CSA Belfast

Belfast (Eastern England)

If your case was opened before March 2003:

Telephone: 0845 713 2000

If your case was opened after March 2003:

Telephone: 0845 609 0092

Textphone: 0845 713 2243

Fax: 0845 713 2336

Postal address:
Child Support Agency
PO Box 30
BT58 1AF


30 Responses to “CSA Belfast”

  1. Christopher Dix on January 23rd, 2012 4:43 pm

    The system hasnt taken payment for many months and every month the CSA phoned and asked me to make card payment….. I was out of UK for 6 month and out of work for 6 months but still the arears went on to my case and now they taking 40% of my salary…… many people pay nothing for there kids and this is how the system plays fair…… Thank You for Nothing !!!

  2. Austin Simpson on January 25th, 2012 3:23 pm

    Can someone please tell me why i must pay full csa when my ex has refused me access to my children and has done since we divorced, she has re married and said she wanted to get on with her life and did not want me to see the children any more, ive tried telling the csa about this but got told that we are only interested in taking the money, its not that i mind paying csa its the fact im paying full csa and do not get to see my children, im also paying arrears on top of the monies, as much as i struggle to live each month the csa dont seem to care, can anyone please advice me on this.

  3. Brian on January 25th, 2012 4:02 pm


    I feel for you, believe me when I say MEN HAVE NO RIGHTS!! I just lost my job because of the dirty sneaky tactics of the CSA.

    I have posted a rant about on here.


  4. chall on January 25th, 2012 5:01 pm


    The CSA and child contact are not connected.

    Have you applied to court for a contact order?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  5. pete on February 28th, 2012 9:00 pm

    am in the same boat,i pay and i don’t get to see my kids,there not bothered about you or the childs welfare all they want is the the money,am with the belfast office and they are rubbish,take her to court she carnt keep you away from the kids,if the kids want to see you then she has no right,my ex will have a shock in about 3weeks when she gets the the letter,carnt wait to see her face in court when my solicitor tells the judge that she wont let me see the kids.

  6. smokey on March 17th, 2012 11:03 pm

    The CSA does not deal with contact. The CSAs job is to assess and collect child support. Whether you see your child or not is NOT in anyway related to the amount of money you pay or if you should pay.

    You can rant and rave at your case officer as much as you like but they cannot do anything about this. Contact your local MP and complain.

  7. Chris Fletcher on April 15th, 2012 6:49 pm

    2 letters in 1 envelope from the CSA, the 1st asking for information the second saying I haven’t provided the information, these Belfast CSA Muppets are seriously STUPID

  8. Sheryl Todd on April 26th, 2012 11:42 am

    my ex has had the chance to see his kids every week but failed to turn up regular. He then stopped our mutual agreement on payments as he was paying 160.00 a month for three kids, i asked him for 200.00 he said go to the csa. I did and they told him to pay 122.00 a week so he spat his dummy and stopped all contact for a year. He now sees them every other weekend as he wanted discount nothing to do with wanting his kids he does nothing with them. I take my hat off to the csa they do a fantastic job and have to listen to all you whinging dads that feel they shouldn’t pay.
    Take your ex’s to court for rights to see your kids. It’s not there job !!!!

  9. Ursula Coglan on May 24th, 2012 12:04 pm

    Very similar story to the one above, x paid 150 per month and i asked for 200, he said no way and to go to the csa, i did and he now has to pay 110 per week, wont even see his daughter now. He can see her whenever he wants and is now pleading that if i cancel the csa he will pay the 200 per month i originally asked for. Its pathetic!!!!!!!!!

  10. Michael Kamen on May 29th, 2012 3:13 pm

    I am torn here. I feel 100% for everyone going through this, it’s hell!

    Due to my ex deciding she could play away and get away with it we split with 2 kids. I agreed to pay her cash in hand but when I started asking for a signature for it things got ugly.

    So I called the CSA and found out I had been paying too much considering I have my boy and girl 3 nights a week (and work full time in a good job).

    But the kicker is I have been left with all the debts, over 50% of them I had no idea about, plus the CSA, plus the mortgage on the house which I admit I kept leaves me with £110 a month for food etc. It’s literally breaking me.

    The only that saves me is the house. She took all the savings and most of the furniture but the CSA don’t care about tge debts.

    Then they kept messing up the direct debit and the never took it so I paid by card every month as soon as I realised but because it crossed over from one month to the next it put me in arrears on their system even though I paid every month without fail.

    I have to have them in place to protect the fact I am paying money but until I clear these debts I have no chance of a life or even going to find one.

    Me and the dog for now.


  11. Russell on September 13th, 2012 2:21 pm

    I feel for everyone here. My to oldest boys have each now had to move out from my ex’s house as over the course of the last year she has thrown them out one by one. My ex is vindictive and rather than having an agreed amount, took me to the CSA. After a while it was sorted and now the money gets paid and I have very little to do with either the CSA or my ex. However, I do not understand why the CSA cannot make some demands ont he remaining parent as to how that money is being spent. My eldest two boys, who were angry at the split and coudl answer back, were then ostrasized from the money I paid meaning that I would then have to go out and buy them clothes they needed. So I paid twice because she wouldnt use the money for them. yes she bought food and paid the bills, but there was PLENTY after that to buy them what they neede. Our youngest son was then smothered with clothes, toys and games galore whilst his older brothers looked on in dismay.

    As I father i have no problem with paying for the kids, but surely, how that money is spent shoudl be documented and proved to some degree if other kids are being failed by the remaining parent and the system in this fashion.

    It’s ok to collect the money and not to be involved in the contact issues, but piling debts, mortgages and other outside expenditure should be taken more in to consideration as should the money that is given.

    I have had the hardship that some of you are suffering at the moment, but it does end eventually, but parents and the CSA alike need to remember it is not just about getting th emoney, it is how that money is spent that is important too.

  12. deb nuttall on October 3rd, 2012 10:44 am

    CSA has been as good as it could be under the cicumstances, something is better than nothing! oops cats out of the bag I`m a mother!! with regards to fathers rights you don`t have any but you do have responsibilities which it seems is the problem!

  13. Sally on October 3rd, 2012 6:43 pm

    @ Deb, I genuinely don’t believe the CSA serves the purpose it was intended for… that is: to protect the interests of children from broken relationships and obtain money for the welfare of children to ensure they have adequate care…

    They should be chasing money from ‘absent’ NRPs…. NRP’s (male and female) who will do anything to avoid taking financial responsibility for the child(ren) they have produced…

    Instead they have produced a system that victimises decent NRP’s (male and female), 2nd families and puts a wedge between NRP’s (who are not ‘absent’) and their children. There are millions of NRPs (male and female) who do their best to pay what they can for their kids but the amount the CSA dictate is unfair (because the do not account for PWC income or NRP outgoings) and falsify date to initiate ‘arrears’.

    I think any parent (male and female) who avoids taking responsbility for their children for selfish reasons and greed should be punished…. but the only people who are being punished are the decent NRP’s (who are on PAYE), the decent PWCs (who just want the best for their kids without greed) and the 2nd families who just want all the children to be treated fairly/equally….

    I’d love to agree that something is better that nothing but sincerely feel that a lot more could be done to hold the ‘absent’ NRPs accountable!!!

    I also think it’s terrible that fathers have very little rights over their child(ren)… both parents should be allowed to play an equal part in their child(rens) life without prejudice from the other parent!!! especially when both parents WANT the best for the child(ren).

  14. deb on October 12th, 2012 9:09 am

    ex ended marriage but didn`t leave for 5 months living rent free! eventually left leaving me with all the debts, mortgage to pay etc since then He went on a world tour with his share of the house, pays as little as possible is 2000 in arrears skips jobs to avoid, doesn`t bother to ring or visit for years , forgets christmas and birthdays, no clothes, shoes, school trips,holidays, hobbys etc! and wonders why I will not speak to him! currently off radar as he has skipped another job, will have to wait another 4 months to track this waste of space down but believe he is living in Belper.

  15. Deb on March 13th, 2013 8:13 pm

    £2246.36 in arrears now, thats alot of food , clothes, hobbies and holidays, missed the boat mate , your kids nearly grown up! bet you`re relieved, not long now and you`re off the hook and can get on with your miserable, selfish life without the hassle,
    CSA have found you again so I expect you will be looking for another job,whats it to be this time? shelf stacking., pizza delivery? I did the best job in the world and raised a kid, one day when I am old and grey I will look back on these days and feel proud, knowing I did my best! you on the hand are a disgrace.forgot another birthday, £30 for christmas! no phone call since feb 2012! did you enjoy Vancouver?? words fail me……..anyone got any ideas?

  16. Mark on May 31st, 2013 12:26 pm

    The CSA are a joke! All they do is pick on decent fathers who are already paying for their children! My eldest i pay for via DEO because mother constantly lied about what she had received even though I produced bank statements to prove otherwise. I had an agreement with the youngest one’s mother and paid her direct but payments to eldest went up because the CSA refused to recognize that I had an agreement with youngest one’s mother. In their words ” we don’t recognize your youngest child because it doesn’t come through us”. I know have a situation where I had to put both through the CSA which has annoyed everyone and affected access to my eldest. Thank you very much CSA!! Penalised for being adult enough to have an agreement in place for my youngest child!!

  17. Ben on June 25th, 2013 10:50 am

    I split with my ex 9 years ago 6 months after our son was born, she upped sticks and disappeared leaving me with no way to find her, needless to say 5 years go I was paid by my employer but was missing a large amount, I found out the CSA had initiated payments without contact me as they had been sending the letters to the wrong address, needless to say I couldn’t afford to pay that much as I was in another relationship with another child, I came to an arrangement with my ex to pay £150 a month plus I would buy coats, shoes, trainers etc when and if needed after 2 years of this the payments bounced back and I could not get hold of her to find out why. Fast forward to today and my company accountant has informed me that the CSA have sent over a mandate to deduct £370 per month, take that from my net pay of £950 this leaves me with £580 per month and I also have two other dependent children that lives with me, I have no problem paying the money I would like to know how they have come to this figure, I also agree with above posts when they say there should be regulators that control how it is spent as my ex would constantly broadcast she had a new tv or mobile phone when she was living on the dole

  18. Deb on July 25th, 2013 9:59 am

    Well done Simon, you`ve managed 2 payments without bailing out!! I`ve just looked at my loan statement for the mess you left me in, 9 years on, only 3 to go and I`ll be clear of the debt, if it`s any consolation, cos no doubt you will be moaning to anyone that will listen, your miserable contribution does not go anywhere near the costs involved in providing for our kid. I`m currently training personal development skills with a big company in Derby, reliability being the main theme, thanks for the material, you give a great example of all things shoddy, ditching out as things got tough, I didn`t, worked hard, paid my way,reaping the rewards now, no regrets, feel great,well qualified,good parenting,to think someone called me shallow once! oh, and no one said you can`t see our youngster, you just stopped bothering,add lazy to the long list under shoddy! CSA great as far as I`m concerned!!

  19. andrew on September 20th, 2013 9:45 am

    i feal for all the men on here i had no opshon but to walk away from my four kids as my now ex wife was cheating on me with a woman that she is now married to all the c/s/a says is you have to pay think thay tack the piss after all she slit the family up the government knead to sort out the c/s/a and help father like me but no mater what the mothers right to do what ever she want as they will never have to answer for any think

  20. Deb on September 20th, 2013 2:34 pm

    RIGHTS! RESPONSIBILITY is the word we should use, most animals feed thier young until they are old enough to do it for themselves, anyone for what ever reason that abandons thier child is >>>>> I`ll leave that up to you!

  21. Deb on January 4th, 2014 7:16 pm

    Defaulted just before christmas, to fund your own miserable life I expect, I gave the £25 you sent for christmas To our kid, it was too kind, tooo generous,how you sleep at night I will never know, but thats why you live alone, enjoy, scrooge by comparison was a decent man!!!!!

  22. Linda on January 13th, 2014 5:58 pm

    debs I just love your updates. And I cannot bear to read about father’s whingeing because they have to pay for their kids even though the mother had moved on or won’t let them see them. THESE ARE YOUR KIDS!! You are supposed to be looking after them for their young lives so stop complaining because the government was forced to intervene and make you pay!!!

  23. jo on January 14th, 2014 8:05 pm

    But it’s right that a mother moves on then stops access because she can and still happy to have the father’s money even if she’s apparently moved on? A fathers responsibility is more than just a financial one, speaking as a pwc who has neither but would love my ex to have an emotional support to his kids than just see him as pound signs.

    There are two sides to every story, not every father is a lazy good for nothing and no mother is perfect…..the csa are absolute shit whatever side you’re on, it just causes more bitterness and conflict and helps no one but itself that’s why they have high interest accounts, reach targets for bonus’s and set up like a debt agency oh and staff that dip in and steal your money, yeah really good idea the government had there.

  24. Deb on February 7th, 2014 4:41 pm

    Lets get things straight, I have never stopped access, I have spent 10 years paying a business debt of his because we had a joint account, I pay an increased mortgage because I paid his share, we live in a remote village, it has been almost impossible to earn money, I have not claimed benefits because I just earn over the threshhold but bills are way high, I have struggled to survive for my kids sake, meanwhile simon bought a sports car, has had a world tour twice,plus other foreign holidays,still doesn`t pay maintenance, skips jobs, hides money, fails to visit, ring or send cards,I am now in a loving relationship, I cried when my new partner cooked for me! CSA do the best they can, him off radar again, the maintenance goes towards the debt, nothing else, and when it doesn`t arrive, I pay it, but ultimatly the kid pays it because they get less as a result !!!!

  25. Deb on February 24th, 2014 12:49 pm

    Another birthday, no card, another job skip, no maintenance ! over a grand in arrears again, lucky I`m resilient or another kid in care due to stress, depression, debt, alcoholism, to say I detest you is too kind !! I did love him but mouldy clothes in the washing machine, filthy home and dope smoking before food put an end to that!! thanks CSA without you I would have recieved nothing, as it is it“s nothing but at least we are trying, meanwhile I`m putting in 54 hours this week to make ends meet ! I do wonder what it would be like to be you, alone, shallow and without emotion, very strange indeed. I`ll crack on with my skint but rewarding life, T4 van , bunch of kids down the beach, fire , music and friends ! : )

  26. Deb on May 27th, 2014 11:08 am

    Ha ! another job skip ! 7 months to find the little invertibrate and he slithers off yet again into the undergrowth.
    CSA chap very polite as always.

  27. Deb on August 21st, 2014 7:02 pm

    Nothing at all now! Didn`t think you could get any worse but naturally you exceed my estimations for disappointment and general crapness !

  28. peter on September 5th, 2014 12:35 pm

    i was giving my ex cash in her hand and getting receipts off her she told belfast csa i had not payed her owt and belfast csa put me in huge areeas and tried taking half my wage even though i had my other 2 children living with me. i sent them coppies of the reciepts and they did not want to know so thanks csa another family drove onto benafits for sticking up for greedy lieing skanks now its £5 a week goes to show greed and incompatence get no one no ware !!

  29. Aaron Bell on September 17th, 2014 12:15 pm

    As a 23 year old father who works 5 days a week and takes is daughter 2 days a week , i think CSA is a shambles, i was the one who set up CSA for my daughter and they messed it up, it took 4 months too make my first payment now im paying arrears and now there taking collection fees too ??? nothin but government gangsters

  30. Deb on October 17th, 2014 8:51 am

    Unreal, 11 months no maintenance, nearly 2 grand in debt, told CSA he was being supported by mummy!! 54 years old , no responsibility not even for self !
    How low can you go ?

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