken out leaves me with a huge problem of paying rent and living. i am also struggeling to make my way into work on a regular basis due to a lack of funds. is there any way i can get the deductions from my wages reduced? because at the moment im finding it hard to cope…..

i want to pay for my daughter, that by the way i have only met once because she lives in dundee scotland and i am in london, but at the moment i am finding it hard to do so..

Lying ex is making my life harder

July 4, 2015

I have just started a new job 3 months ago. I am on a basic salary of £20k however the commission I receive means that I earn far more. I have had two very good months however the comm’s is not guaranteed, as with every sales job. My payment to my ex, who is claiming every benefit under the sun and has told Child Tax Credits that she is living on the sofa at her mums house just so that she gets more money from our government.

She is actually living with her boyfriend in his council flat and he earns good money, as does she and is still getting benefits. My payment has gone up to almost £400 per month. Upon speaking to the CSA who are as helpful as a chocolate teapot and seem to only care about the women (lets try having the shoe on the other foot) they said that that is the way it is and call back in April when the case will be reviewed again. Irrespective of the fact that I too am trying to start a new life and yes when the money is good, I have no problem at all paying it but when I have a bad couple of weeks, I can barely make ends meet. I DO NOT KNOW what to do and its really having an impact on my new relationship. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

Partners ex lives in luxury while we struggle with CSA

July 4, 2015

my partner works 25 hours a week I work as well we both work part time we pay full rent my partner pays £32 pound a fortnight plus £75 pounds arrears for CSA but this last six weeks CSA have paid his ex an extra £222 pound how can they do this my partners ex has the two boys she gets job-seekers family credit also CSA.

she can afford two holidays the boys came to stay with us and said mummy does not spend any of the money you give her on us daddy a year we cannot afford food we have one meal a day in my eyes CSA has not worked she kicked my partner out I think they should look at what she receives we struggle while she lives in luxury.

CSA should look into what my payments are spent on

July 3, 2015

I got trapped about 5 years ago after a one night stand. the girl involved said she didnt want an abortion, but was going to put the baby up for adoption, which was a lie. she kept the child which she always was going to do. as it was my child i asked if i could be part of the little ones life. she had already planned that by going to the csa. she now owns her 3 bedroom house, drives a merc, and goes on holiday with her new husband twice a year, leaving the little one at home with family.

i would love to take the little one on holiday but im struggling to keep my tiny one bed flat over my head, and theres no chance of that anyway as even though i tried to be part of the little ones life her mother made it so difficult and i could only see the child when it suited her. to cap it all off, i have to pay her £500 through the csa.

i would really love to know how much of that is spent on the child, and how much pays for the car, holidays for her and the boyfriend without the child etc. this is such a good system! why dont they look into the lifestyle and partners of the pwc? last resort is to move abroad, she wont let me see the child anyway, but at least she will have to stop spending money on herself for 5 minutes and maybe think about the little one for a change! you will do everything for you own flesh and blood. if the csa would listen to me and see what the mother’s like they would prob take the little one off her. Is there any way you can get proof of what the csa money you give them is spent on?

Unexpected dad, but wants to be with his child!

CSA won’t listen to the other half of the story

July 3, 2015

My husband has daughter from casual fling. Three years we kept her many nights (while mother enjoyed herself) and paid 25 per week whether my husband had work or not. Anyway cut a long story short through horrific games played by mother we do not have contact with the little girl. So now the csa are involved demanding money with no reasoning .

They demand 60 per week for her while the other children in our household can do without. Her mother gets all the benefits awarded for the child as well as a percentage of our tax credits. We asked them to take into account our childs special needs and they told us to send them all the info and theyd send it all to the mother to see what she thinks.

omg .As if we would want the pyscho to know anything about our child and his condition. My child obviously has no right to privacy. Its disgusting the csa threaten and harass if your the father and the children he lives with are treated as second class citizens they lie about when they contact you and what they say to you totally misrepresenting any conversations.

It is so frustrating being part of a system that actively encourages and supports paticular women who wish to use their children as cash cards. Why if there is a set amount for child benefit should a women be able to sit back while a hard working man knocks his pan in to make some money only to know the more he earns the mother will be quids in . Lets face it none of these type of mothers has to prove she spends A penny of the fathers money on the child he has no say how it is used for the benefit of the child. Society bangs on about fathers being there for their children but constantly stamps it in their faces that they have no rights at all .make you mind up eh.

CSA believes lying ex

July 3, 2015

Because my ex Is a liar I am having to pay far more CSA than I can afford. I had my kids 3 nights a week plus bank holidays and annual leave from work, (192 days) over half of the year. We agreed that because I was paying our debt off in an IVA (70 grand) sh wouldn’t ask for maintenance until the debt was cleared. I had access to my kids 3 nights a week and bank holidays and 21 days annual leave from work.

All was well until she contacted CSA telling them I don’t see my kids. I’m sure she only did it because somebody told her that due to the amount of time I was seeing the kids I could have taken her child benefit and claimed CSA from her. Anyway I was hit with 550 a month payments. I contested it and after weeks of arguing with CSA all of a sudden my ex told them I am seeing my kids but only 2 nights.

The CSA obviously believed her, even tho she had already lied, and told me I had to pay 370 a month. Again I argued but continued to look after my kids the 3 nights still paying 370. Now my ex has stopped contact for no reason at all and stuck paying 550 again. All the CSA say is get a court order but financing the court order isn’t easy when that much of my wage is stolen because she thinks I shouldn’t see my kids. The CSA attitude to it all is well they are your kids and you shitoils provide for them. But my argument is so should she. She’s never had a job and never paid a single penny towards them that is hers.

My CSA payments have been upped thanks to lying ex

July 2, 2015

My ex lied to the csa and was found out so they upped his payments. He paid only £5 aweek for 2 children, we have 3 but 1 was older.Two of the children are over 18 and live with me permanently, I pay for everything as they are both at college. My ex earns on average £55,000 in 3 months. My youngest lives between the two homes his and mine.

So now my ex has applied for and got the child benefit. I gave up fighting for it as I wouldn’t state when my son stays with me as he didn’t want his dad to know, He tells his dad he stays at friends and his girlfriends.His dad is so lax so long as my son doesnt come to see me he doesnt care where he goes. At court my ex took an undertaking that he agreed to me having all the benefits as I am a lower earner.He has broken this. The csa have told me they don’t care what I have to pay for, mortgage, council tax etc. they will approach my employers and take 15% of my wages and I will have to make do. I already dip into my savings regularly just to pay bills. We haven’t had a holiday and I am struggling, whereas my ex has just come back from florida after paying for 5 adults to go and has just bought a new BMW. Is there anything I can do?

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