I’m sure the CSA is paid to fob people off

November 22, 2014

My ex is self employed as a painter and decorator, I know he earns anything between £75-£100 a day.

He has been paying me maintenance to the tune of £38 a week for two children for many years.

He lives with his girl friend who ISNT a high flier and they both regulary go abroad and we arnt talking Spain we are talking Cuba and Jamaica.

Made numerous buys for the home, new suite for the lounge and has a drug habit too.

I’ve contacted the CDA numerous times last time today where I was told if they call him and he says he hasn’t had a change in finances then there isn’t anything they can do yet he gets paid half cash in his hand and the other half into his girlfriends bank account. I’m giving them the information they need but fob me off telling ME to call the inland revenue which I have also done in the past with no avail.

It’s my girls who are suffering and dipping out on the things they should require. Without “mum” having to keep saying “I haven’t got the money”.

The government needs to step up and investigate these so called employed at the CSA because I’m sure they get paid to fob people off, I guess it would be a different story if the ex was on a contract and paid monthly as it’s easier for the CSA to deal with.

Who can I complain to?

November 22, 2014

Been manipulated by the CSA – they say I cant complain to any other organisation other than them.

My case as been ongoing for 25 years now.

Give me my money

November 20, 2014

CSA took money out my child’s dads wages two weeks ago , just rang up and they said they haven’t receieved it yet.

Yes they have so where’s my money!!!!!!!!!!!

How can I get people to hear our story?

November 20, 2014

I would like to start an online blog/campaign to tell the story of what has happened to us. I am a nrpp who lives with a man (nrp) literally destroyed by his ex wife (PwC). She’s poisoned his children against him, and to make matters worse his family have sided with her, so he has been alienated from them all.

Yet still he is hounded by the csa for payments he cannot afford, quite frankly nobody on average salary can afford to lose 15 – 40% (that’s the max they can take…40%!!) of their salary.

He hasn’t seen or spoken to his children for over 4 years. He has done nothing to deserve this. I cannot comprehend how she (PwC) has been allowed to emotionally abuse the children. And it is abuse! Those children may never want to see him again, but if they do, then when they learn the truth it’s going to be like coming to terms with a bereavement.

Parental alienation should be against the law and those parents who carry out this abuse should be held accountable, and their csa payments stopped. They’re using the csa as a way of getting money and the less shared care the more money they get so the csa also needs to be held accountable for encouraging less contact with the nrp.

Can anyone help me get my story (obviously names will be changed and kept anonymous) out to the internet. Maybe others would then come forward and things may even start to change.

United we stand. Divided we fall.

Her washing machine broke and I won’t fix it, so I’m being denied access to my son!

November 19, 2014

My young lad is 5 and yet after 4 years of separation from his mum we ‘get on’ ok…. That is until she wakes up in a bad mood and suddenly everything is my fault and that I don’t do enough for my son blah blah blah although I work away in the week and have him every weekend as well as pay her monthly maintenance.

The latest pisstake is that I have had access stopped because my son has broke her washing machine and I won’t fix it….. What the f**k?? And yes I am serious! I’m a refurbishment fitter so have not a clue how to!! Now I’ve Been called all the names under the sun and been called a bad dad over and over again and now been threatened with csa!!! Csa isn’t about the kids anymore it’s a form of attack that mums use to humiliate dads. Also in her methods of stopping me see’in my son, she’s not workin and loosing money as she claims and boasts that once I am allowed to see my son…. She will refuse to have him bk until I loose as many days of work as she has…. Although she is the one refusing me access! What sort of mum or even human being does that?

And yet if I kick off at her, in the laws eyes I will b seen as being in the wrong! The laws are absolute bullsh*t in these situations! Not all dads r sperm donors and do care about their children.

Isn’t it covered by data protection?

November 18, 2014

Should the CMS have disclosed my exact salary to my EX-wife during her claiming process?

Need to know, thanks.

Am I even her dad?

November 17, 2014

Hi if my daughter has just been told I am her dad but I am not sure.

Now my ex wants money. What can I do?

Should my ex be paying every time my son stays with me?

November 17, 2014

I am a father seperated from my ex wife and have a 7yr old son. Iam paying maintenance to her but ive been told that my ex wife should be paying me every time my son stays at mine every other wkend. Can you confirm if this is true. Many thanks

I don’t even have a kid

November 16, 2014

I recived a letter from ESA saying that CSA are taking money out of my beneifts for child support.

I am very puzzled as i dont have any children, so i suggested they stop taking any of my money until they investaged.

Why should I pay twice?

November 14, 2014

Hi there I am paying money to the csa for my son and daughter who I no longer live with but I never was asked for money for my son by his mum.

But when my daughter was born to my other x partner I was working and paying for my child but her mum was also claiming money from the government so when we split up my daughters mum told the government that I never gave her any money at all so when the csa contacted me and I told the that we stayed together for seven years they and I gave my daughters mum money to buy things for my child.

They said I had to pay them it all back in the amount of 11 thousand pounds I was very angry as I told the lady that I had to pay what I have already payed that’s not right they said I could get my x partner to right a letter or if I had receipts for the money I gave my ex I said to them if you are living with someone and giving them money to look after the house and your child you wouldent ask for receipts.

I asked my ex would she right them a letter to tell them the truth she said she would but she still hasent and this has been six years now so now because I can’t get my ex to write a letter and the csa have made my none payments as money I owe the csa they are taking £500 a month from my wages.

When I ask the csa to contact my ex as she has claimed money that wasent hers they said they did but my ex says they haven’t so I went back on the phone to say there letters weren’t being received I asked them what address they had for my ex they said they can’t tell me that information so I asked was it the same address I had and they said that wasent the address they had so my ex is even lieing about her address so they are sendind letters and she isint Gering them.

I also told them she is remarried they didn’t know that ethere I dont like telling tails on people but I ask for a reduced payment and was told because of your unpaid payments they can’t do that so I can’t get my ex to write a letter I can’t get a reduced payment because I have to patsy back the money again that I have already payed.

I don’t mind paying for my children that’s what you have to do weather you like it or not but I just think £500 a month for a man that is trying to make ends meet is a bit much thank you for letting me get my point across and any help that you could give me I would be greatful.

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