CSA listens to ex’s lies

October 20, 2014

My daughter attended 4/5 colleges for a couple of weeks when she turned 16 she was chucked out because she never attended but my ex wife and daughter were claiming she attended.

I have social service reports to say she was no longer in education every time i phoned csa they tell you while family allowance is still being payed they can t do anything.

I reported this as fraud 6 times even my mother also did still i paid csa until last sept when she reached 18 csa are now telling me i missed 1 months payment and they want £175 from me or there taking me to court.

They owe me 2yrs worth but nobody listens.

Abusive ex has made it hard to see my kids

October 19, 2014

After 10 years in a marriage where i was miserable due to emotional bullying as well as some physical bullying at times. I made the decision to leave my husband.

We have two daughters together and i know he would not hurt them. The situation before i left him was as follow:

He had left his full time job and decided to work in a school as a teacher’s assistant.

I had to go to work full time and quite often was doing 14 hours shift a day. Hardly saw my girls as I worked so much. The girls got used to have their dad look after them before and after school.

When I decided to leave my husband he told me he would not let me take the girls and in order to keep things as amicable as possible and due to my work I agreed that he would for now be the main carer. It would have been cruel of me to take my girls, have a child minder, not see my girls myself and not let them see their dad.

I left everything in the house. I furnished the house, I bought beds, tables, furniture, my parent’s furniture too. flooring. All DYI was done by myself. But I left everything as to not confuse the children too much. I kept buying after leaving him too. a new Lawnmower, Barbecue. garden trees and plants, flooring for the bathroom. etc…

Their father refused to tell the girls for over a year that I had left him and kept saying that mummy was working away. in the mean time I took on his credit card debts at my name to help him financially and kept on paying gas and electricity for the house.

I was coming back to visit at the week ends and slept in the girl’s bedroom floor. I said it was because their dad was snoring too much. but i could feel that the girls were missing the truth.

Finally one day, their dad decided to tell the girls that i had left him. He did so without me being present which meant my oldest daughter was very upset with me.

I tried to resolve this by taking the girls to France for a week’s holiday at my parents, but something happened and my oldest daughter decided she didn’t want to go. I had her dad on the phone to me trying to see if i would force her to come with me then calling my solicitor to say I’d threatened to kidnap her. I had to go to France with only one of my girls.

It took a few months to be able to resolve this with my oldest daughter but when I finally managed to get through, she accepted the situation and was happy again with me.

Their father then introduced them to his new girlfriend and had her move into the house after New Year. Ever since this, my oldest has now again decided she does not want to be with me and her dad refuses to bring her to me.

I have not seen my oldest child in over three months.

With this. We agreed that I would finish to pay the debt off before we discussed any maintenance. I did give him what I could on top of the payment to the debts, and offered to pay for the girls School trips. Also i made sure I would buy the girls clothes and when they were with me I would ensure they are properly fed and looked after.

However, In April. My now ex-husband has decided to contact CSA and is now getting £400 from me every month. I have had to get an IVA set up as this amount of money is taking me over my monthly payment after I have paid the debts off and my journey to work. I do not buy myself food or clothes to ensure i have some cash when my youngest daughter comes to visit.

The situation has been made worse as he has now bought his girlfriend an engagement ring but when he brought my daughter for a visit this week end, she had some old clothes that are too small for her. When i told him he needs to ensure she has clothes that fit her, I am then told that I am being unreasonable. Tonight ended in an argument as my daughter plainly told them she did not want to go back with them and wanted to stay with me. I was then accused of brainwashing my younger daughter.

I had to let my daughter go back to her father’s house in tears and very stressed.

Let down by CSA

October 18, 2014

I feel as if i have been let down by the system everything seems to go in favour of the ladies. i work hard for my money my ex partner does not work .

But then she has no need to work when she is receiving csa money as well as half the mortgage and half endowment. and i still have to paid rent as well as live.

The whole justice system is so unfair to lawbiding tax payer.time i pay all the money out as well as my expenses .i may as well be on the dole.

CSA holding back funds

October 18, 2014

Hello. I have recently received a letter stating my daughters father no longer needs to pay anything towards the daily living expenses and upbringing of our daughter due to earning less than 5 pound per week. From the 25th sept 14!

Therefore a part parent from the 1st Sept 14 up until the 25th sept 14 is still out standing in which has been deducted from his account but not released to be paid to me.

I have telephoned and emailed regarding this in which they have stated this payment is due but on hold in their accounts due to 12 pound having to be paid back to him which is only fair. I was due this money nearly two weeks ago and still haven’t received any communication or funds.

CSA mistake leaves me in arrears

October 18, 2014

Basically a computer error by the csa caused my arrears to go up by £200+.

Even though they have received payments directly from my benefit, they still say that I am liable for the xtra arrears they created.

What happens if my ex chooses to lie?

October 17, 2014

I desperately need some help with this situation. My CSA case is (almost) closed. There is apparently a £1000 ‘suspended debt’ from Oct 2006 to Jan 2008.

I paid my ex directly £200 each month. This amount was £120 less than the amount due (by mutual agreement) because of an £1800 over-payment a year earlier. These payments continued for 15 months, at which point the debt was clear.

The CSA wrote to me in Jan 2008 saying “Your last payment of regular maintenance to us for will be detailed in the collection schedule will will be sent separately. This means that you will have paid your maintenance liability up to and including 17-01-2008″.

I have sent a copy of this letter, plus the relevant records of debit from my account, which correspond to the cheques paid directly to my ex. (Bank records aren’t available that far back) I also sent a table of payments made; this has the statement “15 deductions of £120 (inc 3 on 17/3/07 in £600 chq) = £1800.00 : overpaid now clear” written and initialed by my ex on 15/3/2008.

From a conversation with the CSA case officer, it seems that in spite of this evidence, all my ex has to do is to deny receiving the money, whereupon the CSA will draw up a payment schedule for me to pay this £1000 (AGAIN!).

What can I do?

Can I force my ex to produce her bank statements for the dates in question, to show her corresponding account credits?

Doesn’t the letter from the CSA in 2008 mean that I was fully paid up?

Doesn’t her initialed statement on the payment table have any evidential value?

I don’t see the fairness or logic

October 16, 2014

I have been separated since 2008 and have now divorced my ex-wife since 2010.

We have one child and have verbally agreed that we share joint custody (one week with my ex-wife and one week with me)and my ex-wife has control of the child allowance payments which make her I suppose the parent with custody.

I have also verbally agreed to pay what I have been told is the estimated amount should be have gone through the CSA (which we haven’t) and that works out at £220 per month and am wondering is this fair on me and is it an overpayment.

I earn roughly £42,000 before deductions per year.

My ex-wife lives in the former family home with her new partner whose estimate income is in excess of £60,000.
My wife also works and earns around £40,000 per year.

Is she eligible to pay tax on the “Child Allowance”

I simply do not see the fairness or logic in paying the amount I do when my ex-wife and myself earn roughly the same and she can subsidise this with the income coming from her new partner as well (I earn around the £42,000 mark and my ex-wife receives two salaries totalling near a £100,000) how on earth is this fair.

CSA are making my CHILD pay!

October 16, 2014

Two stories here, and one against the other dont make sense. My ex partner has avoided CSA for over 16 years, they caught up with him, he said he was ill and now gets benefits, paysl £5 a week and £1 arrears.

He gets £72.45 a week to himself. Me , hubby and child are newly self employed with zero income and live on tax credits and working tax credits of £147 a week. An assessment was done and we pay £30 a week to CSA for my partners children x 2 (assessment and £7 arrears through their cock-up)as ALL income, even our son (who lives with us) money is taken into account.

So technically my seven year old is paying for his siblings. I wrote to House of Commons as no joy with the CSA and told to look or a part time job whilst setting up our business….surely this can’t be right, looks life is easier benefits….what a joke!!!!

Ex treats CSA like a game

October 15, 2014

My daughter is coming up to 10 in November 14. Her father and I have been separated for ten years in March 15. When we first separated he begged me not to ale him to the CSA. I begged him for £20 per week. I had just moved home and was trying to start again. I received 1 maybe 2 payments and it stopped. I made a claim with the CSA on the approach to my daughters 1st birthday.

For the first three years i received nothing, i was advised his mum was advising he didn’t live at her address and his grandmother was saying the same therefore batting the “not at this address” card about.

Eventually as he had not contacted them when my daughter was 5 they found him liable for £40 per week averaged from his age, profession and location. He soon got in contact to advise them he was not in work and wasn’t willing to pay. He was taken to court and was given a order to pay £100 for arrears per month and £20 in maintenance or face prison. His mum paid it. For a few months that is.

From the age of 1 to 5 I dropped our child with his mum at my cost every 2 weeks and collected her at my expense. I also provided her with everything she needed for her visit clothes, nappies, milk ext. He provided nothing.

He then entered into a new relationship with a woman who already had three children and the quickly had one together. I in the mean time was working as hard as ever and still providing him access to our daughter at my cost.

He wrote to the CSA and somehow they sent the letter to me, it basically announced that he was on benefits and this payment his mum was making was causing his family hardship so the payments stopped and the CSA agreed.

I then received £60 in payments over two years of £5 each time as he was on JSA. Each time he failed to sign on or he was sanctioned I stopped getting money. That money paid for half of a violin lesson a week 6 times out of 50 weeks.

I don’t have the right to stop paying for her essential care if it causes me hardship and believe me, at times it has. I have gone without a coat and shoes and had to walk the 7 miles to work and back as I had no money to get there. We have had to eat at family members house because the food we had just did not stretch far enough. We had three years without a family holiday and my daughter missed so many other opportunities. I have never claimed benefits apart from maternity allowance for my daughters first 6 months until I went back to work. I had a house, bills and a £200 weekly child care bill.

After all that hard work and after meeting a decent man I am lucky enough not to be in that situation and I only work a few hours from home so I can be there for My daughter more than I used to. However I still do not get any maintenance for her. He signed off benefits in June 2013 and didn’t pay. I have called the CSA every month on the 15th of each (or there abouts) for an up-date. They say they are looking into his bank, that took 10 months for them to inform me they could not take money out of it, and could not tell me why. They have said the inland revenue does not hold any employment details for him so they can not apply to deduct his earnings. It costs me more to call them than I have ever had in maintenance.

My daughter does not see her father anymore, for a lot of reasons other than this one and she has started to ask about money. However am careful not to get into the conversation and scream at her about the lengths he has gone to not to pay she has started to text him and ask for money. Unfortunatly he thinks it is me encouraging her to do this, but genuinely believe he only says this to further prolong his non payments.

I wis so much I could take him to court. The way I see it, he put his name on her birth cert and signed for parental respocibility, as did I. He should be liable for half the payments towards her up-keep. He could also diminish his responsibility for me and remove him from our life completely. I can’t just decide I am not paying for my daughter one day, if i didn’t provide secure living, food or clothing I would be on the front of every national news paper having had my daughter forcibly removed from me for neglect. For her father however it is like a game. Giving us and the CSA the run around, getting away with never contributing but is still allowed to visit her as he has the magical parental rights! If he wants those rights he should have them all, as do I.

The CSA do nothing, they don’t call me, ring me or update me. They don’t chase him and according to him have never contacted him in 4 years. If they can not do the job intended they should leave it to the people who can. I don’t have the option to take him to court only the CSA can I have to just sit and wait, year after year hoping that one day justice will be served.

My daughter looks him up on the internet and see him planning his wedding and the holidays he takes himself on. She has sat with him when he has play chis XBOX. She has seen him out drinking and buying cigarets. I couldn’t afford those luxuries and I work 42 hours a week.

I believe dragging this out for so long had had a major effect on my daughters early life and it has caused me immense amounts of stress and anxiety. If CSA had done their jo in the first year or allowed me to take him to court then a lot of this could have been saved. I used my money and time for him to see his daughter because I understand it is important but due to other reasons this has not worked what more can I do as a parent??

Pleas help me, I want to get money for her.

The CSA are going to bring us into poverty

October 14, 2014

My husband has been contacted by the csa, they have demanded that my husband pay so much money to his ex wife for their daughter that he has no contact with, the csa has told my husband how much he has got to pay a week, and we cant afford it as we have 3 young children, my husband is not saying that he wont pay, but he wants to pay a reasonable amount, so that we can live as well, they said no.

So we went to john cruddas, and even he hasn’t help much neither, so now because of the csa we are going to be brought into poverty, but that’s ok as long as the other child happy, my husband don’t even know if the kid is his, but even then we cant afford to get a dna done, the csa are a waste of space, how do u justify making one child happy, and bring 3 kids into poverty, this country is well and truly screwed up

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