At the end of my tether with CSA

October 1, 2014

I have had hell from the CSA for 13 years now. They never believe how much I am earning and draw up payment schedules that are totally out of synch with what I actually earn.

I am a discharged bankrupt, have no property, not even a car. Finally I have got a decent job and a chance of a life, so now they have claimed I owe twice the amount of arrears they previously stated, threaten me with jail and dramatically increased my payments.

Their schedule pretends I earn £35000 plus when the actual figure is £25000. I am at the end of my tether, and will either have to become unemployed or swing from a rope.

CSA is disgusting

October 1, 2014

I am 33 and have been signed off since February undergoing medical investigation.I also suffer with anxiety and depression and currently have a small drink issue.

I am forced to live on 50.00 per week by esa because they take 15.00 out of my benefits towards my 14 yr old daughter whos mum does not allow me contact.

It’s disgusting the law in this country.

CSA has just made up a sum

September 30, 2014

My exwife left me when my daughter was 9 months old ,with the next door neighbour ,recently found out shed been seeing him for a couple of years.

She is now 14 i have two sons one 24 from the age of 16 i have supported him staying with my mother my other son is 20 he lives with me now with my partner i also looked after him since he was 14

CSA are putting a liability order on me for 6k i have been paying most of the time however i had no contact with c.s.a for 3 years historic and they just made a sum up 3k. Advice?

CSA was OK until I asked about stopping

September 30, 2014

For the last couple of yrs the relationship between my daughter and me has become strained, she is 17 and i hardly see her now, infact she ignores me and treats me like a normal customer if i go to the shop where she works.

She has done a year at college but ive been told she dosnt want to continue with it. She works part time however i suspect as its the holidays she is working more than 25 hrs a week , ive been told she has had an interview to start an apprenticeship with a one day college release.

I called CSA and put this to them, the first time ive ever experienced attitude from an agent in yrs, normally theyre ok but then ive never mentioned stopping CSA before. I got speaking to a b*tch who contracticted everything ive been told before and was told “lots of kids do extra work on holiday periods waiting to go back to college”.

I dont know if this women had her ex by the balls or what but i felt a bit belittled, she went on to say it was upto my ex to keep child benefit informed of changes, knowing her she isnt going to do that, also if she did would benefits tell CSA?

Im confused as i feel im being taken for a right mug. I always mention to CSA everytime i speak to them for the record my ex had the affair not me and up until 2 yrs ago i had my girl half the week since she was 8.

CSA incompetence is hurting my child

September 29, 2014

My ex husband for the past 18 months has been lying to the Csa about the amount of time my son spends with me.

He stays every weekend fri and sat night and every school holiday. I contacted the Csa a year ago and told them the information they had was incorrect and that he stayed with me as above. They told me they could do nothing about it until I’d kept a diary for a year to prove this was the case.

So I kept the diary. Feb I contacted them back and said that I now have the diary and could they adjust the payments. They asked for a copy of the diary which I sent in. I waited and waited to hear but nothing happened.

I called them again to be told that they had never received it. So I sent it again and waited. Nothing. I called again to be told that they had contacted my ex and he said that he didn’t sleep over and they always believe the parent with care.

I said I had witnesses to prove that this was untrue so again they asked me to send in a copy of my diary. I sent it they lost it AGAIN!!!!! I’ve just called up to see what’s happening and it seems like they just don’t care.

I have another child that I care for that is now suffering hardship due to the incopentance of these people . I’m getting to the stage where I don’t know where to turn for help as no one seems to care. Please help me.

Why can’t the CSA see what’s obvious?

September 28, 2014

WHY?????Cant my daughters “father” pay a penny for her????

WHEN iv told CSA he works fulltime+claiming incapacity benefit..his wife works fulltime+claims child was receving £5a month csa+it has recently STOPPED!!

CSA told me he makes LESS than £5A WEEK!!!!!BLOODY JOKE!!!!WHEN my child+anyone in the world can see ALL OVER THE INTERNET that this “MAN”working..driving fancy in a fancy home..spending a fortune on the wifes KIDS..lavish holidays 5-6 times a year ect ect ect!!

If we can see all this* my god*WHY CANT CSA?????

CSA penalise the wrong people

September 28, 2014

Hi looking through all of the comments above im shocked at how unbalanced all 5his is m partner who I have been with 12 years and 3 children 2 his and one from a previous relationship found out 3 years ago that he has another daughter who was 8.

At the time he was 14 when the child was conceived and wasnt told till 8 years later shocking !!so we have our family unit and this came as a total shock for u only for the other mother to decide that after 8 years and after acusing 4 other boys of being the dad because we did a ibternet dna test that came back positive that she wanted his money!!!

He had a good job which thanks to tue csa demands of £80 a week for a child he has never met he has stopped and gone self employed it was the only choice we had my my eldest son is is disabled so they was calculated all tax credits ect on this which is absolutely discusting.

Its now 3 years aftrr he found out and the csa still continuously harras him he has been put on anti depressents because of all the stress og it all my my family are suffering whilst she just swans around and d9snt see she has done anything wrong my piont is the csa are Sh*t and penalise the wrong people bit we will f8ght them all the way.

I just tried to do the right thing

September 26, 2014

Hi, thank god I found this site. Hope someone can help. So a woman I was seeing told me she was pregnant but wasn’t sure who the dad was, the other man was at the birth but when he was born she eventually said he was mine.

She agreed to a Dna as long as she could sort it and she never showed me the results even though I paid for it. I started seeing the child and csa called me and “demanded” I paid so I thought I’d do the right thing.

I’m not on the birth certificate also. Every time I tried to move on to new relationships she would tell me I’m not the dad so closed the csa a few times. Then when the child was 2 she decided I was the dad again and the csa called again to say I have to pay again, the csa told us she may not be able to open the case again because she was messing them about too many times, so we complained to them and to say they can’t keep doing this.

A solicitors said it would cost me 5 to 10k to fight to see him in court because I’m not on the birth certificate and because my partner worked but we have other children and just couldn’t do it. The complaint went on for 2 yrs and I chased and chased it but the last woman (apparently high up in the csa) who said she was looking into the case said pls leave it with me and if you don’t hear back it’s a closed case and I am not the dad!

5 yrs later I get a letter saying I need to start paying. I called them and they said the case is there but it’s not open so they need to look into it. Then last week the big guys in the csa called me and said they have found an application from 2009 and it has to be open from then and I am the father! The boy is not 8! So we have to start paying 10k back and weekly amounts staring this week.

CSA staff should know what it’s like to be treated this way

September 26, 2014

CSa is 1 big scam I pay my mantinance and now they taking it from my wage for a child that could be the milk mans for all I now.

I just hope them that work for them all end up geting scammed them self then they no what its like CSa stink.

CSA is making it harder

September 25, 2014

Hi I have phone Csa a lot lately & getting no were fast my maintence payments I have counted 11 that I have not had.

My maintence for my child it’s getting harder & harder now when I do phone it’s been the same for weeks waiting on his work getting forms back to CSA how long does this take?

Worried about this now & need my maintence for my daughter as she needs clothes n food thing she likes that I haven’t had.

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