Why isn’t my husband in prison?

August 27, 2015

My husband walk out on me and his 2 children 15years ago, he left me in a lot of debt. I found out where he was and informed the csa but all they did was send letters to the address he was at, in return he wrote on the letters not at this address. nothing else was done he has not paid anything in 15years.

Why are the men who don’t want too pay left alone and the ones that do stung for everything? why has my husband not been put in prison like the csa state?

Is it worth approaching CSA again?

August 25, 2015

when I split up from my eldest sons dad 6 yrs ago I had to go on income support(for 3 months) I was told that I would not be allowed it unless I gave them details for the C.S.A about my ex which I did.I received a letter nearly a year later from the C.S.A to say I would not be allowed any money from the Ex as he earnt less than £5 a week. I phoned & was told they had done all their cheecks I did say how would he pay rent, food & ciggarettes on that but was told it was right. For the last 6yrs I have some maintence when he has felt like he is in a good job. Im not sure ewether it is worth going back to the C.S.A as I don’t know what they will say this time. my son is only 8.

I’ve not received any CSA and I’m struggling

August 23, 2015

after a decade of c0mplete stress from ex, still he is allowed to control my life as name still on morgage. no fianancial aid at all. two kids ,only sees 1 a fortnight. also causing damage . and disputes with constant actions. to try to force sale to pay debts he has obtained.still i have no idea when,where or what is happeni8ng with my case, payments of 80 a week set by csa over a year ago not recieved anything. constant calls, letters.i have complained. told in hands of enforcement, its over six months since last contacted me.house needs repairs, want to just get on with life , can t sell, living on benefits which are constantly being stopped,for reasons that evovle issues that are highly complex,sensative. in debts caused by time issues of reciept of benefits, constant harressment,discrimintive is understatement to say least. children been made to pay for what seems to be a on going attack,need to ende this now. need aid ,asp.

CSA are the most dishonest organisation around!

August 22, 2015

I have paid through the CSA for my daughter for around 8 years without even a missed payment. The case was closed down ealrier this year as my daughter got herself a job. They refunded me £140 2 weeks after the case officially closed.

Now I find that they are chasing for arrears of over £300. I do not believe their numbers so I asked for a history of my payments and also the 7 refunds they have made to me (funny giving me refunds when I’m supposed to be in arrears!). They have been unable to provide this despite numerous requests and are now threatening an Attachment to Earnings Order for the +£300.

A guy from the CSA phoned my company and told them I had refused to speak to them, this is a blatant lie, I have spoken with about 4 different people over the past few months, non of which have been able to help.

The CSA have proved to be unprofessional, unhelpful, and, worst of all, fall way short of honest. They should be ashamed but hey, what can you do??!!

Is it not a crime to withold information from the CSA?

August 20, 2015

My ex telling the CSA I havent paid for 4 years, I now owe £4500, I have paid this money directly to her. After 4 years constant payments to the CSA 2004-2008. Now I face wage arrestment, and the funny thing is, I have had one letter regarding this, which I phoned to ask for. I can prove most payments as through my bank, but some, a small amount can only be traced through her account, my sons name was the reference. She can prove these, yet doesnt have to, is it not a criminal offence to withold info from the CSA is it not?? this is only a brief discription of the problem. I will add, I live 200 odd miles from my son, yet make every attempt to spend time with him, weekends, school holidays.

Can I get Inland Revenue to investigate lying ex?

August 18, 2015

I recieve £5 a week from my ex for our 2 children, he is self employed and only declares £100 wk when i know he earns around £800wk, he just about to move in with his new girlfriend who is policewoman, i have been told that when they move in together its a joint income and i can then claim more is this correct, and also is there anyway i can get inland rev to investigate him. i work fulltime myself. and why shouldnt he pay for them.

CSA is making my life hard to give ex an easy life

August 17, 2015

I had a very on off relationship with a girl who got pregnant over 7 years ago she went on to tell me that she was pregnant,i was happy but soon got the message I was no longer needed,the final nailwas when she asked her brother to pick her and my daughter up from the hospital and not me! I had to get a court order to see my daughter and has been hard work ever since.She did not use my surname but worse did not put my name on the birth certificate! the only thing she did do was give my details to the csa.

i have been paying through attachment of earnings but recently change jobs so I contacted the csa and they told me to try and reach an agreement with my ex.which I tried but she will not have any contact with me and I have to make arrangements with my 7 year old daughter through her own mobile phone.which I think is wrong!

my ex has remarried just come back from the Caribbean and now drives a brand new range rover! I have been told I now have to pay her £450 per month even though I am not seeing my daughter! I live on my own and have my own mortgage and bills to pay!i work on a commission based job so how long will it take until I find these payments to much for me! not long at all! so the csa have left me with the alternative of working 60 hours plus a week just to pay the bills and csa or I leave my job and the csa can be proud that they have put another hard working man on the dole queue? CSA give yourselves a pat on the back.not every case is straight forward all you are doing is working for these women to give them an easy life with no thought for anyone else. wrong wrong wrong.

Ex is threatening to go to CSA unless I pay more

August 16, 2015

Been paying my kids mother into her bank for roughly 7 years now, she recently wanted more money and threatened with the Csa so agreed to give her more now she is threatening again Is this rite once she’s agreed already with me? I think she gets a good amount.

The problem is when you deal with the Csa they don’t take into consideration I have a mortgage and bills to pay so if she does go ahead I’m going to be in real trouble plus how do I treat my kids for birthdays and holidays the fact is I wouldn’t be able to, the system is awful and really needs looking at? Plus with new system they go off your p60 so at the end of a year I might have had a really good financial year meaning they take more money off me the following year but that following year I might have a bad financial year but will still be paying the amount I earned from the year before so how can I be expected to pay money I wouldn’t have?

Why am I still paying CSA?

August 15, 2015

Recently phoned CSA to inform them that my son (19 next month) whom I pay £62p/w for into PWC bank account. Said to them my son has been working since July 2014 and not been in education since May 2014 Why am I still paying I asked and all I got was we will be back in touch once we hear from child benefit if PWC is still claiming child benefit but as per usual heard absolutely nothing what a joke they are (money owed to date almost £4000) but highly unlikely I will see a penny of that back (Raging!!!!!!!!)

Paying hunderds to CSA despite 50/50 custody

August 14, 2015

Split up with wife two years ago as she was caught cheating.

Have fought for two years to get 50:50 custody of our two children, which I was granted a court order for in January 2015.

Trying to be a nice bloke I allowed her to continue to claim child benefits for both children despite the 50:50 residency.

CSA have continued to take hundreds off me each month as she is classed as primary carer due to benefits.

We have the kids minute for minute the same, but I have to pay hundreds to her each month.

Total joke.

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