DWP brings up old files and ex sees opportunity to get more money

July 27, 2016

Old file has popped up to the dwp and they contactacted ex who run with 1 of 3 children 14 years ago and 2800 shows up as unresolved the poisenous dwarw sees cherries and tells dwp to get it for her i paid 1800 into account october 2002 she stole 1000 on my mbna card which is quits in my calculator  she admits to having the monies but is saying its her settlement and maintainence is still owed.

Ex only using me for money and won’t let me see my child

July 23, 2016

This is why my angry is so strong.

Friend said infertile. Gets me drunk. One incident later pregnant? I am not happy. She is angry because of this. After lost off abuse, name calling etc. i gave her hundreds of pounds worth of stuff for coming child. Then i was locked off. didnt see again till child was a few days old back at her mums. Fell out again coz im self employed and she took me csa when she wouldnt allow me to see child and i stop aid.

They ask for 120 per week based on my earnings 2014. I am self emplyed and work a few month at a time.The gap between can not be know so I need a float to keep my company going. Recent she contacted me on the correct path. Sorted out all the things missing and more. Spent near £2000.00 while paying her 100 ever 2 weeks. In mean time she got csa asking me for £120 per week. Now our son is kitted out again. I cant see him. Got to sort it with csa tho she said she was cancelling it? Im not on birth cerf tho the name i suggested are. I called police on her to make it stop the abuse on one occasion.

My account sent a letter advising the wage im on out company earnings to keep thing nice till i get a long contract, but it has been ignored. So to stay focused ive been ignoring them back. Paying that would shut me down. 2014 was 2 years ago. And they keep asking tho I have told them I am not even to that level or even at all now. Feeling like a dna is needed be anything else. Why would I not be wanted on cert but yet expected to pay. on paper there is no dad by the mothers hand???? So i have no parental rights. Kid goes to the mum b4 me. How is this possible. The stress it causes is best ignored till court.

I’m not receiving CSA because they keep adding it to ex’s arrears

July 22, 2016

I have had nothing but trouble with the CSA, payments not being collected then just adding them on to arrears, so weeks i would go without any child support then when they final spoke to my ex husband and get him to pay they would just add them on to arrears, my youngest child is now 20 so no support is being collected, it is just now my arrears of years of missed payments, the total arrears are £4,124.89 to which the CSA has agreed with my ex to pay back £100 amonth..which is a joke and even this is not being paid over to me, at the rate of £100 amonth it is going to take over nearly four years to collect all the arrears, yet it does state on their web site that they clear arrears within 2 years! please can someone help me with this?

Ex rejected direct payments once she lied to CSA

July 19, 2016

Ive got a child with a ex.and was giving her money till i had open heart surgery then.lost my job my house everything.then my ex told csa i neva given anything to her and now ive got to pay £3500 back date.now she found out im going back to work and i said ill give u £25 aweek she said no and took me to csa cuz the more money i earn she gets more for example if i earn £300 before tax i have to pay £36 aweek.even i got kids living with me but if i earn £600 aweek before tax then got to pay £62.but my ex got 3other kids a partner that works.

but ive got to pay £100 rent gas eletric water council tax kids football dancing hospital as my little 1 got problems due to being 13weeks early.for example.£600 take tax leaves me £480 aweek take bills = £100 rent eletric £30 aweek.gas £30 water £15 council tax £30 van insurance £25 petrol £50 plus £5 footy for my son footy and £5 aweek dancing my daughter  that leaves me with £180 and still got to get kids to scholl food dinners and days out if they be good.but csa dont see that.if there was no csa and told the mother to deal with the father then there would be 100% fathers who can see there kids and buy there kids stuff not pay for the mothers luxury life.if the father has to pay the mother then the mother should lose that amount out of there benefits.and i bet u the mother wouldnt go csa cuz there will lose there benfits money.

CSA make life altering mistakes and show no remorse for it

July 15, 2016

My csa hell started back in 2009. They decided that I should be termed as resident parent for my eldest child and my ex resident for my other 2. As she was a higher earner than myself I estimated that our claims on each other would pretty much equal each other out. Her £50000 per year job in the family business dropped to 13000 and her hours dropped to 19 ( apparently just the right amount for maximum tax credits).

The csa recommended I go to tribunal. At tribunal the judge informed me that as I only had the children for 45% of the time. I had organised our home etc according to the csa s original desision so was put in a financial hole. They assured me that the amount I was paying was correct and all 3 of the kids were on my exs claim. They told me that my case was being transferred to the Bolton department as they could not longer deal with my standing order.

Four years later it was discovered that they weren’t all on the exs claim and I had to pay more per month and £4000 in back pay. There had been many other issues over the years with them losing payment records etc so I had been recording phone conversations with them for some time. They admitted that the error was theirs yet I am the one who will end up homeless and trying to come to terms with it all whilst suffering depression caused by this situation. Are they really allows to make mistakes like this and just wash their hands of it.

I think ex has contacted CMS to get more money out of me

July 14, 2016

I’ve had a letter from the csm saying I owe the government and my ex just under £9000 ,this cant be right as ive always paid money direct to my ex ,I used to trust my ex so didn’t get receipts(stupid I know).the only proof ive got is my kids used to collect the money every month and they would back me 100% I don’t trust my ex now because I think she thinks she could get some money!!!! any ideas what I can do please.

Another mistake by the CSA knocked me sick

July 13, 2016

This morning a letter arrived in my letter box from a solicitor acting for the C.S.A. It was addressed to the occupier (That’s me) It said that the C.S.A. were going to take possession of the property and it would be sold with vacant possession. This was because according to them, my son owes maintenance for the one child remaining with his ex. The others have either left or more or less been thrown out by her. One by one they moved in either with their father or with me. I don’t think it occurred to us to ask for maintenance.

By the way – I’m well over 70 and suffer with a heart condition. The thought of being thrown out of my home was frightening. I felt sick and faint for quite a while. Now that I’ve been told it was some sort of mistake, I just feel angry. The C.S.A. make so many mistakes. Miscalculation of assets etc. Not just a bit out but way over.  It’s too complicated to explain here. Having read other peoples experiences it seems there are many similarities. Yes it does seem that all they are interested in is getting as much money as possible out of those who are already paying. I can only think that this is because it’s easier to do that than chase after the ones who have disappeared from the system and have no intention of paying anything. Really wish something could be done about it. Like so many of you, my son has tried everything but to no avail.

CSA is a money making scam for lazy mothers

July 8, 2016

Mother needs child payments because part time wages housing 50% and working and child tax credits are not enough ?

Or just a way to be used by decent notation that fathers should pay towards their children But we are not in the 1950’s and the rat won’t even let me use her toilet lol The sham bollox csa Cms or just father. / child tax bill The amount of times I’ve heard I shouldn’t have had kids if I couldn’t provide for them ??

I’m blessed with two girls and a boy

I love and through expensive family court hearings I get to see But the system of head in the sand by local tax office that men don’t need wages for life household bills let alone food or clothing How dear us want to look and be housed fe and warm It’s funny it’s stressful it’s disrespectful it’s dishonest to be branded a liar a cheat a deadbeat When the mother is openingly saying she cannot afford to live without paaymments But can take the kids on a holiday to Disney land again paid by the state because the fact of payments are not for luxuries but day to day living costs I’m not saying the kids cannot have a jolly but if I’m being de frauded 1/4 of my wages for them Then how does the male father do the same if life is so extreme in bills housing wages council tax bills loans debts car payments insurances an any extra fines social rackets like littering laws Csa have made my life a fuller experience to hear the banter that they believe is comical Truth the stress an anxiety of being a cash cow or a slave to a gravy train of free hard working cash that doesn’t cover one household let alone two Ok appeal doesn’t exist magistrates the same contact that shower ?

Case examiner only when they csa say the case has been resolved which never will be Parliament health and social ombudsman But it’s down to two people who had kids to make amends and move forward Failing that the family court who also say nope not touching that shite ?

Then dwp fraud cocersive denied acces no money no kids Wake up women the law will step in Repeatedly going to family court over contact says that the father is not a dead beat the mother is and using the system to defraud the male and the benefit system Proving it is easy just invest in c-100 forms as confetti the courts get bored I’m being deducted £250 25% 680 is a charge so that doesn’t go to the kids So it’s a lie so it’s dishonest £130 more or less child payments to the kids an the rest is arrears Even though I set up standing order and paid Can I provide proof of payments it was not the set amount £185 a month a phone call can you pay ten pence you are in arrears ? Wtf Set up family based arrangement 10% of my wages which £1200 tax free a year not bad for churning sprogs out Not enough So now six seven months later can I provide proof that I have a doe ? Wtf You set it up yer tit It’s silly mp’s will help by the csa saying we’ll reduce your bill by £20 is an ownis of defrauding Because if not they wouldn’t I told them shove it up yer arse

£380 nov merry Xmas kids

This is not me being I don’t want to pay just that being dictated that this is that and by the way your a scumbag because you left that poor woman ?

Most men are fed up with childish spoilt brat women who just use men for homes kids cars holidays slush fund nails money new dress new makeup By the way kids need …

Csa is an arse they are just but this

You owe this so your saying

Oh yes we don’t care it’s about making money The top an bottom is the law is fed up with single parents taking the piss out of the system That’s why it was set up Working fathers who own their own home is an easy target to attack for payments and doe out of wages Access and child support are not the same I think dads who don’t bother should be fucked over not the dads who give a shit But a nation of men out of work because the system needs to fuck us all over Any back payments after six years can be wiped out I’m two years in and the amount of utter bollock and lies Oh £84 a month is now doe £250 Forever Lost a shit load of weight no eating drinking And my clothing are rags but long as the rat bag looks good csa is a brickwall Say I’m just taping this conversation and I’ll post it on you tube They don’t like that Because it’s corrupt and a money making scam.

Greedy ex, CSA and a tribunal are all getting too much

July 7, 2016

I am a mum who has been fighting the CSA for the last 5 years. My ex husband gained residency of my 2 children because i have chronic mental health issues. He has been asking me for money even though he is remarried, in a professional wellpaid job and also in receipt of moneys from his new wifes ex husband. It has all gone to tribunal, upper and lower, with the accountant of the tribunal grossly inflating my income based upon zero evidence….. I have shared care and have done for the past decade and pay all I can to support my children….I have not had a holiday in over a decade, have just been recovering from pneumonia as I have been over wintering in a caravan and have just been presented with an arrears notice from the CSA of £8,000 because of a verdict from judge street that a roof over the head of a business is not a valid expense….I have been suicidal these past 12 months and need help I so do not know where to turn…

Why does CSA presume you are the father if mother refuses DNA test?

July 6, 2016

6 years ago I came out of hospital to find out I had a letter from CSA saying I am the potential farther of a little boy (who at this time was 5 years old I was cross very upset asked myself , how was has it taken 5 years etc! anyway I spoken to the CSA who said if I don’t pay for a DNA test they will presume I am the biological farther! this was very upsetting no one would here my voice I did pay for DNA test and 99% I was told I am the farther and child maintenance was back dated over(£2000) which till last year I paid now I have to pay £180 from attachment of earnings still present.

through facebook I have tracked the little boy mother on facebook and he looks nothing like me ?? also I have a daughter when she was 2 her mother cheated on me and we split up not long after that she met someone else and stopped me seeing my daughter for 9 years but I paid cash through my farther who was allowed to see her till 3 months ago she split up with that bloke and police were involved and out of the blue November I had a call from my dad to say do I want to see my daughter who now is 12 years old

as you can imagine I was scared of meeting so much time has passed by I went to Birmingham where she lives and it was perfect I cried so much cut along story short (and I am happy to discuss with you in more detail)

she has now met a 50 yr old bloke and with in 5 months has got married to him  and has now put a claim in for child maintenance I have been told it will cost for both children £300 I have worked all my life it never been proven my daughter is mine my fault really but because my mum has an illness I kept it at bay I shouldn’t and each day geos on I think she’s not mine and its been biting me for years and its killing me I have looked on CSA website if I have an DNA test I will cost me but explains if the mother of the parent deos not want it or refuses it (make up a story its stress etc) I will still have to pay how can this be please help.

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