Why do the CSA not look into cases properly?

August 2, 2015

my wife left me with nothing i still paid £20 per week.

i offered to pay more last year but she refused to as she had a very well paid job..

the now ex-wife has gone to the csa and im soon to be paying nearly double…

i have no problem in paying BUT i also have a new family that reliar on my income.. i have a morgage and im trying to better myself and my family so why should i be brought down by the csa and pay alot more. For when the last 5 years like she has been refused me to see my son .. csa need to look on a wider scale its obvious your life style will change..

1: both incomes should be counted for

2: out goings ( not debts )

3: new life ( kids, house )

the bloke shouldnt suffer when it takes two in life. if a woman cant hard looking after the child (MONEY AND CARE) THEN THE MAN SHOULD AUTOMATICLY GET THE CHILD(IF THATS WHAT HE WANTS)

Ex is cheating the system

August 1, 2015

In nov 2010 my ex had another child with his new partner.They waited until march ’11 to go through the csa for this child which resulted in my payment being cut from £570 per month to £419.. for 3 children.. and he owns 5 houses!!.. I reported them immediately for what i consider to be a fraudulent claim, as even though they both have their own property they are very much ‘together’ in a relationship and alternate nights at each others houses.. I thought csa only dealt with SEPARATED parents.

After writing to them and making too many phone calls to remember, they came back with ‘unless they tell us they’re together there’s nothing we can do’.. this is getting really frustrating now as they even pick up/drop off my children together. Sick of having my nose rubbed in it tbh.. anybody know where i go from here??? Do i really just have to sit back and take this?? My children are actually going without things now because that is a huge chunk to lose.

I feel cheated by the CSA

July 31, 2015

I claimed for my daughter when she was 2 yrs old and now she is 15. We were on then they called it the old system.

throughout all the years my ex husband payed one payment of £ 100 and thought that was really bad. Last year he died and the csa closed the case. I contacted the csa on numerous occasions to ask why no payment had been made they would say they would chase it up but they never did. I would contact them every month and got the same replay I was going round in circles every time. It never got solved and he got away with it every time.

The CSA’s policy is so unfair

July 30, 2015

The CSA`S policy sucks big time. I have from 4 children from a previous relationship, which there father died when the woungest were 7 weeks old. I gave up my job to bring my children up. I MARRIED MY HUSBAND TWO YEARS AGO AND HE WAS UNEMPLOYED DUE TO PERSONAL REASONS AND AN UGLY SEPARATION from his ex-partner.He has not been allowed to see his son since he was three, he is now 11. He got a new job in March and now the csa are demanding a cut of his wages for a child he is not allowed to see. In effect we were actually finacially better off when we where both unemployed. We are raising 4 teenagers and his ex-partner earne more money than we both do combined.So can ANYONE out there tell me how this is fair? This is affecting all of our family. Oh and by the way , in the 10 years that my 13 years that my childrens father was dead….does that mean that I should have been GIVEN money from the csa, after all he was still absent!I hate this system.

CSA are so unhelpful

July 29, 2015

I’m a parent with care my ex has never paid my csa correctly ever since he walked out on me and the children 13 yrs ago . I went to the cas to try and get maintance for my children i got told it would take 12 weeks so went a haed with it . I started with regaul payments but as the months went past i never recieved payment so i asked for attachment of earning which they got and the payments started up again untill two mounths ago . I have phoned them and i keep getting told the same 7 to 10 days the payments were due to go into my bank . so this week yet again nothing in my bank and now the csa owe me £900 pounds .Which i don’t think i will seea penny of it . How can the CSA do this to people with children that need things . Can anyone help please !

I don’t get paid maintenance because Ex’s ex is lying to CSA

July 28, 2015

Csa are useless, my ex husband was with a girl 14 years ago, who fell pregnant and never said a word until she went into labour at 33 weeks. She’d been caught with another man. This lead to suspicions regarding parentage. When my husband I got together, he was painting and decorating and it wasn’t lucrative. He still paid her £40 per week, and I bought clothes and outfits for the child plus my own child. She would strip the little girl in the street and fling the clothes back at us. When we got our own house (rented) and had a daughter she rang hurling abuse etc regularly, trying to keep the peace I arranged a meeting for my ex to see the child. We met and she demanded my sons pram as apparently we had loads of money, my ex was out sick with suspected TB or worse (biopsy’s were done) and I had a 1 year old. She rang later that day and screamed down the phone that the child wasn’t his anyway with numerous other vulgar things said. He stopped paying her direct and we went and seen a solicitor who told us the only way the court will pay for DNA was for him to attempt visitation and her to deny it and thus him take her to court to prove the child is his.. She refused dna and visitation and then proceeded to have my ex husband held at gunpoint (not sure if these were fake or real) he was told to stay away or else.

We had a daughter and set up our family life, for 10 years. After this we amicable separated and he paid me maintenance every month for our daughter and my son (his stepson, but he’d raised him from a baby) this was his choice and he sent the amount which was reasonable, not flash but not ridiculous. Last year he received a letter stating he owed £20000 in arrears from this ex and it was to be deducted from earnings at 40% he earns £16000 a year, he hasn’t seen the child declared not his in 13 years and had nothing no letters, no complaints nothing in that time that would of led us to believe the pwc had lied about parentage. Now I’m getting nothing not a bean because he has major deductions from his wage slip that leaves him with barely enough to pay his rent, he can’t afford to have our two children every weekend anymore because he can’t afford to feed them or things (my choice) he sees them as much as he can, but this has taken a severe toll on him and our two children and me. We aren’t together but we are friends and I help with his admin etc. so I know his financial situation is correct.

The Csa won’t take our daughter into consideration because I won’t have that deducted from his wage too.. We tried to get them to take her into consideration to reduce the current outgoing amount so that my daughter didn’t suffer as a consequence. She has now thou, I’m a mature student and the maintenance I received helped ensure my daughter had the basics such as pe trainers, feminine products, coat and the such to ease the burden on me as a single mum studying.

The Csa are a bunch of money raping idiots, who persecute every person as if they were the worst in the world. They don’t consider that my sons bio dad is a waste of space on £50000 a year and gets away without seeing his son or paying and yet my ex husband tried so hard to spare £50 so my children could have the basics.

Just to note his ex has 5 kids with 5 different dads and apparently had them all threatened and then took them for as much as she could get 2000 pm in maintenance… Justify that?

I feel sorry for men and women.. Parents who don’t care need to pay up, men that want to see there kids need to be allowed and women who lie to Csa need strung up!

CSA demand money when I have a disabled son

July 19, 2015

It all started with a letter to myself from the child support agency in august 2014.Which stated they were taking £146 per week out of my wages for a child i didnt know of, herad of or even new existed. This child is from 16 years ago and is my ex wifes which she had after me and her got devorced,i was told if i didnt pay they would deduct it from my waqges or send in the baliffs.

I have a 16 year old step daughter and a 10 year old severley disabled son,they didnt take any of that into consideration,we had to go all winter with no heating or electric so this could be paid.I spent countless hours on the phone whithg them but couldnt get any sense.

Then today 15/7/15 i find out by letter from them ive over paid,you can imigne how angry iam,so i phoned agin saying i was going to deduct the over payment from this months payment the person i spoke to about this got rather angry and siaid you cant do that,you ex partner wont be able to manage on such a small amount my god iam very angry by this time to which my reply was if you had done somthing about this when i asked you to,we wouldnt have be freezing over winter.

This company is a complete joke they say they have the intrest of the child,what rubbish,they have severly negelted my disabled son.

I wouldnt pay them with pea nuts

Sick of CSA’s bullying

July 18, 2015

My experiance with the CSA that they bully alot wont take my daughter into account to reduce payments destroy peoples life by taking money you carnt afford.

Ive got 2 kids at home that are suffering due to Read more

Looking forward to seeing CSA in court

July 17, 2015

Having paid in full for many many years, never having missed a payment, (which can,has,and will be confirmed. even by my ex to the csa)and after threating letters etc and phone numbers that dont exsist so one can respond within the week requried to stop legal action, these bumbling Legalized robbers are once again threating to take me to court for arrears I do not owe.

GOooooOD. in fact Read more

How can the CSA operate in a ‘free’ country?

July 16, 2015

Great site but what is happening with CSA? Why are they allowed to carry on the way they do?

Is no one in the media interested? I am amazed that Read more

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