CSA assumed I was still earning the same even when I told them I wasn’t

December 1, 2012

The CSA have been Taking £ 11 per week from me since May 2011.

My daughter was 19 in May 2012. I paid that sum till June 2012 The CSA have listened to my X Wife, who has invented earnings.

We used to run a company from our house, using the Garages as storage and workshop and the cars for the company.

Out of the Blue in Jan 2011, my wife left me, and made false accusations of DV to the Police, resulting in my arrest and charge. Eventually in Crown Court in September 2011, I proved myself innocent of that charge.

However the net result was, my Daughter was called by the CPS as whiteness so I could not have any contact with her.

I was ordered from the House, where we ran the business in May 2011. The Garages I was allowed to use, but my Ex made it difficult, entering the Garages and helping herself to my items.

The Car I used for work my Ex Sold.

So, My Ex was 50% of the firm, the House was the office, and I could not enter it. The Garages were workshop and Storage – that effectively I could not use. The Car I used for work, my Ex sold. My Ex resigned as a director, in Feb 2011, but had first took £20K from the company, leaving me overdrawn.

I had to take loans to pay for the solicitors to help me. At this time, my Ex wrote to the CSA and told them what we earned historically, so they made an assessment and changed me from £ 11 per week to £110!

I contacted them and said that was not acceptable, as how could I be expected to maintain my historic income, with what had gone on? They ignored me.

I phoned them and said, I am not earning the same as I used to – for obvious reasons. I stated I would pay the £ 11 per week, but if they helped themselves to more I would cancel the bank instruction. Then they had a complaint from my Ex, and re assessed again and came to £111 per week. Again I said no way.

They kept taking £11 per week until May 2012 when my daughter was 19.
A week prior to her birthday I got a chase up for £ 5k… stating I was in arrears.

I spoke and wrote to them and told them why they were not correct to ask for more.

Then they said I was not on appeal, and was late to appeal. BUT I had never accepted or paid the increased fee, so how can I not be appealing?

The CSA refused to appeal my Case.

They have said I need to go to the appeals service in Lymington. I have done, and they had my documents by 1 Nov 2012.

I chased the CSA this week to be told that the appeals in Birmingham Court Service has not yet decided if I can appeal.

This situation is not fair.

I have been divorced, and paid handsomely to get a full and final. My Ex is still using the CSA to rob me, she wants as much £ as possible from me.

If the Appeals board say no, the court can send Bailiffs to me to collect money I actually fairly do not owe.

I also believe that the CSA are not taking into account that my Daughter and Ex Wife were living in my former Marital Home. Neither me nor my Wife were paying mortgage as we had overpaid so were in credit. Basically, I was left abandoned, had to rent a home, try and work, fight lies in Court, and pay for a divorce, BUT the CSA assumed I can still run my own business all on my own, with no house, Car, workshop or storage or the other director. I was in debt due to the monies my Ex took and having to pay for Solicitors.

HOW CAN ANYONE ASSUME I STILL CARRY ON EARNING THE SAME? But that is where I am, and the situation is really stressful.

Can you help?
Chris Mitchell


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  1. Rob Bradby on December 4th, 2012 10:13 pm

    The CSA do not care about your circumstances, they are trained to threaten intimidate and bully NRP’s ..I know this as it is happening to me..it’s always the same “man hating, couldn’t score in a bed full of cucumbers” old steer..fight them al the way it’s all you can do,,good luck 😉

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