Our daughter has suffered at the hands of the CSA’s actions

August 22, 2016

My divorce has taken nearly five years, split over two countries and everything that we once had in possessions and investments divided by the scourge of society, family lawyers. What followed was a phase of parental alienation, the use of legal aid (fraudulent) to bash me harder and amongst the many tools in the box the CSA was brought into bat to investigate non payment of maintenance. Of course these were false allegations but served a purpose for the solicitors that could wield another cleaver in the family courts.

I have never missed a payment to my daughter and never would yet I believe that somewhere nearing Read more

Men run rings around the CSA to escape paying

August 19, 2016

I have a 2 yr old daughter who’s father hasn’t so much bought her a pkt of nappies in her life. He works full time and doesn’t even want to see her never mind pay for her. but he is on the birth certificate.

I think it’s ridiculous that to get any help off the csa u have to pay a fee which on income support would Read more

Heartless CSA has failed me and my wife

August 18, 2016

Five years ago I dated a girl she seemed lovely and then one day she disappeared. I later met someone fell in love and got married. The week after I got married the girl who went missing said “I know you have just got married but you have a child with me now 4.” I found out the girl when I was dating her had a fella but couldn’t get pregnant so she used me as a donor. I knew nothing of him.

She had played happy families with him until they split, he was on birth certificate. I had to pay three hundred pound to csa for a test to prove it wasn’t mine else they would take money straight away. It transpired it was mine but she doesn’t want me see the child I have no way of knowing where she is living and now because I am paying 500 pound a month to her I can’t afford legal case.

This broke my wife’s heart who was pregnant at the time, through all the stress we lost the child and csa rang the day we found out for bank details I explained what had happened and they said if I don’t call tomorrow they would take it straight from wages. So heartless. And before anyone says u made it, I used condoms and then went to the docs with the girl as she was going on the pill. Little did I know she had no intentions of using the pill.

If my wife and I split and we had made a child I would fully except responsibility but how is the system fair when this horrible girl admitted everything to the csa but is still entitled to so much money a month which I work for and am having to put back starting a family with my wife since loosing the baby through money trouble. The system has failed me and my wife.

CSA ups payment at the drop of a hat

August 15, 2016

I contacted the csa when me and my ex split and they told me I had to pay £33 a week which was fine… I set up a bank transfer every week for £40 and all was good until I met my new partner…. I received a letter from the csa around this time stating my ex had put in a claim and when I phoned them they told me the payments had now risen to £55 per week and because my ex wants it took straight from my pay it will incur a 20% charge on top of that.. When I asked why it had changed all of a sudden they told me it was because the child’s mum had contacted them and circumstances had changed… So I am now left with the choice of having to leave work as this is going to clean me out because of the corrupt Ness of this organisation.

I can’t afford my maintenance payments!

August 11, 2016

My top line of wages is £340 per week i find it very hard to live after paying £25 per week tax £21 national insurance and £65 child matinence .this is so hard for me to live on .i take home £227 per week .i have to pay £110 rent plus council tax /shopping /electric /gas/water/ and fuel to get to work i ave now choice but to give up work as this is making me lose my home and also going to put me in prison for council tax arrears i need someone to tell me what help i can get.

Corrupt CMS doing everything they can to get more money

August 9, 2016

Oh where do I start. When my ex wife asked me to leave, every month for the last 6 months of our marraige. I eventually agreed. We agreed as a maintenence payment I would pay the mortgage. After a few months I went to dig out the paperwork so I could negoiate a new fix term deal and found that it had gone down by £200 for the last 2 months. When I asked where the money had gone I was told it had been spent on a holiday. This happened again and again I had paid over what I agreed. So I went to the CSA and asked how much I should be paying which was considerably less.

So I told her that I would not pay her anymore until I had recouped what she had taken from me. So then she reports me to the CSA for non payment. When I explained to them they were not interested as they would only look at it from when they were contacted. We argeed for months and I ended with a DEO which in the first month left me well under the 60% as my employer made a mistake. I then lost my job and had varying wages they could not work out what I owed. I then went self employed and still had varying wages.

I offered to phone every month with what I had earned to pay the right amount but they would not do this. I went up and down from owing nothing to £95 per week. They continously forgot to account for my 2 children I have with my current wife. Eventually after complaining about the befast office I spoke to a man who agreed that if I provided my year end figures then they would calculate the next year from that and I would pay at this rate. I had during this sought a court order for contact with my children as the ex would stop me from seeing them on any argument we had. Due to the nature of my work it was agreed that I would provide a schedule of which weekends I would have the children and when I had them in holidays. So life was ok. Then the change from CSA to CMS happened.

They re assessed my income and put it at £2500 over what it actually was. I was not allowed to appeal as it was not more than 20%!!! So I now pay a rate based on an amount I dont actually earn and the agreement I previously had is out the window. We then dispute the staying contact. Me and my ex disagreed on how many nights I have them. I have produced the court order and the calendars she has been sent with the weekends and other times I will have my kids as per the court order I have got and this, even though she has not produced any evidence that I have them less, is not good enough.

I had worked out what I should be paying, with the discount, as I will not over pay her as I wont get it back. So as I wont pay what they say I should pay, even though she gets money from me weekly, they have put me in their collection service, charging me 20% and her 4%. Therefore making money from me and her that should go to my children. Now also as they have re assessed my income, which I can not appeal, they have back dated this and I am now over £1000 in arrears. I have continuosly asked them to take me to court so a judge can decide but they refuse to.

So I am all of a sudden massively in arrears, am underpaying as they wont accept my evidence, even the evidence from her saying its fine to go with what I have told them for over night stays. Have another DEO given to someone I dont actually work for!!! I give up with these people. They are clearly out to make money from people as everytime I have attempted to speak with them, I am over spoken and have words put in my mouth so that they can get their own way. I have never not paid, always responded to phone calls and letters. Not once have I tried to hide from them. This month so far I have 8 letrers from them!!!! 8!!!! This is yet another corrupted government department and there seems to be nothing NWC can do to stop them!!!

The CSA will believe any old lie apparently

August 4, 2016

I have paid in full plus extra since both my kids have been small.

My oldest now works and of course his payment stopped. But imagine my surprise when my daughter decided to work full time for a year, to not only have my money not stop but actually go up by 50 quid. I have not had a pay rise am in the exact same position as i was before, but some how i now need to find more money because the mother has told them shes in full time education still that i know is a lie.

But been told i need to sort this with the mother, who i don’t speak too unless extra money is needed like a 300 quid prom dress. Everyone should pay for there kids but i would now like to do it like i do with my son which is pay direct to them and not to her. But tyo be honest CSA if all you have to do is lie, i actually know that right now she is in in full time education on the moon. Am sure you will take this as the thruth as every other bloody lie has been beleived.

CSA doesn’t class my case as a priority

August 2, 2016

Although my children are now 27 and 28 I have been informed by the CSA that their father owes me £16,000 in unpaid child maintenance! When I approached them years ago they told me I was not a priority case as I was working. They gave priority to single parents on benefits. They just kept giving me new case numbers so in the end I just gave up. I told them I do no want the arrears written off and asked if they would now pursue the case. Silly Question! I have about as much chance of seeing a penny of that for my girls as flying to the moon on a broomstick. It’s appalling.

CSA makes me pay double what its calculator says!

August 1, 2016

Guys, where do I even begin!

my ex ran off with my twins when they were just 6yrs old whilst I was at work! didn’t have a clue where they lived then found out she had moved in with her mother in Bournemouth ( 3hr plus one way trip).

After a lot of angry dialogue between us both, the csa suddenly got in touch with me asking me for close to 600 a month for both kids! on their own website both myself and several colleagues worked out I should only be paying 350 a month according to my wages…so where in the world they even got to 600 Ill never know.

Several months of arguing including getting my local councillor involved got me nowhere. I have limited access to my children due to the 6hr round trip and I have had to move twice as I couldn’t afford to live where I was due to amount these bloodsuckers take from me. I absolutely hate their mother and them for putting both myself and my kids through this…..wheres the justice for real fathers who have been there from day one for their kids and for this to happen to them?? Real obnoxious people to deal with too.

Incompetent idiots started to get abusive when I challenged their lies

July 29, 2016

Before my case landed with these rude and incompetent individuals it was handled in Scotland. There is wages arrestment in place with a date of no later than 19 the of month to receive payment. These idiots denied this was a legal order and started yelling at me over the phone when I challenged this. A manager hung up when he too realised I wouldn’t be lied to accusing g me of having a bad attitude and being abusive. If that is a bad attitude and abuse for challenging blatant lies then I’m guilty but they think they can treat people like crap and lie to cover up their incompetence. I hope one of their family have the misfortune of needing to deal with these idiots.

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