CSA are just helping her to take more undeserved money

July 27, 2014

One greedy mother who as my child is not happy with 100 a month.

Never as her kids wich the other 2 are not mine and Csa are all for her trying to dig deep into my bank.

When am payin for up keep of her luxury life living like a queen Csa are w*nk.

CSA ‘mistakes’ must be a crime

July 27, 2014

The CSA make hundreds of mistakes daily but always in favour of the CSA.

Whats the chances of that unless they are deliberately making mistakes which is legally known as FRAUD.

CSA even put someone else’s child’s name down on my form

July 26, 2014

Got divorced when son was around 5 he is 17 now and I put in for csa when I had to finish work and sign on the dole.

This was the old system gave them every thing they needed and kept on at them to see what was happening and nothing filled in yet an other form after years of them it must be onthe old system and only started getting it 4 years ago but no back pay as they have lost the claim I put in back in 2002.

Oh and then they messed up and put someone else’s childs name on mine there all a joke.

CSA do as they please

July 25, 2014

CSA have a del and do as they please leaving me with 700 pounds to support a house and 6 other children and a partner.

100 of phone calls no joy. Letters claimed not received resent still not received till faxed by then 1000 arrears CSA claim can’t back date. Told lies regeard to how arrears have to be paid back its a compile at shambles.

Why can’t they find him?

July 25, 2014

I’ve been contacting CSA every week since April, my son’s father claims his been laid off 6 weeks before Christmas every year and claims JSA.

He sign off benefits in April and has disappeared, again. They say they have a tracker on him with the Inland Venune, became his not replied to any contact, phone or letter.

He keeps doing this every year, but this year his disappeared off the face of the earth. I’ve given them as much info as I can.

Last year he forced me to go to Mediation, because I had to stop him seeing his son, his an unfit father. I agreed for him to see hos son at a contact centre, but he, as too busy at work to organise it. I believe he only wanted to get back with me, that’s why he done all this Mediation stuff.

Well he being clocking up a large sum of maintenance while he is not claiming benefits? Because he is working. His son has Autism and he knows this and I have to pay towards any services I may need, because of some many cuts at the moment.

Write to the Prime Minister to beat CSA

July 25, 2014

I sent a letter two D Cameron a couple of weeks ago explaining what the csa are doing to me I got a reply.

Then the csa got in touch with me with all there bull s so I have sent a letter back to d Cameron waiting for his reply.

If every one did this we mite get some thing done a bout the csa . don’t email him send a letter that way they must reply to you.

CSA are overcharging so that the ex won’t kick up a fuss

July 23, 2014

I phoned and told the csa that my wages had been reduced and that I had my children 2 nights per week instead of 1, 14 month later and I contacted them again asking why no changes had taken place in my payments.

They didn’t know why nothing had been altered, but knew I had contacted them, so I’ve overpaid for 14 month, yet they will not reduce my payments till I’m awarded back my overpayments.

Said I can do that but if my ex complained I would have to start paying my support again, there is no justice? It’s all for one and not the other!


Are they just making this arrears up?

July 23, 2014

To all the people that have had problems with the CSA, IT TOOK ME FIVE YEARS TO PROVE THAT I DID NOT OWE ARREARS THEY SAID I OWED.

I was nearly suicidal but with the help of my new partner who is very clever and supportive, I was able to find the strength to keep fighting, I wrote to my local MP, the government borrowed money from my Mum to get an accountant, they did take a big chunk of money that I had paid in the first place to avoid an attachment of earnings, although I was eventually able to prove that I didn’t owe this money.

Six years on I still haven’t had the money back, now after 6 years of fighting because I moved away, and I earn less now, my ex wife contacted me because she is now afraid she won’t get any money, we have come to an agreement, although she has done everything in her power to stop me seeing the children for the last six years.

I even carried on paying for my eldest daughter for well over a year and she had left school and had a job, I only found this out by accident, and when contacted the Child Support Agency didn’t explain to me why I hadn’e been informed and to this day I haven’t received my money back for that either, apparently I have to pay the same amount for two as I did for three????

Don’t quite understand how that works, anyway my ex wife, has now told the Child Support Agency she doesn’t want to involve them anymore, and that we will work it out between ourselves, but apparently, I now owe them £1046.16 in arrears, where this amount has been plucked from I will never know, think they make it up as they go along.

Anyway I called them to ask them what the arrears were for and they couldn’t give me a sensible answer, because they don’t actually know, that’s what the computer says so it must be right, I have kept every letter I have evr been sent from the CSA, and when I quoted a letter back to them from last year that I don’t owe any arrears after my five year battle with them, and that I have never missed one payment, the lady at the CSA, was at a loss as to what to now say, so she just said yes you do owe it, and that was the end of that, so now I will have another battle to get these arrears they’ve plucked out of the air taken off, otherwise, if my ex wife decide’s to be spiteful again apparently she can come after me at a LATER date through the CSA to get these arrears back.

The CSA are a nightmare, I believe their should be independent solicitor’s to help NRP to talk for us when the CSA won’t listen, everyone I know that has had to deal with the CSA has had a nightmare, so don’t ever feel your the only one’s, the CSA go after working Fathers and once they get their teeth into god help us all, but all it really does is give the ex’s the leverage they need to decide if they don’t want you in the kids lives then you won’t be because even if we wanted to go to court we can’t afford it because of the extortionate child support bill’s we all end up with.

I do not object to paying Child Support but it should be means tested on both sides, and the Mother’s should be able to play god with the children, I bet if the CSA said to the Mother’s that they had to let NRP see the children or they wouldn’t get any money, the Mother’s would soon let the kids see the NRP, unless obviously the children were at risk in any way.

I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with the CSA, they are a completely unfair organisation and should be shut down for good, keep fighting them though, because things are starting to change, bit too late for me, but hopefully in the future things will be fairer, for the children and the NRP.

Why don’t we focus on a child’s emotional support first?

July 22, 2014

What pisses me off more than anything is everyone banging on about money, money, money, money. WHEN will there be a Child EMOTIONAL support agency???????

No wonder the majority of children from broken families end up at the lower end of society, they just see their split parents constantly fighting. I dont see my boys, apparently as I no longer loved her and didnt want to live with her anymore I was suddenly a phedophile, with 7 cops at the door checking my computer, phone and anything else with memory capability, and after wasting police time they were returned to me.

So just be careful guys, the girl who will do anything for you when you meet her will do anything against you if/when you split, even using the children as a lever, saddens me when one parents need for power and spite is greater than a child/children’s need for a father.

How can they happily take my money but then say they can’t talk to me?

July 22, 2014

My Story is I am claiming JSA because I am not working, but I received a letter saying that £5 a week will be deducted from my JSA.

I contacted them on the 25/11/2013, and after the forth time of contacting them i eventually got through, I was asked a variety of security questions, which I understand, but then I was told they could no go any further with this as I got a security question wrong.

I thought about which one I might of got wrong and the only one was my sons date of birth, which was stupid of me, I then recalled them back with the correct date of birth, they asked me what was my sons mothers surname, which because i don’t have contact with the mother if she has remarried then I would not know it.

What gets me they can take the money out of my JSA without any notice at all, and also not help me when I required. regardles of what security questions, which most i know if i don’t no my x’s married name this might be the reason, but why would I want to know her name, when it dose not interest me.

I don’t even see my children they are 19 and 21, I have not even fallen out with my children, i sore my kids once on my birthday which was June this year and i have not seen them since.

I have always paid my child support, but a couple of years ago I overpaid, the parent with care she closed the account, but i never herd from the CSA ever again until they have just taken £5 out of my benefit, which is to help me look for work.

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