Ex from hell fiddling CSA

March 5, 2015

My girlfriend that was 16 years ago has been paid 35pound a week arranged by a solicitor i have not missed a payment she is the person from hell.

I had a very bad industrial injury where i lost a finger and the use of another my son overheard that i might be getting 20;000pounds compansasion if i won all though it was not my fault it has took a while and is still going on after 4 years i still dont know what i will get it has now gone down to maybe 10.000.

It is still in the hands of the solicitor but my son went back after earwigging my dad has got 20.000 pounds now she has come up with this story and thinks she is going to get a lot of money although i havent had any but she has never been short of a csa payment as i have paid it all the time.

She is working got a car getting everthing paid for her son is working now on an apprentaceap getting 90 pound a week so where do the csa get of saying i still owe her money she uses 2 names has hoildays every year i dont and is living better of than me so what do i do now somebody tell me befor i throw my self of a bridge and kill myself why do they believe her and not me why please tell me. Because she is a liar and a good one and is doing the dss out of a fortune by having everything paid for her and living the life of reilley and no body is doing anything about it.

She is better of than me it is about time she had her comeupence and stopped taking the mickey out of the csa again there is no 20.000 pounds and she has made all this up. Why wont csa do their job and investigate her they will be very surprised indeed how much fiddialing she is doing and taking the mickey out of them all. Including her 17 year old son.

CSA ineptitude is stressing me out

March 5, 2015

CSA shoulkd not be let loose with a box of lego. I lost 3 hours work today as I was so incensed with their total ineptitude and indifference.

To be called a liar was the final straw – it’s not on our system – thus it never happened! what bull-sxxt. It was sent by recorded post that they signed for but mislaid – in August 2012.

Complain to the secretary of state and your local MP – they take emails too.

Their lack of sue process should not give rise to stress on my part.

I beat the CSA

March 4, 2015

F**k the CSS , I had to give up my job as there were taking 100 pound a week off me for a kid I never seen.

Now I have went self employed though my own ltd company and take home 700 a week and now pay the CSS f**k all.

I also lie on my tax returns and pay next to no tax lol . I won in the end job done.

CSA delivers no justice for the children

March 4, 2015

I first brought my case to the attention of the CSA on 3rd May 2012 over 9 months later am still waiting for any form of payments for my 2 children.

How much longer will i be waiting he is well advised by dodgy solicitor friends has changed over ownership of all his assets into other people’s names and claims to work abroad so does not need to pay.

Yet he can get weekly contact with the children, the law is flawed and maintenance needs to be brought back into courts, courts should see the full picture not just made up sob stories lies and manipulation and residential parents not being allowed to bring up the fact that the other is an actual deadbeat parent.

There is no justice for these poor children who are now forced to live a life of confusion and mind games from the deadbeat parent from having a stable happy home life.

CSA is drunk with power

March 3, 2015

July of 2013. The csa told me I had arrears £6400. Arrears came about from being unemployed.

March 2015 I have paid £5236 of my arrears whilst making my regular payments. And the csa have told me I gave £2330 remaining on my arrears.

Now I aint no maths genius but its £1164 remaining. And now I cannot argue that fact with the csa without threats and told I am incorrect. Has anyone else suffered this dreadful treatment. And how xan it be stopped?

These are people drunk on there power.

CSA making me pay for children who live with me

March 3, 2015

Csa are taking money out of my wages for the last two months for children that live and have lived with me for the past ten years,despit countless calls they still are taking money out of my wages knowing the children live with me.

Ive rung well over a dosen times,they have spoke to the mother of my children and she has conformed that they have always been with me,there taking so much of my wages and leaving me with the legal limit of £121.00.

What else can i do?they just keep saying they will sort it but now its getting into months..plz help.

How can I make sure we receive CSA if ex is elsewhere?

March 2, 2015

Ex was in australia so got support taken from his pay by their csa. he now is going to work in the UAE.

How do i get/can i get support for our son via the UAE CSA?

P.S. he will nor support our son willingly.

Please advise.

It’s time to reassess the CSA

March 1, 2015

I separated from my daughter’s mother 4 years ago after she had an affair; I see my daughter every weekend over night for two nights. My ex-partner has now married and lives with her husband and new daughter on a wealthy £100,000 per year salary! In the mean time I am paying £300 a month to them? What is this about?

I clothe my daughter as her mum will not send any clothes; I take her on holiday, camping, swimming and feed her out of my own money. I have to drive each weekend to her mums to collect her and drive the 25 miles back, I do this every weekend and again I pay for the petrol out of my own money as her mum refuses to drop her off.

Is it just me or does anyone else think the CSA laws need to be looked at and re assessed? Every person who has money taken off them should be individually assessed? I spoke with the CSA just a day ago and asked them for a reduced rate as I see my daughter 130 nights a year, I was granted this reduction so I asked about the petrol I use to pick her up, they said I could only have a reduction on one or the other!?!?! I am absolutely disgraced at this, yet I don’t have a leg to stand on as it’s the CSA!

Surely the CSA is in breach of my civil liberties

February 28, 2015

I attended a liability hearing at magistrates court. the case was ajourned until march 5th. csa admitted they had not finalised a figure and therefore a liability order could not be granted.

They new this before hand but never bothered to tell me until i attended court.

I lost a days pay plus travel expenses. the csa case worker apologised and sympathised and the magistrate appreciated my “Angst at being put in this position..” He also went on to say that his hands were tied and that i could not dispute the amount of the liability order.if i dissagreed with the amount i had to raise the issue with csa.

I pointed out that these giftless call centre failures don’t know themselves, and that i had received letters quoting four different amounts in the last 6 weeks. i also pointed out that it had taken 18 years for them to contact me and had in fact been 8 years since my case was closed (which i did not know due to never being contacted by csa. the csa admitted that they had not informed me about this cruical change and apologised for this oversite.) the csa case worker could not and would not give me a straight answer about whichever point i raised.she simply said it is “government legislation”.

The basis of their claim is that i had ignored a requests for payment back in 1994 so had been penalised. i stated that i had been lodging with a friend in 1994 so they did not have a postal address for me so could not have sent a letter to me directly.i also stated that from 1994 to 1996 i was un-employed having been made redundent and had claimed un-employment benefit and housing benefit during that time.

Of course whilst on benefits they new my circumstances and whereabouts but made no attempt to contact me. low and behold they admitted that they had not written to me after all but had,in fact, written to my former employer! how convenient that this person can longer be relied upon to disprove this.

These false claims and malicious lies would result in a prison sentence if a case appeared in a county or higher court.thats why the highest court involved is the magistrate who’s hands are tied and by his own admittion is only obliged to rubber stamp the liability order.

Surely this is a breech of my civil liberties? It amounts to totalitarianism not a free democracy!

How can the CSA just change the goalposts without letting us know?

February 28, 2015

Well i thought my hell was over, but when i rang them today to tell them my oldest child was 19 last week and that would be the end of CSA.

I was told they have changed the age limit to 20!!! Tw*ts.

No letterwas sent to me to tell me about changes!!!!

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