CSA changed my children’s surname

June 20, 2010

CSA have changed the surname of my children even though there is a resident order in place.

They said it was the PWC who told them to do it even though they cannot provide proof. Leeds county court have stated no application to chang my children’s names has been recieved, are CSA braking the law?


  • Brokenfather says:

    Yes, but I doubt they give a stuff ……

  • Adom Barnor says:

    I have the same problem but I am doing something about it does anybody wish to get some info on how to void asst if they have changed the childs surname phone me on 02380685934 a lot of solicitors are very ignorant of CSA rules I have a copy however you must have been married to the parent with care if you have a contact order issued by the courts even better i would like at least 200 men who have the same problem to contact me the more the better do you wish to sue csa if so we need that number to do it in one go i have the phone numbers and addresses
    phone me adom

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