Can my son pay maintenance directly to his son so he can actually benefit?

September 5, 2017

My son is currently paying child support to his son’s mum of £200 a month.. he is 11 years old… Can’t he open a Bank account for his son and pay the money direct into the account? he is trying to speak to the mum that he can pay the money direct to her instead of going to the agency, but she do not want to discuss. He also has his on on various weekends… he buys clothes for his son, as the shoe and clothes he has is so out of date… we know that his son is not the one benefiting from that payment. He was also advised that now his son is 11 and the fact that he is sharing time of his son with the mother, he should not be paying so much….please advise.


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  1. David on September 5th, 2017 3:50 pm


    Payments are always to be made to the parent with care for the benefit of the child. However, if the parties can agree (preferably in writing), there is no reason why the maintenance payments could not be paid into the child’s account.

    Perhaps you could put your proposal to the mother in writing.

    Finally, apart from the maintenance your son pays, he has no obligation to pay for anything else for the child unless he chooses to do so on his own volition or there is a court order in place to pay for certain things – e.g. Private school fees

    If you have any other query, you can contact me on [email protected].

    All the best.

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