Why won’t the CSA explain?

December 17, 2014

My partner have been paying CSA since 2008 before then we were paying his ex directly. the have a deductions of earnings set up.

In Nov 2012 we received a letter saying we had over paid by £2982.49 and his payment where to be reduced then less than a week later another letter arrived saying that they made a mistake and we had only overpaid by £53.90 no explanation on where they got these figures from.

Then in DEC Csa took double payment saying we had missed a payment we called them and proved that we hadn’t missed any payment. They reviewed our case again and said our payment had been reduced. then i had a call from CSA saying that we are in arrears of £42.000.00 from the gap between 1999 to 2008.

They wont explain them selves. We are at our wits end.

CSA ‘lost’ my appeals

December 16, 2014

My ex had been asked for years for wage slips he refused so when he finally did which he bk dated 5 years but had already give tiff rent ones in 5 years befor.

The csa took his word and stoped my child’s money and told me I will never get nothink off him due to over payment that’s not my doin but the csa blanked me my 3 appeals went missin in the post this is a joke I haven’t had nothink for 4 years.

Surely the CSA should be means tested

December 15, 2014

My two children live with their dad and their stepmum who together earn approxiamtely £100,ooo together they have four childffen and 2 lots of csa live in a 6 bedroom house.

I earn 15,000 and to earn that have to do 2 jobs and works 60-70 hours a week. I rent a room in a persons house yet I still have to pay csa to my ex husband of £130 per month. I lso see my children regularly and spend money on them when I do.

This is so unfair as surely it shoud be means tested. Ok if I was the greater earner it would be ok but isnt £100,000 enought o live with 4 kids. My children went there because they had better life in the first place I can;t compete with that I gave up my career in the RAF to stay at home with children as me & my ex greed but then he left us to go with another woman not my fault yet I see my self barely scraping by. I hve suicidal thoughts daily as they live a luxuirious life. The law is an ass.

Can the CSA claim arrears when I can prove I never missed a payment?

December 14, 2014

The advice I need is in 2004 I went maintenance direct with my ex when my youngest daughter was born. We agreed to go maintenance direct as it was beneficial to her and to my youngest girls mum who was on benefits at the time my youngest was born (I had already split with her because of the fact all her tax credits etc stopped when i moved in and the CSA took £420 a month off me for my oldest and only daughter at the time.

I had no choice to move out as we couldnt afford to stay together as I was expected to support her as well as her daughter from a previous marriage, this didnt affect my CSA DEO though and I was told that the multi millionaire my oldest girls mum had married didnt change the situation either.

I was maintenance direct with my oldest girls mum until 2006 when she knew i was about to get made redundant and there were rumours that it was going to be a large pay out,(she had already divorced and took the millionaire to the cleaners at this point)she contacted the CSA and told them I hadnt given her anything for the last nearly 2 years, the first I knew was when I got paid and had a DEO for over £500.

I had been giving £200 a month each the whole time to both of my girls mums. I had proof of most payments and told her i was going to try do her for fraud so we went back to direct pay and this was the case until 2010 when out of spite she reopened the case with the CSA because my youngest girls mum called her a greedy b**ch on facebook because she had asked me for an extra £600 towards a holiday my oldest wanted to go on.

I found this out after it had all happened (oldest girls mum now with owner of large taxi firm and driving a BMW X5 with private plates at this point) The CSA went straight to a DEO for over £600 a month just for my oldest girl and didnt include my youngest. This took 9 months to rectify and I had to get an mp involved. when it was sorted i was given a new assesment for £250 a month to cover both girls and was told then there were no arrears when I asked because they were trying to see if I owed money on top of what I had paid when we were maintenance direct. I have the letter still giving a breakdown of how it was worked out for both girls and it says nothing of arrears and this was from a divisional complaints officer.

Due to an error by the CSA they have been paying the full £250 to my oldest girls mum for the last 6 months and while trying to sort this out they have told me this week that I owe £34000 in arrears for my oldest for the period of 2004 to 2010. This is based on a job that I was made redundant from in 2006 and doesnt include my youngest or my lower paid job and mortgage.

I have a letter from 2006 saying that they have removed the nearly 10000 arrears that was put on then when I proved her lieing about not being paid for nearly 2 years and that were in a maintenance direct agreement.

Sorry for retelling a lot but the advice I need is can the CSA claim arrears for a period I was maintenance direct and can prove I never missed a payment, is wrongly assessed and was only put on by mistake when I was trying to get back the money they overpaid my oldest girls mum when they were giving her my youngest girls money aswell?

They seem to have no idea what they are doing and I am seriously worried that they will try to make me pay back this money at that rate as everything that has happened from 2004 to 2010 was agreed without the CSA. Will the 2006 letter carry any weight?

I was led to believe before that they could not back date a private agreement and in 2010 was told there was no arrears for this period but I cant find that in writing, only the new assessment after the mp was involved.

Does anyone know how I can get the payments owed?

December 12, 2014

I have contacted csa 4 times now for non payments.i have had no reply bk from them.

Dint no how els i can get my csa payments for my daughter.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Why am I the one paying CSA?

December 12, 2014

Im i force to pay my ex girlfriend csa money even though the children live with me.

Also she see the children every day but cant have to stay until social workers give her the ok.

Surely the CSA should be able to stop him doing this

December 11, 2014

Angry beyond believe have three children and because ex in on benifits I get a grand total of ten pound a month.

The crappy part is my ex is dam clever we don’t speak and he only sees the kids when he feels like it this year it has been 5 times total and its December already!

The thing is he gets a new job, and the csa try and track him down he quits and because they haven’t been able to get wage details on time I get nothing this has happened three times in a row.

Fist time they managed to get three payments via direct from earnings order but he quit soon after the further two times he wasn’t so slow and quit at first sign of csa! Surely this is illegal and shouldn’t be allowed to happen!!

Why does the CSA have to make me wait so long?

December 10, 2014

I have been signed off sick by my doctor due to depression.

The csa have told me I need to be off work for 12 weeks before they will assess my ca2e even though I am getting no income due to be a self employed sole trader.

The doctor has signed me off for 3 months but they still wont accept this as a change of circumstance.

Why won’t the CSA keep its promises?

December 10, 2014

Case been going for 6 and a half years, constant merry go round of avoidance by nrp, doesnt answer phone or letters.

Everytime they eventually track him down he puts a change of circumstances in again. process starts all over again! no money actually collected, i put a variation form in to challenge his lifestyle, all my evidence was upheld! should have been plain sailing, but another change of circs!! go figure!!

Now claims no income at all, not claiming income support either but does not have to prove how he is feeding himself or filling up his car!!! all routes of delving into his lifestyle previously promised by csa, not done!! HELP!!!

CSA says it’s not its problem

December 9, 2014

The csa was taking more than they was meant to as They wrongly calculated the deduction. They then went on to pay it all to one parent and left my other kids out…

They then decided to stick me with a bill for maintenance not paid due to there mistake. As they was taking more than they should have I couldn’t afford to live.. pay rent, council tax and other bills.

I explained this to them and there answer was its not our problem…

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