CSA are blatantly ignoring our human rights!

May 24, 2016

Where do I start?! From the get go the CSA have been nothing but problematic for me and the tale is too long and makes my blood boil too much for me to want to recant. All I will say is that they have ruined my life, I get less to live on week to week then they actually take from me. I have asked several times why my legal rights to shelter, heating, food, clean drinking water and family are being ignored and dissolved all in the name of paying child maintenance. Surely our human rights are being ignored by this disgusting excuse for a government agency who will bleed the NRP dry with no second thought to their rights or needs.

How many need to take their own lives before they realise something needs to change. Thanks to the CSA I have no relationship with my children as I simply cannot afford it because of the amount they take from me, I’m barely surviving! Not a day goes by where I don’t consider taking drastic action just so I won’t have to feel the way I do anymore. Criminals, illegal immigrants and terrorists all have more rights and get more from the government than I do! Surely out there somewhere is someone who can change this medieval system?! Isn’t there??

I can’t afford to live thanks to the CSA

May 23, 2016

I’m left with just £170 a week after CSA payments , I was expected to pay for accommodation , pay bills and run a car to get to work ( 10 miles away and no public transport ) . I told them I couldn’t afford to live , and got told to eat less hahaha . I’ve lost my house now and live in my car , so can not now have my kids stay over . Anyway to the point , if I pay £50 into a pension would my wage be £120 . Or stay at the protected amount of £150?

Ex and CSA are both out to get me!

May 20, 2016

I have brought up both my kids on my own and got into dept whilst doing so as their dad gave us meagre financial support £94 a month for both children. My son at 16 decided to live with his dad immediately he got the csa on my back and I was told I’d have to pay £140 a month. I tried to reason with his dad and the visa I bring home £1150 a month and after I pay my mortgage,bills and debts I’m working for nothing. I know my son is at college but he is also working and earning more than an apprenticeship pays. The csa are not interested in this fact. My son is now 17 csa have put an attachment to my earnings of £300 a month im worried I’m going to loose my home. I feel the visa are just on a big witch hunt against me.

I already pay maintenance and have my daughter, should I be paying more?

May 19, 2016

My ex is asking for me to pay for my daughter to go to nursery more cause her new boyfriend has moved in with her so she has to work more hours. .. I currently already give her maintenance money every month for my daughter along with having her 2/3 nights a week…. do I have to give her more money for the nursery payments or not?

Does it really cost this much to raise one child?

May 18, 2016

Child maintenance service took my case after the csa I got a re assessment of £560.68 This is £98.00 a week and after I was told to stop paying as they were doing an assessment This payment is for one child I agree I need to pay something but I can’t afford to pay this amount for one child Does it cost this amount to bring up one child if this amount is half?

Can CSA force payments even though I have a shared residency order

May 16, 2016

I’m not so sure what the CSA now has on me. Just last week, I obtained an order to have shared residency of our daughter.

I’m still paying the mother 200 per month, it’s a family based arrangement, the current file at the CSA is in the process of closing.

Inevitably, the mother will get a bee in her bonnet about something and go off to the CSA again…as we now share residency, would the CSA try to force payments from me? Surely, I could open a case and ask money from the mother if this was the case? What happens in these cases?

CSA is a failing system designed to help spiteful women

May 13, 2016

The csa and the so called new cma are a complete bunch of morons why cant this goverment realise that tje system is failing stop persecuting innocent people and give radical change to see if it works . There so pathetic cant they see that the women only use the csa for spite if a woman breaks up a family and it can be proved in court then the absent father shouldnt be made to give sod all . Why should he have to keep suffering we do have lives beyond ex partners and we do have  feelings women are just spiteful idiots who can hide behind the muppet goverment because tjere gutless trouble makers who abuse tje system.

Biased CSA should take financial circumstances into account

May 11, 2016

I pay The Child Support Agency Maintenance for my children through the CSA. I am not one to complain although I feel now that the CSA have gone to far with a recent assessment.  I feel perplexed and anxious as I can not find a way to voice my opinion to someone who will listen and help me with my plight. The CSA state that if support is required to contact the CAB. The CAB have been advised by the CSA they are powerless to do anything.

From the beginning the CSA took 6 months to assess my case, I was unemployed by the time they got in touch with ,a demand letter for maintenance totaling £900 rather than a payment mandate.

In 2013 whilst earnings were low for me and my estranged wife we were deemed to be below the breadline and awarded tax credits. Whilst I was being assessed for the change in circumstances by the CSA I did not make regular maintenance payments. They assessed I should of still been paying maintenance at the same rate as before by this time I had accumulated a £2000 debt. My maintenance rose from £160 to £240 because of the accumulated debt . I rang the CSA and spoke with an adviser (dependent on what question  you ask to weather they are an adviser or a caseworker) to sort out a manageable payment amount which was agreed and by the end of the week, Aimee the CSA Accountant rang me and  demanded I pay £300 or she would put a detachment from earnings order in place.

An alleged case worker put a detachment from eaarnings order in place during a festive holiday because of a late payment of maintenance. If he had of been a case worker he would of seen from my file that I pay early every month.

Yet again during a time of financial difficulty my estranged wife had not been in work long when she fell critically ill and we were dependent on my wage and her statutory sick pay the CSA would not lower the maintenance payments.

I am being assessed on my wage including overtime where as before I was assessed on my basic wage. The Chief Executive on a BCC program stated he expected the parent paying maintenance should work overtime to cover payments. Now though i will be working overtime and the payments will become infinitive. The more I earn to try and pay the maintenance the more they are going to take. My monthly expenditure including maintenance is £1183.59 (Household Bills & Groceries, Student Loan (9% of access over £21,000 annual salary) Children (Transport & Clothing), Dentist (Regular Check-ups), Opticians (Check-ups & Glasses) Prescription (Ailments) Work wear (Not provided  Temp Worker), Barbers, Internet and Mobile  (When I Can Afford) Pension and Work Transport. My income is £1382.33 (overtime permitting) a month and basic pay without £1061.67.  I would move to a cheaper property if I could afford to do so. My estranged wife left me and i did not have the finances  to move on to somewhere cheaper. My maintenance payments are £287.75 a month)

I understand and am proud to support my children financially I work the overtime to live. A fairer assessment would be on surplus expenditure rather than 20% of earnings after stamp and tax. I can not help my financial situation this assessment will leave me homeless and probably without work as I need to get assessed on a basic week’s pay to getting maintenance reduced. My job requires me to work overtime. I am also not entitled to benefits on a basic wage. The children’s mother uses the CSA as a tool  to  undermine me to gain full access to the children the CSA then put the maintenance up to compensate for a fall in shared access without an appeal procedure and on the word of my ex wife. The CSA are biased in their approach.

CSA are making me wait to receive payments

May 10, 2016

the Csa take deduction of earnings from my ex. They reviewed the case in February and a new schedule was sent out to advise I would receive payment on 27th April. My last payment was 3rd March. When I rang asking where the payment is I was told that the employer has until the 19th of MAY to send in payment. I asked why no payment is being made in April and I was told because my ex partner might have been off work.

My ex and I have a good relationship and I have seen his wage slips. Why are they making me wait 2 months without any payment?? What can I do??

I’m prosecuting CSA for their negligence!

May 9, 2016

I’m currently taking the CSA to tribunal, but, so far, the hearings with the judge and a “representative” of the CSA are treating me as a criminal. I have overpaid £3,500 and want my money back. They claim I’m £7,000 in arrears. I’ve shown evidence of earnings and shown their mis-calculations.

I will now take this to my MP, The House of Lords and the media.

I want the CSA prosecuting for Gross Criminal Negligence.

I want to collate a dossier of similar cases to present my case.

Could you provide me with as many cases as possible to back up my case for prosecution?

I want these people to pay for their crimes.

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