CSA Birkenhead

Birkenhead (North West England)

If your case was opened before March 2003:

Telephone: 0845 713 8000

If your case was opened after March 2003:

Telephone: 0845 609 0082

Textphone: 0845 713 8099

Fax: 0845 713 8095

Postal address:
Child Support Agency
PO Box 31
CH70 8DN


13 Responses to “CSA Birkenhead”

  1. jane newton on January 29th, 2012 2:26 pm

    last year my ex partner was given a suspended sentence and told to pay £240 a month £180 plus £60 back pay i have phoned on many occasions and cannot get a reasonable answer as to why he has not paid that amount or a regular amount since the court decision i would appreciate an e-mail or a letter in response to inform me as to why the courts decision has not been fulfilled as my case has been dragging on now for far to long.

  2. Ian hone on September 10th, 2012 4:24 pm

    I have a big problem with my case . I’ve sent 10 emails to them with only a reply stating they will be in contact with in 48 hours but never hear anything again ..
    There are major issues with the case but no one is interested in sorting this out . I’m at breaking point and don’t know where to turn.
    It started with a deduction earnings order for my oldest daughter and then having to pay arrears as well which meant in paying over 30% of my wages also then found out part of the payment was to be payed to my ex wife for my 2 other daughters my ex wife or me never asked the csa to be involved with them but they did . I was to pay £60 to my ex wife through the csa but she never saw any of the payment . My ex wife and me came to arrangement to a mutual agreement. I informed the csa i was paying my ex wife and the csa for my 2daughters . They were not interested but said I would get a refund for the 6 months of paying £240per month to the csa for my ex wife .
    We never saw that money it’s just disappeared . I informed the csa about my oldest daughter being 17 and not in school and I cannot afford to pay this amount every week I got told I should have kept my penis in my pants in the first place.
    Since then I’ve made another call to the csa over my oldest daughter and the missing money. I was told the missing money was payed to my oldest daughter by mistake and not going to get that back so my oldest daughter and here mother got over payed to the sum of £1’440 which should have been refunded to me for paying my ex wife twice . The woman on the phone was not interested with this over payment . It’s money billed to myself and showed as payments to my ex wife but got payed to my oldest daughter and her mother by error . In my mind this is theft of money that was to be payed to my ex wife or to me. This over payment must be looked into .
    The other problem was my oldest daughter is 17 not in school so I should not be paying money to her ,I was informed because my oldest daughters mother has not put a change of cercumstances in then they will continue to take money off me until told other wise. This is very unfair and should be a formality when I child hits 16 more forms should be filled out not just wait and see if the mother sends forms in . I can tell you my ex will rob the system as she has done for 17 years now from working and claiming to claiming money when not allowed to . Every time I proved I could not afford the payments I was awarded nil payments she wrote in not happy with the desison then the csa would put me back on the full payment 2weeks later . It then took me another 2 months to prove again I cannot afford the money I’ve lost my house my car over this . Now I’m being put in the same again im close to losing my house again cos the csa is just taking money off me causing poverty to myself . I need this sorted out before its to late for me .

    The main account is for karina Roswell.
    The other account was for talya ans Sydney hone
    My national insurance is : NX602764C
    My contact is ianhone@gmail.com or mobile 07817171101
    Please I beg you for help with this please please
    Ian Hone

  3. andrew on November 3rd, 2012 10:18 am

    woo woo

  4. Ellen on April 15th, 2013 7:46 am

    To be honest, the reason csa are chasing any of you is because you haven’t paid for your kids, when we decided to be parents we wouldn’t have had children if we knew you’d be so selfish about it, THEY ARE YOUR CHILDREN!!!!! or would you rather YOUR CHILDREN lived in “poverty” rather than you ? It won’t do any of you any harm to get a taste of your own medicine.

  5. Sarah on April 16th, 2013 6:44 pm

    They say a third of children live in poverty and don’t have enough food and sometimes go without supper, I know mine do while their self employed dad lives it up with a string women and their kids, some men shouldnt have animals let alone kids, they are a disgrace and so are the women they are with

  6. karen jarvis on July 28th, 2013 3:28 pm

    in reply to ellen 0n 5th april 2013!! so quick to judge any1 missis, not all people going through csa and being chased as u call it are selfish and don’t look after the kids, tell me what then do u class a dad whos paid for his son from day 1 of separation at 150 pound a month to then be told that shes going to csa to deal with it as they will award her more money, some mothers fall into the catagories of selfish inept human beings who won’t support their own kids this is left to the state and anything they can get from csa and use their kids as meal tickets and believe me its rife in this country, women like you badmouth other people when they have been through something which not everyone is to blame!!!

  7. Cath on September 2nd, 2013 4:55 pm

    Hiya, My son is now 19, it took the CSA years and years to sort out my ex-partner. We have only been receiving payments for less than a year. My son is all grown up and we’ve had to struggle over the years as his dad did his best not to pay. He owes us thousands of pounds and all we get is £100 month which is extracted from him via the bailiffs. I still have to ring every month to remind the CSA to get the payment from the bailiffs then pay me. I cry every month as its a never ending circle of frustration. He is self employed so out of the tax system so he fiddles his income. He has a £35,000 car, owns 2 houses and cries poverty. My son will be 30 by the time the arrears are paid. I went through the years of the tedious process with the CSA, backwards and forwards to court, the humiliating blood tests and now the CSA is being dismantled so we will probably have to go through the whole process again. My son will probably have children off his own by the time I get paid.

  8. Jon on October 25th, 2013 4:37 pm


    You are a disgrace luv !!! Are you a bitter ex by any chance. I have had nothing but trouble with the scum that is the CSA and I pay my CSA every single month!!!! The are the most incompetent organisation that there has ever been!! Disgrace.

  9. Sheree on November 2nd, 2013 3:44 pm

    Personally I think the csa are a waste of time, I went to court to fight agains them so many people have needed their lives because they are being told that they have to pay out far more than they can afford, what’s wrong with the mams working too.? I am one of the lucky ones I have a friendly relationship and worked all my child’s life aswell, what my ex gave was for my daughters dance lessons and pocket money for her and that was decided amicably, unfortunately following me his ex is a different case, does not work and claims all she can and now with our eldest daughter being 21 I have just received a call regarding my case. I said I have no chase and they kept hanging up, rudely so too, the third lady was a wee bit helpful and said it was regarding our child but as she left college in 2011 I cannot see why they waited until today to contact me and when I asked why was told someone would be in touch, and I proceeded to tell her that I would expect a reply and would contact my ex, and I made it pretty clear I do not agree with the csa never have done. Think in most cases it’s just the mams after extra money, try working, like stated I was lucky ones even though out daughter is grown up if she needs something we both pull together to get it for her, also, when she ended college her share of what my ex gave her went straight to the other ex, hence doubling her money for one child, this is so wrong once that one child has left college the money should stop, and the ex be made to pay double due to the fact he no longer supports the one,.

  10. Anna on November 18th, 2013 3:38 pm

    Some of us work all the hours Gods sends to maintain our kids to All the ignorant replies on here who assume that none of us single parents actually work Ourselves and just scrounge off the dole, grabbing as much money as we can from our hardworking wonderful Ex’s.. All my wages go on my kids, I don’t drink or smoke. My kids are All straight A students and I do my best to enroll them in as many life skill type after school clubs etc as I can afford as well as making sure they have sufficient healthy food on the table. I would love not to work as many hours and spend more time with my kids but I am on minimum wage and owing to the fact my Ex has to be chased by the CSA every single month for any money at all then I have to take all the overtime I am able to get, to keep our heads above water and to give the kids as much as I possibly can. Regular money coming in from my Ex would mean a world of difference to my kids from a Father whom they never see and doesn’t even call them on their birthdays..

  11. Stuart clark on January 11th, 2015 8:00 pm

    Some of you lot don’t have a clue csa is a joke payments to high for a start they don’t talk they bully and need contact training, and it ain’t always the guys fault I have brought up three kids only one of them are mine left my x due to her being a cocaine prostituteing crack head now after helping her with her youngest child out of niceness a couple of years ago I’ve been grassed to csa my daughter is twelve now no calls for money for years all of a sudden I own grand after grand
    ..even though I’ve never been on birth certificate nor had a dna test, plus I had been having my daughter more than 30 days/nights

  12. David Bourne on March 14th, 2017 8:33 pm

    The system of fairness and balance ?
    Do the pwc not get paid by dwp for housing and child benefit ?
    And any other funds they can screw out of the system
    A father who earns a wage on a low income who does not ponce out of the system can be screwed to death at £80 per week before housing fuel food costs but collection costs do but it doesn’t reduce the charge and the 24% charge is not equal either
    A standard for both parents
    We’ll I’ll have £26,000 in state handouts thanks
    Instead on a crap wage of 12,500 after tax nic,s
    Not its a sexist tax because woman are mad
    My ex lived in filth and bought a home to destroy it ???
    By neglect and neglected dogs
    I went guarantor on a home for her and she wrecked
    And I was going to be proscuted ??
    The weaker sex I think not
    Being denied contact by the rat threats of the police exercising my right as a father
    Go away or will nick you ???
    The Nuffield report if the mother refusing access child support payments should be reduced
    But the father has to pay an obligation payment
    I offered 10% accepted then rejected now I’m facing kissing my home goodbye
    £760 a month before rent an bills
    Nothing to but food with or clothing or presents for my kids
    Because the Cms can be used cocersive control the denied right to life
    24% charge has nothing to do with children needs or out of poverty so it’s dishonest and abusive practice
    If it wasn’t then punishment laws would not be needed
    The only criminals are the abusive pwc and instructing Cms action against me
    It lacks common sense it lacks integrity equality and just abuse
    No consumer act no debt managerment no Minium wage and Cms is in contradiction to itself
    It’s like a serpent head chop one off
    Oh here’s two more
    Both saying different things
    The depths of lies
    When it’s about profit
    If the Cms is to resolve poverty
    Then why is the nrp being subjected to poverty by unreasonable chargers so children’s basic needs cannot be given because the fraud and deception being used
    Is against the children’s acts
    Wake up Cms how is it fair to steal the living wage and say it’s lawful
    When human rights are being violated by a company based on greed profit
    So stop being dishonest
    Own up children need both parents and both parents need homes and employment
    Food warmth a life and security
    Not just hand outs
    What reward for being a worker or a home owner and a active father
    If punishment laws
    Can take children away from parents because of their greed
    Hope the Cms gets abolished
    And a common sense takes over

  13. Chris on May 8th, 2017 11:38 pm

    I was with my ex partner for 9 years, 3 kids later she cheated on me, kicked me out an stopped me seeing my children, eventualy she started letting me have contact, i started paying csa, my payments have always been 20% of my wages which was high but i could just about survive, now this new company have taken over and have increased it to 40% which is double, i am now in council tax arrears, rent arrears, and how no money at all to eat or get to work, i will be homeless and jobless within 3 months because of the heartless csa that wont lower the payments at all, i fear this will be my first and last post as i am going to kill myself because i cant see any way around this. I have tried everything and no one will listen, i love my kids with all my heart but i can not live like this anymore!

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