Surely the CSA can’t reverse its own decision?

January 27, 2015

Last year I decided to start paying AVC’s into my company pension. I spoke to the CSA to see if the figures I proposed would be allowed, as they were quite high. After some consideration they said they would allow it in my case (because of my age).

Now 9 months later they have ‘changed their mind’ and say I must pay retrospectively – I’ve gone from zero arrears to £1000+ overnight.

Surely they can’t just reverse their own decision?

I can’t get the money back out from my pension now!

Can the CSA be charged with harassment?

January 27, 2015

Hi guys csa,cms contacted my work 6 months ago told them they was taking £179.80 direct from earnings each week.

After many calls to the CSA about how i have to pay so much for one son was beyond me and they said I have £4000 in back payment for the last two years witch I knew nothing about.

I split with my sons mum 5 years ago after2 weeks she got married and stoped me from seeing my so so had no contact and she lied to the CSA I told them the truth and they just said we dont believe you then I received a letter stating my sons name is now changed.

Then on November 28 2014 a new case opened for a potential daughter just paid for DNA test not got results but now they have joined the two wanting £90 a week being harassed by the CSA I’m now self employed witch make them more determind to get the money for a daughter that prob isn’t mine but the mum said I am even tho she got a injunction when she was born against me a son that name has been changed I have been told on his birth certificate having many chats with CSA over last month I’m now 5000 I dept …witch they have just pulled out there ass as they don’t even know earnings or any thing.

I find the CSA a total joke and a wast of time and they lie so much …can we get csa done for harassment and other question is if the CSA dont pay money out how can I owe them and I pay tax’s and they get child benefit and every thing els dam there better of Tha I ever will but cant she kids but hell have my money.

CSA told us to max our credit cards

January 26, 2015

Csa have recently got in touch with my partner about reaccessment and came back with an amount which he agreed to pay.

A few weeks later they got intouch again saying thr previous assessment werent done properly and that he had to pay more to which he arranged a higher monthly payment..they then said that his arrears were in region of £1800 and that they need payment.

After working out our finances we are unable to pay too much a month to clear this but he has offered to pay what he can..they have said its not enough and to max up his credit cards to which they checked up on,and that they will send enforcers round.

In my mind if he is seen to be paying something off arrears what exactly can they do..also can they only sieze goods that only he owns or can they take mine too because we live together??

Please can you let us know where we stand as hes worried to death over this..thankyou.

The CSA should be shut down

January 25, 2015

Im a father of 4 and have very little dealings with the csa cos when i have it has been a compleat nightmare.

I have allways paid for my kids direct but when i have lost my job for what ever reason (not for long tho ) my exs went to the csa which was real hard to convince i dont owe monie i havent erend and cos there was a assesment in place and no change of sercomstancess was changed they dident care and wouldent change this even tho there was no payments going through them at all.

Not intrested unfair and not right it doesent matter how when and where if the monie hasent been erend csa can not dedmand the payments hence paied £76 csa must pay £ 85 really any way thats only the start in a nut shell im a father of 4 vwith 3 mothers i get on and have a very good relathionship with 2 not my ex wife mother of elderst only in the last 2 years tho ive allways paid.

Sometimes late or out of work but allwyas caught up my latest and my self wanted to go through the csa as it was sopposed to be easyer and convinent what a compleit cock up not only have they payed the money that should have gone to my ex they payed to my ex wife which i have had no dealing with for many years and on that point i took parental charge of my daughter for a year in 2011 and make a claim from my ex wife for payments and still to date not heard a word no chase up no letters no claim.

All i get is we are looking into it the agency shouild be shut down put back in to the courts a real person look at the claims ect csa are a joke a disscrace and ruiend my exmas 2012 cos of their mess ups my ex got no payments befor christmass but so much pressure on me many arguments and i was sopposed to spend christmas day with them due to their incompadence and lies this did not happen many thanks the csa no wonder so many mums and dads do a runner cos csa cors even more upset.

To put it blunt im a real p*ssed of dad that gives a toss about his kids.

CSA is trying to make my family homeless

January 25, 2015

They want to make my family my wife whose money bought our house and my 16 year old son.

Just to claim benifit my ex wife claimed!

What can we do?

Do the CSA’s own resolutions mean nothing?

January 24, 2015

Don’t know where to start really ! I’ve been battling the CSA for 7/8 years now over arrears that have always been wrong. At one stage they were chasing me for £34,000.

Last year my wife and I went to the resolution team and we finally got and admission from the CSA that they had got the arrears wrong. They issued me with a letter of apology and gave me £50 compensation.

We then agreed the arrears of just under £5000 and they said that they would be intouch to sort out a monthly payment plan. We heard nothing from them for months, when we did hear back from them it was the enforcement team chasing me for £13,000?????

We said to them that we had agreed the arrears with the resolution team but the enforcement team were not interested and everything we said fell on deaf ears. So now I’m back to square one the same place I was 8 years ago. Not sure what to do now as I’m banging my head against the same brick wall I was 8 years ago!!

Incompetent CSA means that I’m not paying the morally right amount

January 24, 2015

I have exhausted every single avenue to pay my ex wife for my two children. Currently i work for various agencies and the CSA had advised me to submit wage slips and a cover letter to them for re assessment.

I had done this at least five weeks ago to find out that they have been sent to another office or even lost , and advised to send them again. In the meantime i have been paying a flat rate to my ex for my two children which frankly is not enuff for me , but due to the insistance of the CSA , this is all i have to pay.

Untill re-assessment aftere AGAIN recieving my wage slips. With me being on a low income at present i feel that it will be a flat rate payment..but i have always been willing to pay my ex through a personal agreement..which i will use my savings to pay her..but she still refuses and also refuses maintenance direct. I dont know what to do.

I have offered her money directly into her acc but she does not want it,,,so it looks like flat rate it will be…which moraly hurts me..when i can pay her some more ..i just dont understand.

The CSA have been messing around with this for such a long time and it is now making me ill with anxiety.I paid my maintenace religiously for 6 years untill i became ill and lost my job. I had been on SSP and JSA allowance for a period and then some short time agency work , less than £100 pw..which still is the flat rate ,,but she refuses any more money from me..making me ill and anxious.

Any advise please? Thanks.

Does the CSA work anymore?

January 23, 2015

CSA is really becoming very difficult to deal with. I’ve had payments paid to me late and in some instances 2 months late. I’ve spent countless hours and money dealing with CSA to chase payment.

I recently spoke to CSA and one of the customer service agent told me very simply to take it or leave it and that payments will be late and that I should not depend on the money being paid to me.

Unfortunately the whole idea of going to CSA is because lone mums require that payment to make ends meet and I cannot understand why the service has deteriorated on badly. I’ve been with CSA for years and I’ve never had a problem however recently I’ve had to call and chase them each month for payment although payment have been received by them.

When I asked to lodge a complaint I was told very clearly that nothing will be done. Is CSA working and is it doing it’s job?

What will happen with CSA if my ex is not letting me see my child?

January 23, 2015

I have paperwork from the Family Court stating I have my 2 Children 2 times a week. and Pay the CSA,and have done so for 2 years.

Now My Ex Wife is not sending my Daughter to me ? Do I need to go to court to say the Agreement has been broken and will the CSA TAKE MORE MONEY OFF ME when they do there calculations for the Yearly Calculations as My ex wife could say Im not having my Daughter 104 days or more as i am meant to do and want to do but am being Stopped ??


Why can’t I be assessed through the newer system?

January 22, 2015

I have been paying through the CSA for eighteen yeras. My one remaining dependant child is 15 ad I’m just being re-assessed.

I am assessed under the old 1993 system and asked to be assessed under the 2003 system only to be told that this wasn’t possible.

Could you please tell me why this is?

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