CSA are plucking silly numbers out of nowhere that I can’t afford to pay

September 18, 2017

Me and my boy’s mum had a bad patch at Christmas 2016 she stopped him seeing me the only thing i felt i could do to get my boy back was to stop paying her and it worked she let me carry on seeing him but after that she got csa involved and waned back payments that was fair i thought i have always payed my way with him i but csa pulled a silly number out of a hat that i was to pay back i wrote them a letter saying i could not afford it will all the arrears on top i also told them my income and out goings showing i could only afford to pay £10 of arrears on top of what my standard payment should be and waiting for them to get back to me i carried on paying her the standard amount finally they do come back to me with an even bigger number i dont know what to do now.


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  1. David on September 18th, 2017 3:46 pm

    Hi there

    From reading about your issues, I cannot tell whether you are actually with the CSA (old system) or the CMS. If the CSA, your liability should be based on your actual income with certain expenses taken into account. The CSA also has to take the income of the parent with care into account as well.

    If however, you are under the jurisdiction of the CMS, they should simply take a percentage out of your income which is commensurate with the number of qualifying children.

    I always advocate a private agreement between the parties as it takes the CMS/CSA out of the equation and avoids any additional costs to you both. You should use a third party representative to negotiate a settlement figure and to draw up a legal document (something I do for clients all the time). This way, much bitterness and antagonisms can be avoided. The CSA/CMS only causes enmity between NRP’s and PWC’s.

    I do not know what your arrears are but it is highly likely that the amount they say you owe is fictitious. This really should be challenged. If you need to know more about this or anything else I have discussed, please send me an email at [email protected]

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