The CSA treated me like a criminal

April 17, 2014

I nearly committed suicide because of these people hounding me taking half my wages and not believing what I have told them.

I am at a disadvantage as I have to do overtime to survive as I’m 340 down before I start as that’s what the csa take from me , and as they wanted new pay slips that went up to 740 which was discussing , I could not afford that.

I spoke to them and as it as a woman she was heartless and would not help , it was only when I spoke to a man in the csa a he was supportive.

I hate the csa , I know I have to pay support but that treated me as a criminal and did not care how I wad going to live.

When I asked for my money back they said that’s for arrears , they only believe the mothers and not a word we say and it’s against men I firmly believe that.

I was robbed after being refused a DNA test

April 16, 2014

I had a default judgment for child support, I didn’t know I had a court date to appear. When I did appear to ask for a d.n.a. test I was turned down. 17 years I had my wages taken, Then they had a two year window for those who wanted one.

I jumped at it and found that indeed I was not the father. Then only to get hammered with the fact that they would not refund my money which I could really use now after I got laid off 5 years ago.

I was hounded, jailed and treated like a dead beat dad in court. The judge was very rude every time I ask for a d.n.a. test. I don’t know the full amount of money I was robbed out of but I know it was tens of thousands of pounds. Every time I think about it I feel like losing my mind.

The child was in foster care and yet the CSA still helped her claim

April 15, 2014

My son’s previous partner will not give her bank details and will only accept cash. When my son refused to carry on with this arrangement she went to CSA even though their son was in foster care.

It took CSA a year and a half to close the case because she didn’t have their son in her care and just a couple of days to open a new case for her.

My son has had a terribly stressful year and a half because he had to deal with this as well as fight for his son.

Is there no penalty for the fraud?

It seems CSA are happy to be used as tools to punish father’s by vindictive mother’s.

The CSA are an absolute joke

April 14, 2014

I have had problems with the csa for many years. Over the past few months i have been told that i was due back money from my ex of £600, only then to be told that it was infact me who owed him over a £1000 in over payment.

These people are an absolute joke.

My father did nothing to help us

April 13, 2014

My father used to pay my mother £4 a week for me and my brother but then just stopped paying it one day.

I am a young mother myself now and have realized how hard it is. my mother worked 3 jobs to keep me and my brother well looked after and i know it must have been hard for her and she has struggled and my father has done nothing for us!!

That to me really doesn’t seem fair. he has done nothing to help and support my mother bring us up.

Why did the CSA never ask me for money?

April 12, 2014

I split with my partner back in 1995 when our child was 6 months old. I informally gave her weekly money for a year or so and then lost all contact with child and mother which continues to this day.

At some point in the late 90s the CSA contacted me and I assume this was through my ex. At the time I was just starting a Uni degree and they asked for no money. I was a long time doing the degree with no real work in between.

Eventually started my own business which I still run now. Always earned decent money, always above board, always paid taxes, had permanent addresses for long periods.

Throughout all these years I’ve received 1 letter every 6 months from the CSA stating I paid £0.00 in the previous 6 months. Not once have I had a request for payment.

My child is 20 this year and I believe all possibility of being liable for payment ends then. What I’d like to know is why the CSA never asked me for a penny when I never hid myself away and have always been in the system?

My theory is that the period of Uni and perhaps early days of self-employment simply threw the system somehow. I also assume my ex never chased it up for whatever reason.

Will buying salary sacrifice childcare vouchers reduce or increase partners CSA payments?

April 10, 2014

Hi all,

does anyone know – If my partner (who currently pays £110 a week to CSA for his other 3 children) uses the salary sacrifice scheme which is deducted from gross pay to purchase childcare vouchers through his employer for our child’s nursery fee’s, would this then decrease the amount of CSA he has to pay weekly??

We can’t afford what we pay as it is and struggling to support our own child and mine from previous relationship, so we don’t want the payments to increase if we go ahead and pay for childcare using this method… any help appreciated :)

The CSA simply do not care

April 9, 2014

My experience with the CSA started some time ago and has gone from bad to worse. It reached it’s peak in April 2013 and continues to this day.

I moved to the UK from Australia to be closer to my daughter from my ex-wife in 2009. She was 5 at the time. We had a private arrangement whereby I paid money every fortnight into her mother’s account.

After 6 months of being here her mother cut off contact for no lawful reason. I still continued to make direct CS payments to her.

By late 2011 I had had enough and took her mother to court, whilst still paying CS to her. In the divorce and access case which ran concurrently and cost me £10K in legal bills the judge passed a court order stating that my ex-wife receive all of the proceeds from the sale of the marital home in Australia. This amount was approx £50K.

The court order stated that I did not therefore have to make CSA payments for a period of 2 years. The judge signed it, as did I and my ex-wife in the presence of two lawyers. Everyone was happy.

Around a month later in March 2013 I cleared the funds as ordered to my ex-wife. That very day the CSA contacted me to tell me that on my ex-wife’s request they were now handling her CSA entitlements.

I instructed the CSA that I have a court order stating I don’t have to and this is why (went on to tell them the details) Their response and I quote ” well I am sorry but that is tough. As she has requested we take over you have to pay and we over rule any court order”.

I appealed and sent them all the documentation. No response just phone calls demanding direct debit information. Eventually upon threat of an order on my wages I relented.

When I told them that I had also been overpaying during our private arrangement sometime earlier they responded ” we don’t care about that, that has no bearing on what you have to pay us. If you don’t like it write to your member of parliament”.

Now I have been informed by a lawyer that the CSA are incorrect in their judgement. I have contacted them and asked for the return of the court order that I sent them (they demanded an original and never returned it). Low and behold a week later and they can’t find it. ” I am afraid sir you will have to pay for and apply for a new one”.

I have had it with this agency and their total ineptitude and utterly disgraceful attitude directed towards non-resident parents.

I cannot see how they can just throw a court ordered agreement to one side and assist a dishonest person in committing what amounts to fraud and perjury.

But they do! They simply do not care and persist in grinding people down until they break them or worse.

They are a disgrace.

The CSA keeps dragging its feet

April 6, 2014

Hi i have been trying to get my well deserved csa for my daughter for 14 years and each time i try csa drag and i mean drag their feet and my ex partner then gives up the job and claims benefit.

The thing is if they didn’t take so long in persuing i could at least get some that i am owed whilst he is working but the csa keep fobbing me off every single time.

The system stinks to high heaven

April 5, 2014

I have been paying for my children for 17 years .my daughter turned 18 in august so I stopped paying or so I thought…

Moved in with my new partner in october and a case was reopened my daughter went to collage and my leech of an x wife cant move on with her life.

This csa system stinks to high heaven! 18 year old on jobseekers 52pound wk, through csa 86pound.

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